Definition of Clean:

  1. So as to be free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter.

  2. Shipping: Documents that are free from any adverse endorsement, such as a clean bill of lading.

  3. Used to emphasize the completeness of a reported action, condition, or experience.

  4. Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, especially by washing, wiping, or brushing.

  5. (of a taste, sound, or smell) giving a clear and distinctive impression to the senses; sharp and fresh.

  6. Accounting: Auditors certificate that is free from any adverse opinion.

  7. Free from irregularities; having a smooth edge or surface.

  8. Morally uncontaminated; pure; innocent.

  9. Free from dirt, marks, or stains.

  10. Finance: State of being free from debt, such as a clean balance sheet..

  11. Trading: Draft or bill of exchange to which no shipping document is attached, issued to customers in good credit standing. See also clean collection.

Synonyms of Clean

Washed, Scrubbed, Cleansed, Cleaned, Polished, Wash, Cleanse, Wipe, Sponge, Scrub, Mop, Rinse, Scour, Swab, Hose down, Sluice, Sluice down, Flush, Polish, Disinfect, Completely, Entirely, Totally, Fully, Wholly, Thoroughly, Altogether, Quite, Utterly, Absolutely, Virtuous, Good, Upright, Upstanding, Christian, Daedalian, Absolute, Absolutely, Acknowledge, Adept, Admit, Adroit, All-embracing, All-encompassing, All-out, All-pervading, Altogether, Antiseptic, Apt, Artistic, Authoritative, Bath, Bathe, Blameless, Bleach, Bleached, Blotless, Born, Bowdlerize, Bravura, Bright, Brighten, Brilliant, Broad-based, Chaste, Clarify, Clean, Clean out, Clean up, Clean-cut, Cleanly, Cleanse, Cleansed, Clear, Clear out, Clever, Come clean, Comely, Completely, Comprehensive, Confess, Congenital, Consummate, Coordinated, Crack, Crackerjack, Creditable, Cunning, Cute, Daedal, Dainty, Decent, Decontaminate, Decontaminated, Deep-dyed, Definite, Deft, Delouse, Deplete, Depurate, Deterge, Dexterous, Dextrous, Diplomatic, Dirt-free, Disinfect, Disinfected, Do, Do up, Downright, Dry-clean, Dust, Dust off, Dyed-in-the-wool, Egregious, Empty, Entirely, Erect, Estimable, Ethical, Evacuate, Even, Excellent, Exhaust, Exhaustive, Expert, Expurgate, Fair, Fancy, Fastidious, Faultless, Fresh, Freshen, Full of integrity, Fully, Furbish, Good, Goodish, Graceful, Guiltless, Gut, Handy, High-minded, High-principled, Highly respectable, Honest, Honorable, Immaculate, Immaculately, Impeccable, Inculpable, Ingenious, Innocent, Inoffensive, Intensive, Inviolate, Irreproachable, Irretrievably, Irrevocably, Just, Kosher, Launder, Lave, Law-abiding, Law-loving, Law-revering, Lustrate, Magisterial, Manly, Masterful, Masterly, Modest, Mop, Moral, Neat, Neaten, No mean, Noble, Nonpolluted, Of cleanly habits, Omnibus, Omnipresent, Order, Out-and-out, Outright, Own up, Perfect, Perfectly, Pervasive, Plain, Plumb, Police, Polish, Politic, Principled, Professional, Proficient, Pure, Pure in heart, Purehearted, Purely, Purge, Purified, Purify, Quick, Quite, Quite some, Radical, Ready, Recondition, Reform, Regular, Renew, Renovate, Reputable, Resourceful, Respectable, Reveal, Right, Right-minded, Righteous, Ritually pure, Sanitary, Sanitize, Scavenge, Scour, Scrub, Scrubbed, Sexually innocent, Shapely, Sheer, Shining, Shiny, Simple, Sing, Skillful, Slick, Smooth, Smut-free, Smutless, Snowy, Some, Sparkling, Spill the beans, Sponge, Sportsmanlike, Sportsmanly, Spotless, Spotlessly, Spruce, Stainless, Stark, Statesmanlike, Steam-clean, Sterile, Sterling, Straight, Straighten out, Straighten up, Stylish, Sweep, Sweep out, Sweeping, Sweet, Sweeten, Tactful, Tahar, Taintless, The compleat, The complete, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Thoroughly, Through-and-through, Tidy, Total, Totally, Trim, True-dealing, True-devoted, True-disposing, True-souled, True-spirited, Truehearted, Tubbed, Ubiquitous, Unadulterated, Unarmed, Unbesmirched, Unblemished, Unblotted, Unclutter, Uncomplicated, Unconditional, Uncontaminated, Uncorrupt, Uncorrupted, Undefiled, Unimpeachable, Uninfected, Universal, Unmitigated, Unmixed, Unmuddied, Unpolluted, Unqualified, Unrelievedly, Unreserved, Unrestricted, Unsmirched, Unsmudged, Unsoiled, Unspoiled, Unspotted, Unstained, Unsullied, Untainted, Untarnished, Upright, Uprighteous, Upstanding, Utter, Utterly, Vacuum, Veritable, Virtuoso, Virtuous, Wash, Wash up, Weaponless, Well-done, Well-favored, Well-formed, Well-made, Well-proportioned, Well-scrubbed, Well-shaped, Well-washed, White, Whiten, Whitened, Wholesale, Wholesome, Wholly, Wipe, Wipe off, Wipe out, Wipe up, Workmanlike, Worthy, Yeomanly

How to use Clean in a sentence?

  1. The room was spotlessly clean.
  2. Clean your teeth properly after meals.
  3. Clean living.
  4. A clean fracture of the leg.
  5. The room had been washed clean.
  6. Clean, fresh, natural flavors.

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Microblading eyebrows near me
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Honeywell proseries thermostat unlock
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Well and septic cost
Parks and recreation streaming
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Open settings
Startup disk mac
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How to pan for gold
Washer and dryer installation
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Botox under eyes for bags
Chores for kids by age
Chlorine level in pool
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Drain cleaning services near me
How to get blueberry stains out
Girly outfits
Dishwasher float
How to polish aluminum
Dishwasher lifespan
Pool cleaning companies
Hiro program
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Water cooler jug
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Lacquer finish
Vinegar carpet cleaner
Henry hub natural gas price
Insulated mobile home skirting
Pimple in nose
Metal water trough
Installing trim
Removing mold from walls
Stainless Steel Scratch Remover
Eyebrow blading
Floor to ceiling mirror
Small bathroom sink ideas
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