Rook Piercing

A rook piercing is the perforation of the inward edge of the ear cartilage for wearing ear accessories. The piercer passes a needle in ear cartilage in the middle, opposite to the outward edge of the ear. Everyone’s rook piercings are different it depends upon the structure of your ear. Most people are unlucky to have a very thin ridge of the cartilage because a thin ridge is certainly a little difficult to pierce. Whereas the people with larger ridges are comparatively easy to pierce. Bigger edges for the most part require more cutting into the substance than slender edges.
Rook piercings are likewise seen as a treatment for headaches and cerebral pains. Rook piercings are frequently seen as a technique for counteraction between headache assaults and extreme migraines. This is viewed as elective medication. While current science might not have the remedy for a headache, rook penetrating is viewed as a viable treatment.

:arrow_right: Rook Piercing:

Trendsetters have always come up with some new trends like finger tattoos, sheet masks, traditional nose piercing, short hair cut and whatnot. Recently we have seen many Instagram photos where models are having unique rook piercing. Have you ever heard of rook piercing? If not then keep reading our article. Rook piercing is one of the most popular holes or perforations in the inner or outer ridge of the ear. Additionally, rook piercing not only looks elegant, fresh, delicate, and versatile but also eye-catching. Your rook piercing embellished with ear accessories look ■■■■ attractive.

Founder and CEO of Stone and Strand, a fine jewelry and piercing shop in NYC, Nadine McCarthy Kahane, says " After the positive feedback on our lobe piercing we are waiting for the customers to experience rook piercing". Rook piercing never fails to stand out in the crowd as far as it is done by a professional piercer. As per Rhianna Jones, a London-based piercer at The Circle London, the piercing is reasonable for most, however as every individual’s ear is unique, few individuals may discover they can’t get it. “I will consistently work with every customer to attempt right rook piercing according to their ear anatomy and place right ear accessories to compliment them with each other,” she says. No needle ■■■■■■■■■■■ is sans torment, however, we needed to discover how excruciating the rook puncturing is, the way long it takes to recuperate, what types and materials are ideal, and whether it will suit you. We approached a piercer and dermatologists to instruct us on all you require to think about this cool and specialty puncturing. Continue to scroll!

:black_medium_square: Rook Piercing Procedure:

The procedure of rook piercing is somewhat the same as nose piercing and cartilage piercing. Obviously, the rook piercing process starts with looking for the best reputable piercer with a good piercing history and work in a good environment. A piercer can make or break the look.

The piercer may do the task freehanded or maybe with clamps. Once you’re ready for piercing, your piercer will clean your area and look at the anatomy of your ear to examine whether you have a thin ridge of cartilage or a thick ridge. Also, the ear shape and size of each individual are different, thin ridge cartilage is difficult to pierce than a thick ridge. Even though due to its area it tends to be hard to see precisely where the passageway and leave openings will be, your piercer will also suggest a quality piece of ear jewelry that will complement your ear.

Your piercer will stamp a spot with a marker on the entrance and exit point and check with you to ensure you like the position. On the off chance that you don’t care for where they stamped, disclose to them where you’d favor it. Then, your piercer will put on careful gloves and clean your ear with a careful cleanser or arrangement.

Most piercer uses 14g or 16g gauge. The needle cut itself will be exceptionally speedy. After that, your piercer will embed your jewelry pieces into the new opening, which might be the most difficult part. You’ll at that point get aftercare guidelines to keep your new penetrating protected and sound. Your piercer will recommend you to wear the ear accessories for some weeks but not for many months while the site recuperates. To hold the site open while it recuperates, the accessories will be thicker than what you’re accustomed to placing in your ear cartilage.


Rook piercing is piercing of the inner cartilage of the ear. For good piercing visit an expert piercer. A good piercer can make or break the look. To enhance the piercing wear some nice room piercing jewelry

:pushpin: Rook Piercing Pain Level:

It is obvious to feel pain when the needle is inserted into any body part. But it is a bit difficult to figure out how much pain one will have because pain level varies from person to person. The healing time and pain level of cartilage and rook piercing are different as their anatomy are different. The skin of cartilage is hard, thick, and difficult to pierce than ear ridges. Likewise, the rook is also an area of cartilage meaning the fold of cartilage is a lot ■■■■■■ to pierce. It is because there is a though tissue near cartilage from where the needle passes to the rook.

Truth be told, half of the pain level depends upon the piercer. How he will pierce your rook will decide the level of pain. He may use 14g or 16 needles or a bigger gauge to pierce your ear. First, he will puncture your rook with a needle. Much of the pain will occur during and after puncturing. You will experience strong pain and pressure surrounding your area of rook piercing. With time, the level of pain will change. After few hours of piercing and inserting jewelry, the harsh pain will change into intense throbbing. This throbbing pain may or may not last for few days or few weeks.

You can hope to have some trouble dozing the initial not many evenings. The agony may awaken you when you turn over onto the influenced side. Agony is emotional, so it’s hard to foresee precisely how you will deal with it. On the off chance that you have had other ligament piercings, you can expect the rook puncturing to be comparable to those. The rook is somewhat thicker than different spots, so it may take somewhat more time to come back to normal.

Your ear cartilage is comprised of delicate vascular tissue, which implies they have an ordinary bloodstream to assist with mending. Ligament, then again, is a hard avascular tissue, which implies it doesn’t mend as fast. Rook piercings are known to take much time in healing as compared to other piercings. It will take somewhere in the range of 3 and 10 months for it to recuperate totally. It might stay delicate all through this time, particularly on the off chance that it gets contaminated. As indicated by research, around 32 percent of Trusted Source of ligament piercings get tainted sooner or later. A pierced ear can be very agonizing and may require anti-infection

:pushpin: Rook Piercing Healing:

The healing time of rook piercing can be somewhere between 2 to 3 months. The healing time for cartilage piercing may vary from individual to individual depending upon their body type and their pain-bearing capability. So it is recommended to see your doctor or piercer to ask if the wound has completely healed or not. After seeing your consultant start your aftercare. On the off chance that you attempt to eliminate the ear accessories preceding full recuperating, you risk disease or ligament knocks.

:black_medium_square:Precautions after Piercing:

Just like we do the precautions after any wound or cartilage piercing, rook piercing also requires some special precautions and aftercare. Precautions should be made until the piercing heals completely. You should avoid sleeping on the side of rook piercing as it can worsen or delay the healing process. For the initial months use salt soaks. Kristen Goldenberg MD says, “one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the affected area”. Washing the region tenderly with cleanser and water a few times each day gets the job done. On the off chance that there are any indications of contaminations I suggest adding an effective anti-microbial immediately," she says.

Here we have jotted down a few tips for healing of rook piercing:

:black_small_square: Avoid wearing headphones:

After rook piercing avoids wearing headphones over the piercing because it can press on the ear accessories, which can cause pressure on the fresh piercing which results in worsening the area. Your piercer may ask you to remove or migrate the jewelry. Infection and cartilage bumps are also possible. To avoid all these situations it is recommended to wear earbuds instead for this duration.

:black_small_square:Keep the ear accessories clean:

Due to the tight location of the rook, it gets ■■■■■■ to clean the rook area While saline or sea salt baths can help remove much of the dirt and ■■■■ skin that can accumulate throughout the day, you still need to keep an eye on the piercing. Use saline sprays to conduct easy, hands-free washes in between soaks.

:black_small_square:Don’t move the ear adornments:

This standard can be troublesome, particularly while cleaning, however, it’s basic for ligament piercings. The ligament is handily harmed, and when you move the adornments around, it makes injury to the encompassing skin. This can prompt scarring. When directing saline douses, ensure that you utilize a cup that is sufficiently large to immerse the adornments without contacting it, and forgo contorting the gems.

:black_small_square:Use paper towel:

Never use a cloth towel to clean the area. The cloth towel may have some germs and bacteria which will accumulate in the wound can cause negative effects. It can also become itchy at the same time. It is recommended to use a paper towel instead.

:arrow_right: Trendy Rook Piercing Jewelry:

The rook piercing has gained much popularity and is seeing a colossal flood in prevalence and is at present moving as one of the most loved ear piercings.
Cool, sleek and eye-getting, the rook is awesome in the event that you need an unobtrusive yet obvious assertion. It’s sort of inconsistency in that it’s in a secret piece of your ear, however, yet is quickly recognizable. It’s a space of the ear that the vast majority will in general overlook until it’s spruced up with a piercing and abruptly it takes all consideration!

Rook piercing itself looks much attractive but you adore it with some cute jewelry pieces other than hoops and stud pieces. There are different types of rook piercing jewelry out there in the market. We have mentioned the most trendy ones here. Wear these ear jewelry pieces and make yourself self-center of attraction.

:pushpin: Rook Piercing Barbell Jewelry

The barbell is one of the most trendy rook jewelry, adorn both the top and base pieces of the rook. There are three fundamental sorts of the barbell, going from circular to straight. These ear accessories are undoubtedly an excellent idea for rook piercings as they move easily and can be cleaned effortlessly. This guides in curing the piercing area and keeps the puncturing liberated from contamination. Barbells are likewise very flexible and can be decorated with gemstones and jewels to add tone and shimmer. The area of the barbells complements the rook piercing, making them a match made in paradise.

Although this jewelry piece like other rook piercing jewelry can get caught in things like shirts, clothes, and sheets and can squeeze your piercing it looks adorable. Additionally, putting them on and taking them off can be troublesome because of the stringing component which can require some serious energy and be very precarious. Notwithstanding this, the vast majority pick this unique ear jewelry when they get a rook puncturing.

:pushpin: Hoops and captive bead rings:

Like barbells, elegant and simple hoops also complements your fresh rook piercing. People nowadays love embellishing their rook piercing with a sleek simple hoops. You can have silver or golden hoops whatever you like. Expert piercers suggest Hoops for fresh piercings due to the reason that they don’t stumble block on clothes and sheets and are easy to clean. They can be early inserted, easy to move, and are comfortable to wear. What more to ask than that it puts less pressure on the piercing. They are trendy and arrived in a scope of plans, including captive dot rings, consistent loops, and portioned circles. ■■■■■■■ dot rings, likewise called fixed bead rings, are the most loved decision for new rook piercings.

:pushpin: Heart-Shaped Rook Jewelry:

Another rook piercing jewelry on our list is heart-shaped. Heart-shaped jewelry is an ideal jewelry piece for rook piercings, as it settles in the ear, copying the bend of the external edge of the ear. This kind of rook gems is not much attention-seeking and doesn’t have any pivots or strings, which makes it simpler to keep clean and to put on and take off. These come in moderate styles just as minimal designs highlighting gemstones and charms.

:arrow_right:Rook Piercing Metal:

Before choosing the metal for rook piercing, always do some research. Because the wrong kind of metal can cause infection and rashes which leads to redness and harming the rook piercing. Always choose bio-compatible and hypoallergenic metals for rook piercing as they are less harmful than other metals. For is a hood for those people with metal sensitivity and those having a fresh piercing. Valuable metals like gold are a decent decision, yet in the event that they have low immaculateness levels, the alloy could contain allergens that could cause issues.

Probably the most ideal alternatives are likewise the most moderate. These include:
Surgical stainless steel
14Kor 18K yellow gold

There are a few metals which you should completely avoid in rook piercing as they can cause allergy, discoloration, or infection. Some of these include:
Silver and sterling silver
Plastic or nylon
Metals such as rolled gold, gold vermeil, and plating
Brass, copper, and bronze

:black_medium_square: Rook Piercing – Not for Everyone

If you have been thinking of having a rook piercing for a long time then stop! See your expert piecer and ask that if you can have rook piercing or not. Because surprisingly and unfortunately rook piercing is not for everyone. Yes! You heard it right. Rook piercing depends upon the anatomy and structure of one’s ear. Those unlucky people whose fold of ear is very small, are likely to get a rejection by the piercer. Ask your piercer if your ear can get the rook piercing, and if not, then don’t be disappointed. Because you could get something else like the Daith piercing which is still cool and much similar to the rook piercing.

:arrow_right: Side effects and Precautions of Rook Piercing:

Aftercare is so significant on the grounds that the odds of results are high. In the event that you experience a genuine result, similar to a disease, you may need to take your gems out and let the injury close up.
32 out of 100 piercings are more likely to get infected due to some reasons. But there’s no need to worry because if you diagnose the infection early then you can cure it easily. In any case, genuine contaminations require crisis clinical consideration. In the event that you speculate a serious infection, don’t eliminate your adornments except if a specialist advises you to. Eliminating your ear accessories could make a tainted boil develop.
Signs of an infection include:

  1. Swallowed and red skin around the rook piercing
  2. pain or tenderness
  3. Green or yellow mucus discharge coming from the piercing area
  4. fever, chills, or nausea
  5. red streaks
  6. symptoms that are deteriorating or last more than multi-week

:black_small_square: Swelling:

In the initial days of rook piercing, it is normal to experience some swellings around the piercing. You may likewise see swelling, bleeding, bruising, redness and crustiness. You can treat Swelling with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or you can consult your, doctor, for further treatment.
Take cloth or paper towel make sure it is clean, afterward dip in ice water. Put it on the swelling it may provide some relief. On the off chance that your expanding and torment improves, you ought to have it looked at by the piercer or a specialist.

:black_small_square: Bumps:

If you are going to get rook piercing then be prepared for the bumps which you will get after piercing. There are many chances to experience bumps in the initial months or maybe weeks. There are few kinds of bumps which can cause negative effect to the rook piercing. These include:

  1. A rook piercing acne which looks like a tiny pustule next to the rook piercing hole

  2. a keloid scar, which is an effortless development of collagen that appears as though scar tissue

  3. a disease bubble, which might be brimming with ■■■■

  4. contact dermatitis brought about by a metal hypersensitivity to your ear accessories.

:black_medium_square:When you should consult a doctor after infection:

See a doctor if you see any symptoms of serious infection after piercing. Warning symptoms of infection include:

:black_small_square:nausea or vomiting
:black_small_square:streaks of red pus coming out of the piercing
:black_small_square:pain that gets progressively worsen with the passage of time

:pushpin: Where to buy rook piercing jewelry:

Now as you have done enough research on rook piercing, its precautions, benefits, jewelry, and whatnot. Now it’s time to get some rook piercing jewelry. But the question arises from where to get the jewelry. In today’s world of booming technology, rook jewelry is easily available in any jewelry store. Also, body piercing shops are selling rook piercing jewelry at competitive prices. But if have not much time to visit the store then you can order it online. Likewise, in this pandemic situation, people avoid going to the market and interacting with people. Online shopping has taken the place of the market. We suggest some most reputable online stores where you can buy your favorite rook piercing Jewelry at the comfort of your bed.


On the off chance that you are searching for a handmade, traditional, antique, or one-of-a-kind choice, Etsy is most likely the one spot you shouldn’t skip. There’s a scope of innovative rook adornments plans on the proposal here, changing in cost and style to suit all customers.


Amazon is one of the most reputable and reliable rook piercing jewelry stores. You can doubtlessly get the best product there at such competitive prices. Most expert body puncturing shops offer their adornments through Amazon, making it an extraordinary one-stop answer for your rook penetrating necessities. Do your due constancy and vet the dealer however we’re certain you’ll track down some stunning rook pieces here.

:arrow_right: Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Rook piercing or Daith piercing which is most hurting?

It is a common fact to feel pain when a sharp needle is inserted into your skin. Daith Piercing is the piercing of the inner fold of the cartilage above the ear hole. Daith piercing assists in treating migraines in many ways. While rook piercing is the perforation of the outermost ridge of your ear. Both piercing hurts. But the pain scale is different. Those who have experienced both rook piercing and daith piercing in their life say that rook piercing hurts more. The healing time of rook piercing is more than Daith piercing. It is maybe due to the fact that the rook area is the outermost area and it is more exposed to environmental conditions than daith.

2. What is the most hurtful piercing?

Every piercing hurts obviously. But the healing period of every piercing varies from person to person. Here we have mentioned some of the types of piercing that hurts the most.
Dermal Anchor
Ear lobes

3. Do all piercing hurts?

The piercing pain level to a great extent relies upon every unique individual’s pain bearing limit. What might be agonizing for you, may not be for another person and the other way around. Nonetheless, each and every individual who chooses to alter their look by acquiring a penetrating will obviously feel a little or much pressing factor and pain in the surrounding for some time.

Not exclusively is your pain-bearing resistance key, yet additionally, the area around the piercing extensively impacts the measure of torment that you may insight. For instance, an earflap piercing will definitely less hurtful than tragus and daith piercing on the grounds that the needle needs to go through the ligament.
Additionally, it’s critical to recollect, that the piercing itself is generally finished instantly before you’ve even had the opportunity to feel torment, leaving you staying there considering what in heaven’s name you were stressing over in any case! And some people are lucky enough to get an expert piercer who applies medicine to the area before piercing to reduce the pain level. As a rule, you will feel some serious conditions after the penetrating, like bumps, swallowing, itching, and redness. You must be prepared for this.

4. How to reduce the pain of rook piercing?

Most probably you will first think of using some numbing cream to minimize the pain. But unfortunately, this is not the right idea. In fact, a lot of piercers do not like using numbing cream before piercing. Instead of using alcohol or other substance to numb the area, you must follow these steps. They will definitely work!
Numbing cream:
There are different kinds of numbing creams and sprays for those who are sensitive to piercing pains. The piercer may recommend numbing the area first. All things considered, security is vital and your piercer won’t need any ‘mishaps’ to occur on his seat.

Quite possibly the best rook piercing desensitizing items as of now available is Zensa Numbing Cream, which contains the most elevated level of Lidocaine permitted by the FDA for over-the-counter use. The input left by a large number of clients for this item is completely extraordinary.
Simply follow the guidelines on the cream, apply presently before your piercing method and you will experience the most comfortable and safe piercing.
Breath deeply:
Meditation helps a lot in helping the piercing pain. . in case you really don’t know how to do meditative breathing, we will help you with that. just take 10 deep slow breaths and hold it for a second. This will help you to stay calm.

Listen to music:

Regardless of whether the slow sound of the sea loosens up you, or you like tuning in to hip-hop music, entertain yourself with a playlist that will empower you to feel calm and appreciate the experience. It will assist with taking your brain off and make you feel calm.

5. Does rook piercing help reducing depression and anxiety?

This penetrating is for the most part known to help with headaches however it is said to effortlessly affect pressure alleviation also. Notwithstanding the Rook piercing, is connected with nervousness, anxiety, and depression alleviation. Rook area is found between your ear cartilage and jawline

6. Which type of jewelry is perfect for rook piercing?

Surgical stainless steel straight barbell.
White gold arrow curved barbell.
Circular (horseshoe) barbell with Baltic amber ends.
Captive bead rings.
Segmented clicker hoop jewelry.
Simple gold heart-shaped rook ring.

7. What are the factors affecting the rook piercing pain?

There are some factors that affect the pain level of rook piercing. Some of them Are discussed below:
Your ear’s sensitivity.
Type of tool being used for piercing.
Your pain threshold.
Experience of the piercer.
Your health conditions.
Aftercare procedure.

Some other factors like taking alcohol before piercing can also influence the pain level.

8. Which numbing cream is best for rook piercing pain?

If you have rook piercing pain sensitivity, then you can use numbing cream to reduce the pain. Lidocaine cream is best for rook piercing pain. Apply it around the area before piercing. It will help in reducing the pain during and after piercing. Anesthesia cream works effortlessly in numbing the area.

9. What is the healing time of rook piercing?

Rook piercing takes much time in healing. It requires a lot of aftercare. Surprisingly, rook piercing takes at least 3 to 10 months to heal properly. It might stay delicate all through this time, particularly in the event that it gets infected.

10. What are the benefits of rook piercing?

A rook penetrating is situated close to the internal edge of the ear in the focal point of the ear, corresponding to its external edge. A great deal of times this piercing is mistaken for the Daith piercing. Despite the fact that this piercing is not well known, getting rook piercing help in discharging pressure, depression, and lower feelings of anxiety.

:arrow_right: CONCLUSION:

Rook piercing is the most well-known type of cartilage piercing in the uppermost ridge of the ear. The rook is present in the upper area of the tragus in the antihelix. The process occurs when an expert piercer uses a shaped needle to insert in the rook. Piercer first cleans the area around the piercing and then after piercing inserts jewelry. The jewelry enhances the look of the piercing. The expert will provide you some aftercare guidelines. Aftercare includes using a fragrance-free soap. Do not touch your rook without washing your hands. And avoid using hands-free. Rook piercing is so hurting and the healing period of rook piercing is more than other piercing. You can use numbing cream to reduce the pain.