Definition of Immunity:

  1. Immunity is an exemption from a legal duty, prosecution or penalty, granted by statute or government authority. There are four different types of immunity:.

  2. Witness immunity – or immunity from prosecution, granted to someone in exchange for information or testimony in a criminal trial;Public officials’ protection from liability – which protects officials like city managers and police chiefs from liability for their decisions;Sovereign or governmental immunity – which protects a sovereign state or agency from lawsuits without its consent;Diplomatic immunity – granted to diplomatic personnel exempting them from the laws of a foreign jurisdiction.

  3. Legal protection from liability, obligation, or penalty. Types of immunity include (1) Criminal immunity conferred on a witness to secure vital testimony, revelation of which may otherwise incriminate the witness; (2) Judicial immunity protects a judge from implication of words or actions arising in the exercise of judicial duties, and (3) Sovereign immunity protects a government and agencies from civil (non-criminal) liability. The last two types of immunity are inherent in an office or situation.

  4. The ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

Synonyms of Immunity

Absolution, Acquired immunity, Active immunity, Amnesty, Antibody, Antigen, Artificial immunity, Assurance, Blank check, Carte blanche, Charter, Clear sailing, Congenital immunity, Copyright, Diplomatic immunity, Discharge, Dispensation, Exception, Exclusion, Exculpation, Excuse, Exemption, Exoneration, Familial immunity, Favor, Franchise, Freedom, Grace, Grant, Harmlessness, Immunity theory, Immunization, Immunization therapy, Immunochemistry, Immunology, Immunotherapy, Impunity, Indemnity, Indulgence, Inherent immunity, Inherited immunity, Inoculation, Insusceptibility, Invulnerability, Legislative immunity, Liberty, License, Natural immunity, Nolle prosequi, Non prosequitur, Nonprosecution, Nonspecific immunity, Nonsusceptibility to disease, Opsonic immunity, Pardon, Passive immunity, Patch test, Patent, Permission, Phagocytic immunity, Privilege, Protection, Racial immunity, Redemption, Release, Remission, Remission of sin, Reprieve, Resistance, Risklessness, Safeguard, Safeness, Safety, Scratch test, Security, Serotherapeutics, Serotherapy, Serum therapy, Shrift, Side-chain theory, Sparing, Special favor, Specific immunity, Stay, Surety, Toxin-antitoxin immunity, Toxin-antitoxin immunization, Tuberculin test, Unsusceptibility, Vaccination, Vaccine therapy, Vaccinotherapy, Warrant, Resistance to, Resilience to, Non-susceptibility to, Lack of susceptibility to, Protection from, Ability to fight off, Ability to withstand, Ability to counteract, Defences against

How to use Immunity in a sentence?

  1. Immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously.

Meaning of Immunity & Immunity Definition