Cartilage Piercing Bump

Cartilage Piercing Bump

What is this on my cartilage piercing? ۔

My cartilage was punctured like last year. I recently decided to change my earrings. I accidentally found an 18 size ring that I couldn't change, so I put it in my ear. It hurts, but the pain goes away very quickly. So swollen a week ago. He went to do it and made this GP with a piercing in my ear. Then the front is aged and a crust is formed. I asked my friend to remove the itch and it tasted better but it bleed. Then it tries to solve p. It bleeds a little, but it doesn't hurt at all. For example, the skin is really hard to peel so it still exists, but shrinks when you open it a little. What can happen?

These things pile up every time you change your jewelry. It's just that your skin is accustomed to this metal, so it feels weird when you apply it. Don't touch it Be careful not to paint hair spray or anything like that. To sell and remove your hole, clean it with saline solution. An itch is just a liquid. You can buy saline solutions wherever tattoos or piercings are done. What I recommend is H2O Ocean. However, if you don't want to spend $ 10, you can mix 8 ounces of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized salt. Dip a cotton ball into the solution and place it in your ear 46 times a day. This time will pass if you keep it clean and do not touch your hands.

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* Sigh * This is not a keylog. Signs of keloid are rare, usually hereditary, and will probably appear four days after the piercing. Not to mention everyone who says, oh yeah, they're Kelod. I have one and it works without keys. The keloids do not come out. They form until you see a dermatologist to remove them by injection, laser or freezing. PS is common with cartilage piercing, especially near the point of exit. Was he stabbed with a needle or a needle? If stabbed, it may be due to the trauma of pushing the earring through the cartilage. Does the P come from the left side of the shop and is shaped like a small volcano around the back of the gem? Is it thick and hard? Is it close to the left, but not coming out? Is it red and swollen like a blister of blood? Do not apply saline compresses twice a day for ten minutes. Be careful not to use the wrong cleanser on your healing holes. Alcohol-free, surgical alcohol, bactericidal, neoprene, scented soap, rust, ear cleaning solution from a place like clear / icing / piercing foot / department store, iodine or table salt. You do not need iodized sea salt. 1/4 teaspoon salt in a cup of filtered or distilled boiled water. Allow the water to cool until it is very hot, but without burning the skin. Add salt to a clean dish or disposable cup. Wash your hands thoroughly, or better yet, wear disposable medical gloves and get a clean paper towel or sterile cotton. Moisten a paper towel or cotton ball and leave until the heat subsides. Continue this process for ten minutes, using a clean cotton ball or paper towel each time, then wash the area with clean water. Use a dry paper towel to gently remove moisture. If the P size does not decrease in four to five days, consult your piercer. Unless you have been pierced. In that case, you should be proud to go to a professional piercer at a rebel tattoo and piercing shop.

P is caused by an infection. When she first applied size 18 earrings in pain, she felt tears on her skin. This is tantamount to piercing the ear for infection. Regular TRNT uses a detergent, which is available at most stores, in the affected area and around it in the morning and at midnight. Do not go out of the wound because it can be infected and worse, it is very painful.

P is probably an infection behind the ear. He says it's very difficult to peel the skin ... take a hot compress and leave it there for about 10 minutes. P should go up and then you can pop it. But the next time you change your ear and try to do it professionally and measure accurately, it can be the cause of things. I did the same with my cartilage and I need to take some antibiotics for myself. But the doctor told me to use a hot compress. It may bleed when opened, but it is completely normal. Don't worry, better ...

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Try putting Neosporin on the P after you.

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Try following Salt Bath Trent on the link I provided. I am also going to apply antibiotic ointment. Avoid forcing it until you clean it. Playing with your hole can make things worse. To me it looks like an infection, pushing a large earring to the left can leave a cut and cause bacteria and infection. Wet the salt and do not touch it.

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Cartilage Piercing Bump