Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper,

Definition of Mystery shopper:

  1. Individuals hired by a research firm or manufacturer to gather information about store presence, prices and the quality of their sales team who visit the retail store as a casual shopper.

  2. Another term for secret buyers.

How to use Mystery shopper in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes companies use buyers to understand the pros and cons of different aspects of their sales team and / or area.
  2. At the same time, he told her that a test buyer visited the Lincoln Store on Saturday, October 24, when the candidate was an interim manager and had poor reviews.
  3. The test buyers hired a customer service representative and received them with respect and joy, which is a great pleasure for the manager.
  4. My mother loves to shop and spend hours searching for new products in magazines and on the Internet.

Meaning of Mystery shopper & Mystery shopper Definition

Mystery Shopper,

What is The Meaning of Mystery Shopper?

You can define Mystery Shopper as, The person who is hired by a market research company or manufacturer etc. Anonymously meet or call a store or service provider to review product quality, staff competencies, location allocation, etc. .

Literal Meanings of Mystery Shopper


Meanings of Mystery:
  1. Something that is difficult or impossible to understand.

  2. Romance novels, dramas or secret crimes, especially movies about murder.

  3. Greek and Roman pagan religions or rink rituals of ancient or tribal religions, which are only allowed to begin.

  4. Religious beliefs that are based on divine revelation and seem beyond human comprehension at large.

  5. Crafts or business.

Sentences of Mystery
  1. Secret place

  2. The thrilling 1920s film, Ghost Train

  3. Its prototype is a rich source of information about Greek mystery, although the desire to describe it as detached from biblical teachings may have led to misrepresentations.

  4. The mystery of Christ

Synonyms of Mystery

puzzle, enigma, conundrum, riddle, secret, unsolved problem, problem, question, question mark, closed book, thriller, detective novel, detective story, murder story


Meanings of Shopper:
  1. Someone goes shopping.

  2. Food storage bag that attaches to wheels and push-pulls or bridges.

  3. A small bicycle with wheels and a basket that can be used for shopping.

Synonyms of Shopper

buyer, purchaser, customer, consumer, client, patron