Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is the process of piercing the lip and the areas around the lips. After piercing the lips, the pierced part becomes a permanent feature of the lips. There are a variety of ways and styles in which lip piercing is done for wearing jewellery. The trend of lip piercing is not something new to the world, but its roots are deep that are centuries old.

2 Lip Piercing History

Lip piercing is the process of piercing the lips and also the areas around the lips. If we trace back the history of lip piercing, then we come to know that it really is an old practice by humans on earth. The lip piercing has probably had some connections with the religious myths, so the piercing was done for gaining certain religious and spiritual benefits, and also even for sexual, aesthetic and beautification purposes. Overall the history of [body piercing] (Botox Lip Flip) including ear piercing is some 5000 years old. In ancient times the people used to pierce the different parts of the body including nipples, tongue, ears, lips, nose and navel etc.

2.1 Mythology of Lip Piercing In Ancient Societies

Talking about specifically lip piercing, its practice was seen in the ancient African and American cultures. Currently, lip piercing is a high fashion trend among the youth. Still beside them, the people who are the inhibitors of the areas that have a history many centuries old, lip piercing is seen as a common traditional practice. Like for example the people living in Papua New Guinea, in the Dragon Mali and those who are the decedents of the Nuba of Sudan and Ethiopia, people of the Amazon basin, people of South America from the pre-Columbian era and the tribal people of the Malawai.
In different cultures around the world, there are different cultural and religious mythologies that are associated with lip piercing. Taking the example of the in the Mali culture, the Dragon people use to pierce their lips just to memorize the spirit of their ancestors, who are responsible for the world’s creation. According to the dragon people, the Goddess Noomi used a thread which she wove through her teeth.
In Southern Africa, the Malololo women use to pierce the upper lips. This is done for her by her groom about to be, some six months before their marriage. If she has got the bigger plate, then there is a great chance of more dowry than usual.
Similarly, if we talk about the ancient culture of the Azetic people, from Central Mexico, we find the lip piercing culture among the men too. The boys who were willing to become a part of the army, his lips were pierced, at a younger age. Doing so was a belief in bringing more prisoners of war.


The tradition of lip piercing is many centuries old. Some references have revealed that lip piercing was followed in the ancient civilization that has links with religious mythology. In some other ancient cultures also was used to show the class differences.

3 Lip Piercing Types

Let us see how many types of lip piercing are there in the use commonly. They are also termed bites. The common types of lip piercing are ;

  1. Angel bites
  2. Snakebites
  3. Spider bites
  4. Canine bites
  5. Vampire bites
  6. Cyber bites

3.1 Lip Piercing Names And Places

So it is time to see that what are the names of the different lips piercing styles and what are the areas where they are done. Basically, there are three lip piercing types on the face these are;

  1. Single lip piercing
  2. Double lip piercing
  3. And quadruple lip piercing

A. Single Lip Piercing

1. Side Labret Single piercing

This is the lip piercing which is done off the centre, on the upper or the lower part of the lip area. In this upper lip piercing, 14 to 16G needle is employed for piercing. This is one of the most common types of lip piercing.

2. Monroe piercing

The piercing that is done on the upper part of the lip is called the Monroe piercing. It is named after a beautiful Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, as she used to create a mole on the right side of the upper lip. Monroe can be adorned with the help of the 14 G, 16 G, or 18G needles.

3. Madonna Piercing

Madonna Piercing is done on the left side of the upper lip. Just like the Marylin Monroe, it got its name from the name of a famous singer Madonna, as she had a beautiful mole on the left side of her upper lip. It is usually pierced with the help of the 14 G, 16 G, or 18G needles.

4. Medusa Piercing

In the Medusa Piercing, the hole is created in the centre of the upper lip. For this Medusa top lip piercing 18G needle or even larger than this is used.

5. Labret Piercing

The Labret Piercing is done on the lower part of the lower lip, exactly in the centre. This can be adorned with the help of the 18G and 14G needles.

6. Vertical Labret Piercing

The vertical labret is not similar or different from the labret area piercing. The Vertical labret involves the piercing of the upper and the central part of the lower lip and the lower middle area of the lower part of the lip. For Vertical labret a bent barbell or CBR along with 18G to 14G range is common. In the Vertical labret, larger gauges are also used.

7. Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercing is of the kind in which just like vertical labret piercing. The Ashley piercings are an inverted vertical labret, with the exit hole within the mouth and only the entry point through the lip visible. It is adorned with bent barbells or CBRs that are of some 18G to 14G in thickness. Just like the vertical labret, large gauges are also used with it.

8. Jestrum Piercing

A Jestrum piercing is an upside vertical labret that protrudes just above the middle lip and exits the centre of the top lip itself. Just like the vertical labret, Jestrum piercing is done well with curved barbells or CBRs that are of 14G to 18G in thickness.

**B. Double Lip Piercing **

1. Dahlia Piercing

Dahlia Piercings are typically performed in airs at the corners of the mouth, but a single piercing offers a rare alternative.

2. Snake Bite Piercing

Snakebite piercing was named so due to its looks like the pointed tooth of the snake. In the snake bite piercing, the piercing is done on each end area of the lips or the edges of the mouth. So it is like the labret piercing that is done on both sides of a mouth.

3. Angel Bites Piercing

Angel bites piercing is the one that is done on each side of the upper lip area.

4. Dolphin Bites Piercing

In the dolphin bites, the piercing is done on the lower part of the lips. This style is really similar to that of the snake bite piercing; the only difference is that of the distance.

5. Spider Bites Piercing

Spider bites piercing is the style in which the piercing is done on the right or the left side of the lower lip area.

6. Cyber Bites Piercing

It is a combination of the Medusa and Labret piercing. In this, the piercing is done one in the center of the upper lip and one in the center of the lower lip.

7. Cheek Piercing

As like its name, the cheek piercing is done on the face, at the point that it provides a look of the dimples.

C . Quadruple Lip Piercing

1. Shark Bites Piercing

Shark bites involve the piercing on both sides of the lower part of the mouth with double piercing.

2. Canine Bite Piercing

Canine bites are done on both the upper and the lower part of the lips, it totally contains four number of piercing.

:pushpin: Note

This cannot be said with exact confirmation that what the aftereffect of the lip piercing is. The intensity of the pain varies from person to person depending upon their own bearing.

4 Lip Piercing Healing Time

Let’s see what is the average healing time of each style of lip piercing.

• The side labret done on the area off the center from the lips may take 1 to three months in healing.
• Usually the Monroe piercing may take some six to three week in healing.
• Just like Marlyn Monroy the Madonna Piercing may take some six to 12 weeks I healing.
• The usual healing time of Medusa Piercing is from six to twelve months.
• The healing time of the labret is between three to 6 weeks.
• Vertical labret piercing usually takes some 8 to 10 weeks.
• Ashley piercing also takes the same time as the vertical labret piercing and heals in 8 to 10 weeks.
• The healing process of the Dahlia Piercings depends on the care, but usually, it takes 3 to 10 weeks in healing.
• The estimated healing time of the Jestrum piercing lies between 8 to 10 weeks.
• Snake bite piercing takes around 1 to 3 months in healing.

5 Lip Piercing Ring and Jewellery

There are a variety of studs and rings that are used as jewellery for lip piercing. Just to name a few like ;

• Stud
• Closed rings
• Unclosed rings
• Barbells
• Barbell with internal threading
• Temporary plastic jewellery
• Ball captive ring
• Lippy loop
• Segmental ring
• Horseshoe ring
• Spiral barbell

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Following are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding lip piercing. So let’s have a look at their answers to understand well about lip piercing.

1. What does lip piercing symbolize?

There is a long history of lip piercing in ancient societies. There are different myths and spiritual uses of lip piercing in these cultures like for example in some cultures it shows religious beliefs, society or classes, superiority, adornment, and marital status.

2. When did lip piercing start?

As lip piercing is found in many civilizations around the world. The use of lip piercing is dated back to 5000 years ago.

3. Do lip piercing holes ever go away?

If the lip piercing is not very old for example if it is just one or two years old or just a few months old, and you want to discontinue the use of the lip piercing ornament; then it is more likely that the hole will get healed in a short time, and the scare will also remove soon. But if the piercing is many years old, then the chancing of hole closing will also become scarce.

4. What does bottom lip piercing mean?

The part of the face which is lying between the bottom lip and above the chin is also used for piercing. The piercing done on this area is also called a ‘tongue pillar’ or sometimes the ‘soul patch’ piercing.

5. Do lip piercing get infected easily?

Yes! As far as the bacterial infection of the lip piercing is concerned there are a fair amount of chances of having infection especially in the newly pierced hole near or on the lips, due to saliva and the food items. Even when it gets healed, the unintentionally hard hand touch, or holdup of the lip piercing jewellery with the cloth, may lead again to the infections.


The history of Lip piercing is many centuries old. And the lip piercing is associated with the spiritual and mythological cultural setup of the ancient civilizations. Though in the past it was used to recall their sacred spirits of the ancestors, in the 21st century the lip piercing is still in the use; but now the people use to do it just for the beautification. Basically in the present world, lip piercing shows a specific attitude or personality. It is mostly done by those who are rebellious or somewhat arrogant, hippie kind of the people for self-expression.

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