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Net importer,

Definition of Net importer:

  1. When a location, typically a country or territory, has a higher value of imported goods than it has for the goods that it exports over a certain period of time, it is said to be a net importer. This is the opposite of a net exporter.

  2. A country that imports more than it exports.

  3. A net importer is a country or territory whose value of imported goods and services is higher than its exported goods and services over a given period of time. A net importer, by definition, runs a current account deficit in the aggregate; however, it may run deficits or surpluses with individual countries or territories depending on the types of goods and services traded, competitiveness of these goods and services, exchange rates, levels of government spending, trade barriers, etc.

  4. As categorized by the U.S. Commerce Department, traded goods include food and beverage, industrial supplies (inclusive of commodities), capital goods, automobiles and consumer goods, while main services comprise travel (goods and services acquired abroad), transportation, information technology and telecommunication, financial and insurance services, and general business services. The Commerce Department keeps monthly tallies on exports and imports in numerous table displays.

How to use Net importer in a sentence?

  1. The US is projected to be a net importer of agricultural products for the first time since 1959.

Meaning of Net importer & Net importer Definition

Net Importer,

Net Importer:

  • You can define Net Importer as, A net importer is a country that, in the case of world trade, buys them from other countries more than it sells from time to time. Countries manufacture goods according to the resources available in their region. Although a country may not produce a particularly good product, but it still wants to, that country can buy it as imports from other countries that produce and sell that good product.

    • A net importer is a country that buys more goods abroad through trade than it normally sells abroad.
    • By definition, net importers have a current account deficit.
    • The United States, a consumer company, has been a net importer for decades, with a current import deficit of 0 240.2 billion (as of September 2020).

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Meanings of Importer:
  1. The person or organization that brings goods or services from abroad for sale in a country.

  2. A person who comes up with an idea from another place or context.

Sentences of Importer
  1. The European Union is the largest importer of agricultural products from developing countries

  2. People from underdeveloped areas have become experienced importers of new knowledge.