Definition of Specialist:

  1. Possessing or involving detailed knowledge or study of a restricted topic.

  2. A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

  3. A member of an exchange who facilitates trading in a security by conducting an open outcry auction at a trading post on the floor of an exchange, posting bid and ask prices, and matching up buyers and sellers. If a shortage of either buyers or sellers develops, the specialist is also obligated to make a market in the security by buying or selling shares from his or her own inventory. See Market Maker.

Synonyms of Specialist

Expert, Authority, Pundit, Professional, Consultant, Connoisseur, Fancier, Master, Maestro, Adept, Virtuoso, Old hand, Skilled person, Wall Streeter, Adept, Aficionado, Amateur, Anesthesiologist, Artist, Artiste, Authoritative, Authority, Bond crowd, Broker, Buff, Cardiologist, Chiropodist, Confined, Connoisseur, Critic, Curb broker, Dealer, Dermatologist, Dilettante, Expert, Eye doctor, Eye-ear-nose-throat specialist, Fan, Feature, Featured, Floor broker, Floor trader, Floorman, Freak, Geriatrician, Gerontologist, Gynecologist, Immunologist, Internist, Jobber, Knowledgeable, Limited, Maestro, Master, Neurologist, Nut, Obstetrician, Oculist, Odd-lot dealer, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedist, Otolaryngologist, Otologist, Pathologist, Pediatrician, Pediatrist, Pit man, Podiatrist, Professional, Psychiatrist, Pundit, Radiologist, Registered representative, Restricted, Savant, Scholar, Serologist, Sharebroker, Skin man, Specialistic, Specialized, Stock dealer, Stock-exchange broker, Stockbroker, Stockjobber, Technical, Technical expert, Technician, Two-dollar broker

How to use Specialist in a sentence?

  1. He is a specialist in psychometric testing.
  2. The project may involve people with specialist knowledge.

Meaning of Specialist & Specialist Definition

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How To Define Specialist?

  1. Meaning of Specialist: A physician who does not work as a general practitioner, but provides secondary care and specializes in a specific medical field. See also secondary attention.

  2. Exchange members who maintain a fair and regular market in one or more securities.

Meanings of Specialist

  1. An individual focuses primarily on a particular topic or activity, a person who is highly qualified in a specific and limited area.

  2. If you have limited knowledge or detailed study of this article or are included in it.

Sentences of Specialist

  1. Specializes in psychometric testing

  2. Experienced people can join this project


What Does Specialist Mean?

  • A Therapist does not act as a general practitioner, but provides secondary care and specializes in a specific medical field. See also secondary attention.

  • Meaning of Specialist: A member of a stock exchange has a fair and organized market for one or more securities.

Meanings of Specialist

  1. A person is primarily focused on a particular topic or activity. Highly educated people in a specific and limited field.

  2. Limited article contains detailed knowledge or study or contains.

Sentences of Specialist

  1. Specializes in psychometric tests.

  2. You may need special financial advice.

Synonyms of Specialist

hotshot, wizard, alpha geek, dab hand, crackerjack, ninja, maven, ace, whizz, proficient



  1. Specialist definition is: A Doctor W does not work as a general practitioner, but provides secondary care and specializes in a specific medical field. See also secondary attention.

Meanings of Specialist

  1. Have a detailed knowledge or study of a limited article or contain it.