Definition of Associate:

  1. A person who is connected with others in a business; co-worker. Jim and Mary are my associates at the company..

  2. Joined or connected with an organization or business.

  3. Connect (someone or something) with something else in ones mind.

  4. A concept connected with another.

  5. To spend time with a person or on an activity. In order to bond as co-workers, we wanted to make sure that we associate outside of the workplace as well, so we make sure to schedule team outings and parties..

  6. A person with limited or subordinate membership of an organization.

  7. A partner or colleague in business or at work.

  8. A worker in a particular department. Bill is a sales associate, while Jane is a marketing associate..

Synonyms of Associate

Link, Connect, Couple, Relate, Identify, Equate, Bracket, Think of together, Greek, Abettor, Accessory, Accompany, Accomplice, Accord, Accouple, Accumulate, Ace, Acquaintance, Act in concert, Act together, Affiliate, Affiliate with, Affiliated, Affiliation, Agglutinate, Agree, Alliance, Allied, Ally, Alter ego, Amalgamate, Amass, Amigo, Analogon, Analogue, Appearance, Apply, Articulate, Assemble, Assistant, Assistant professor, Associate, Associate professor, Associate with, Associated, Association, Assort with, Attend, Axis, Band, Band together, Be acquainted with, Be friends, Be in cahoots, Be in league, Be inseparable, Bedfellow, Bedmate, Belonger, Bind, Blend, Bloc, Bond, Bosom buddy, Bracket, Bridge, Bridge over, Brother, Brother-in-arms, Brotherhood, Buddy, Bunch, Bunch up, Bunkie, Bunkmate, Butty, Cabal, Cahoots, Camarade, Card-carrier, Card-carrying member, Cardholder, Cement, Cement a union, Centralize, Chain, Chamberfellow, Charter member, Chum, Chum together, Chum with, Circuit, Clap together, Classmate, Clique, Clique with, Close copy, Close match, Club, Club together, Clubber, Clubman, Clubwoman, Coact, Coaction, Coadunate, Coalesce, Coalition, Cognate, Cohort, Coincide, Collaborate, Collaboration, Collaborator, Colleague, Collect, Collude, Comate, Combination, Combine, Come into, Come together, Committeeman, Companion, Company, Compatriot, Compeer, Complement, Comprise, Comrade, Concatenate, Concert, Concomitant, Concord, Concur, Confederate, Conference, Confidant, Confidante, Confrere, Congenator, Congener, Conglobulate, Congress, Conjoin, Conjugate, Conjunction, Connect, Connect with, Connection, Connive, Connotation, Consociate, Consolidate, Consort, Consort with, Conspire, Conventioneer, Conventioner, Conventionist, Conviviality, Cooperate, Cooperation, Coordinate, Copartner, Copulate, Correlate, Correlative, Correspond, Correspondent, Cotton to, Counterpart, Couple, Couple with, Cover, Creep in, Crony, Do business with, Draw a parallel, Dues-paying member, Embrace, Emeritus, Encompass, Enlist, Enlistee, Enroll, Enrollee, Enter, Equate, Equivalent, Faction, Familiar, Fantasy, Federalize, Federate, Federation, Fellow, Fellow student, Fellowship, Flock together, Fraternity, Fraternity man, Fraternize, Fraternize with, Friend, Fuse, Gaiety, Gang, Gang up, Gather, Get heads together, Get into, Get together, Girl friend, Glue, Go along with, Go in partners, Go in partnership, Go into, Go partners, Go with, Gossip, Guild, Guildsman, Hang around with, Hang out with, Hang together, Happen together, Harmonize, Herd together, Hint, Hit it off, Hobnob with, Hold together, Honorary member, Hook up, Hook up with, Hookup, Identify, Illusion, Image, Implication, Include, Initiate, Insider, Instructor, Interest, Interrelate, Intimate, Join, Join forces, Join fortunes with, Join in, Join in fellowship, Join together, Join up, Join up with, Join with, Joiner, Joviality, Keep company with, Keep together, Kindred spirit, Knot, Know, Lay together, League, League together, League with, Leaguer, Lecturer, Life member, Like, Likeness, Link, Loop, Lump together, Machine, Make common cause, Marry, Marshal, Mass, Match, Mate, Member, Merge, Messmate, Mingle, Mingle with, Mirage, Mix, Mix with, Mobilize, Near duplicate, Obverse, Old crony, One of us, Order, Organization, Organize, Overtone, Pair, Pair off, Pal, Pal up with, Pal with, Parallel, Parallelize, Pard, Pardner, Partner, Partnership, Pendant, Picture, Piece together, Play ball, Playfellow, Playmate, Pledge, Professor, Professor emeritus, Pull together, Put heads together, Put together, Reader, Reciprocal, Reciprocate, Relate, Relativize, Retired professor, Ring, Roll into one, Roommate, Run in couples, Run with, Schoolfellow, Schoolmate, Second self, Secondary, Sect, See, Shipmate, Side partner, Sidekick, Sign on, Sign up, Similitude, Simulacrum, Sister, Sneak in, Sociability, Society, Socius, Sodality, Solder, Sorority girl, Sorority woman, Sort with, Soul mate, Span, Splice, Stand together, Stand up with, Stick together, Subsidiary, Such, Suchlike, Suggestion, Sympathizer, Synchronize, Synergize, Take in, Take out membership, Take up membership, Take up with, Tally, Tape, Team up, Team up with, Team with, Teammate, Teamwork, The like of, The likes of, Throw in together, Throw in with, Tie, Tie in, Tie in with, Tie up, Tie up with, Tie-up, Togetherness, Tutor, Twin, Undertone, Unify, Union, Unionize, Unite, Unite efforts, Unite with, Vision, Visiting professor, Wait on, Wed, Weld, Wheel, Wing, Work together, Workfellow, Yoke, Yokefellow, Yokemate, Partner, Colleague, Co-worker, Fellow worker, Workmate, Compatriot, Comrade, Friend, Ally, Supporter, Wingman, Confederate, Connection, Contact, Acquaintance, Subscriber, Associate, Representative, Attender, Insider, Fellow, Comrade, Adherent, Life member, Founder member, Card-carrying member

How to use Associate in a sentence?

  1. The patient was asked to commit to memory a list of five paired associates.
  2. My associate and I would like to invite you to our business lunch meeting to discuss the new clients we just recieved.
  3. The man and his associate went out to eat and they met a nice waitress at the restaurant that liked neither of them.
  4. An Associate of the Linnaean Society.
  5. An associate company.
  6. He arranged for a close associate to take control of the institute.
  7. I associated wealth with freedom.
  8. As a manager at the company, it is difficult for me to associate with my employees outside the office in the evenings or on weekends.

Meaning of Associate & Associate Definition