Definition of Individualism:

  1. The habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.

  2. Concept that all values, rights, and duties originate in individuals and, therefore, the interests of the individuals are (or ought to be) ethically paramount as opposed to those of an abstract entity such as society. See also conservatism and liberalism.

  3. A social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.

  4. Dominant feature of the Western societies that encourages individual freedom at the cost of traditional family ties and social cohesion, and stresses individual initiative. It relies on the belief that individual freedom forms the basis of entrepreneurial (capitalistic) culture which is the best guarantee of an ever expanding economy.

Synonyms of Individualism

Declaration of Independence, Acquisitiveness, Animus, Aptitude, Aroma, Attribute, Autarchy, Autarky, Autism, Autonomy, Badge, Bent, Bias, Brand, Cachet, Capitalism, Capitalistic system, Careerism, Cast, Character, Characteristic, Complexion, Configuration, Constitution, Cut, Diathesis, Differentia, Differential, Differentiation, Differentness, Disposition, Distinctive feature, Distinctiveness, Earmark, Eccentricity, Ego, Ego trip, Egocentricity, Egocentrism, Egohood, Egoism, Egoisticalness, Egotism, Egotisticalness, Feature, Figure, Finance capitalism, Flavor, Free economy, Free enterprise, Free-enterprise economy, Free-enterprise system, Grain, Graspingness, Greed, Gust, Hallmark, Home rule, Human factor, Humor, Identity, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Impress, Impression, Inclination, Independence, Index, Individuality, Inner-direction, Integrity, Interest, Keynote, Kidney, Laissez-faire, Laissez-faireism, Leaning, Lineaments, Make, Makeup, Mannerism, Mark, Marking, Mental set, Mettle, Mind, Mind-set, Mold, Narcissism, Nature, Nominalism, Nonconformity, Odor, Oneness, Particularism, Particularity, Peculiarity, Personal aims, Personal ambition, Personal desires, Personal equation, Personal identity, Personalism, Personality, Personship, Possessiveness, Predilection, Predisposition, Preference, Private enterprise, Private ownership, Private sector, Privatism, Proclivity, Propensity, Property, Quality, Quirk, Remoteness, Rugged individualism, Savor, Seal, Self-absorption, Self-admiration, Self-advancement, Self-centeredness, Self-centerment, Self-consideration, Self-containment, Self-determination, Self-devotion, Self-direction, Self-esteem, Self-government, Self-identity, Self-indulgence, Self-interest, Self-interestedness, Self-jealousy, Self-occupation, Self-pleasing, Self-reliance, Self-seeking, Self-serving, Self-solicitude, Self-sufficiency, Selfhood, Selfishness, Selfism, Selfness, Set, Shape, Singularity, Slant, Smack, Soul, Specialty, Stamp, State capitalism, Strain, Streak, Stripe, Taint, Tang, Taste, Temper, Temperament, Tendency, Token, Trait, Trick, Turn, Turn of mind, Twist, Type, Uniqueness, Warp, Independence, Self-direction, Self-reliance, Freethinking, Free thought, Originality

How to use Individualism in a sentence?

  1. Often teenagers express their individualism by dying their hair bright colors or getting piercings in various parts of their bodies.
  2. Ken use to be a team player, but after getting his trust broken time after time, he made a shift towards individualism .
  3. Encouragement has been given to individualism, free enterprise, and the pursuit of profit.
  4. A culture that celebrates individualism and wealth.
  5. Our countrys laws are based upon the Founders collective belief in the principles of individualism , a statement which seems to be ironic.

Meaning of Individualism & Individualism Definition