Dry hole

Dry hole,

Definition of Dry hole:

  1. A dry hole is a business venture that ends up being a loss. The buzz word "dry hole" was originally used in oil exploration to describe a well where no significant reserves of oil were found. This term is now often used to describe any fruitless commercial initiative.

  2. Newer businesses often run at a net loss for the first few years (while acquiring one-time expenses such as equipment and buildings) before becoming profitable; however, these are not usually referred to as dry holes. A dry hole is typically thought never to be able to produce a profit.

  3. Exploratory or development well that is sealed-off after drilling because it does not produce gas/oil in economically viable quantities.

  4. A well drilled for oil or gas but yielding none.

How to use Dry hole in a sentence?

  1. This is a Texas oilman who seemed to drill nothing but dry holes.

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