Facial Exercises

Facial exercises can be used to improve facial appearance, combat aging, and improve muscle strength. A well-rounded physical fitness routine is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle. But we typically neglect to work out the very muscles people see the most — our faces. Just like the rest of your body, the more than 57 muscles in your face and neck require exercise to stay toned and fit. These simple facial exercises can help you strengthen facial muscles, get a slim face, and even combat signs of aging.

Benefits of facial exercises

Just like regular exercise can aid your weight loss goals and tone your body, similarly, facial workouts can have many benefits too.

Not only does it strengthens your face muscles, it can also reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. Additionally, it eliminates all the tension around the facial muscles and improves blood circulation around this region. In order to see proper results, try and perform your facial exercises 3-5 times a week for around 20 minutes.

How to Lose Cheek Fat (8 Steps to A Slimmer Face)

Cheek fat can make your face look a little bloated. Finding the right angle for your selfie can be a challenge, and people may think that you have gained weight.



Losing weight overall definitely contributes to a slimmer looking face. Actually if you’ve ever noticed the weight loss of someone else, it’s like; that you would have commented on how slim their face looked!

The optimal way to lose face fat is to make some subtle changes to your weekly exercise and food intake. Consuming fewer calories per day than you burn will help you lose weight consistently (makes sense doesn’t it!). Many people tend to store fat in the neck, face, and jaw region. If you want to enjoy a slimmer face, then let’s get you started on an overall weight loss program (we’d love to help!)


You may be having chubby cheeks because your body is retaining too much fluid. There are many possible reasons for water retention, and dehydration is one of them. Your body will store excess water when it feels that you are not drinking enough. The extra fluid can go to several body parts, including the face. Aim to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep yourself well-hydrated.


You can get attractive cheekbones with this exercise. It helps stretch the muscles around the cheeks, jaws, and lips. Perform the exercise by standing or sitting straight and moving your jaw like you are chewing something. Make sure to keep your lips closed as you try to chew, and breathe in and out deeply as you hum. Next, open your mouth wide with the tongue pressed on your bottom teeth, and hold it for five seconds before breathing in and out again. The whole movement makes one repetition.


This exercise helps solve your chubby cheeks issue by working nearly every neck and facial muscles. It is, in fact, one of the best facial exercises to reduce the chubby cheeks and double chin. It will give your face a natural lift and a leaner appearance. Simply grab a chair and sit with your back straight, and then tilt your head back so that you are facing the ceiling. The next step is to pull in your lips and attempt to ■■■■ out air. Do this for several seconds, and then relax.


The only way to lose cheek fat is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Your face will become slimmer as you lose weight. Many people already see results after losing a few pounds. If you commit to a healthy and active lifestyle, those chubby cheeks will eventually become a thing from the past.


Use your hands to stretch your facial muscles and tone them. You can do it by lowering your chin until it goes near your chest, and then pulling the skin away from the face. Try to say “ah” as soon as you have stretched your face, and keep the static position for a while before repeating the process. It is recommended that you do the stretching three times a day.


Eating foods rich in sodium and sugar will cause water retention. When your body retains excess water, parts of you will become bloated – including your cheeks. You only need a small amount of sodium and sugar a day, so try cutting salty and sugary foods from your diet.


Smiling gives you the chance to exercise those facial muscles and trim down the cheek fat. It is the best workout that you can do for your cheeks. You are also brightening up your and everyone’s day.


As people age, the shape of their face begins to change. As fat builds in the neck, skin begins to sag and the jaw muscles begin to shrink. This may cause your jawline to become less defined.

While changes to the face due to genetics or aging are perfectly natural, there are some exercises you can do to help define your jawline. Exercising the neck, chin, jaw, and other facial muscles can lead to subtle changes in your face, including sharper cheekbones and a more prominent jawline. One study found that performing regular facial exercises over the course of 20 weeks led to fuller cheeks and a more youthful appearance.

These exercises can do more than give your face a more defined or a younger look—they can also prevent pain in the neck, head, and jaw. Studies have shown that jawline exercises may help reduce the effects of temporomandibular disorders, or chronic pain in the jaw muscles, bones, and nerves.

Exercises to Help Define the Jawline

Jaw and neck muscles are rarely exercised in a gym setting. Over time, this can cause sagging skin, a less defined jawline, or even neck pain. These jawline exercises can help create a defined jawline and prevent neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches.

  • Neck Curl-Up

Neck crunches are like an abdominal crunch or curl. This activates neck muscles that are rarely used, so be sure to take it slow and stop if you feel any pain.

Step 1: Lay down on your back and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Step 2: Bring your chin to your chest, lifting your head about two to three inches off the ground.

Step 3: Slowly lower your head back down and repeat.

  • Vowel Exercises

By sounding out vowels and stretching your mouth, this exercise targets the muscles around your lips.

Step 1: Open your mouth to create an “O” sound. Exaggerate the vowel to tighten the muscles.

Step 2: Then, open your mouth to create an exaggerated “E” sound.

Step 3: Repeat the “O” and “E” movements.

  • Collarbone Backup

The collarbone exercise engages the muscles under your chin that support your jaw.

  • Clenching

Directions: Clench and hold your teeth together for 3 seconds while using a special mouth guard made by your dentist—not a sports mouth guard. The soft plastic material on this guard will prevent TMJ problems and protect your joints.

Muscles worked: The jawline area

Duration: 3 sets of 10

  • Sagging Chin

Directions: Place your elbow on a table with your fist under your chin. Then try to open your mouth while exerting force with your wrist to create resistance. Hold then release.

Muscles worked: Underneath the chin and jawline area.

Duration: 3 sets of 10

Fresh-face workout

Cleaves says if you ■■■■■■■ these exercises for 15 minutes, no more than 3-5 times a week (in addition to using the right skincare products and getting plenty of rest) you’ll see improvement in two weeks.

1. The Lower Jowl Lifter Routine

Directions: Place your right hand on your collarbone and wrap your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. Then, tilt your head back a couple inches while using your facial muscles to pull the corners of your mouthOpen Mouth Operations back (with your bottom lip still covere.) Hold, then release your head back down with your eyes still looking upward. Repeat on the other side (left hand on collarbone.)

Muscles worked: The jawline area

Duration: 4 sets of 10 (5 right and 5 left)

2. Jawbone Restorer

Directions: Place both thumbs side-by-side at the tip of your chin with your other fingers resting below each ear. Then, push your chin into your thumbs to create resistance, and slide your thumbs along the jawbone, with medium pressure, ending just below each ear.

Muscles worked: the jawline area

Duration: 10 times

3. Double Chin Slide

Directions: Place the palm of your hand under your chin, and with your mouth closed, stretch your lower jaw down as far as you can. Then, exert pressure with your palm as you slide your hand along the double chin area, the jawline, and the side of the face ending at your temples.

Muscles worked: underneath the chin

Duration: 10 times (5 right and 5 left)

4. Cheek Firmer

Directions: Place the length of your index finger below the eye along the upper cheekbones. Then open your mouth as wide as comfortable, curl your lips over your bottom teeth, and smile with the corners of your mouth to create flex, then release.

Muscles worked: the jawline area

Duration: 40 times

Face Exercises to lose chubby cheeks

  • Simha Mudra

Simha Mudra or Lion Pose stimulates and tones all the facial muscles.

How to perform: Knee down comfortably on the ground and place your palms on your thighs. Stick your tongue outside and stretch it downwards with force. Extend it as much as you can. While performing this, exhale and roar like a lion.

  • Fish face

If you love taking a selfie, then you have already mastered this facial exercise. Fish face tones and stretches your cheek muscles.

How to perform: Suck your cheeks and lips inwards just like a fish. Hold on to this position for a while and try to smile. Repeat the exercise throughout the day to see faster results.

  • Jivha Bandha (Locked Tongue Pose)

How to perform: Sit down comfortably on the ground and place the tip of your tongue against the upper wall of your mouth. Force your tongue against the wall till you feel the stretch in your neck. Repeat this exercise for four to five times.

  • Jaw release

This exercise is perfect if you want attractive cheekbones and reduce your double chin.

How to perform: Seat yourself comfortably and move your jaws as if you are trying to eat with your mouth closed. Breathe from your nose while doing so. Relax and repeat after some times.

  • Jalandhara Bandha (Chin lock)

This exercise will shape your face and tone down your facial jaw line muscles.

How to perform: Sit down in the Lotus position and breathe deeply. Place your hands on your keens, lift your shoulders up and bend forward. Stick your chin firmly against your chest in between your collar bones. Hold on your breath as long as possible. Relax and then repeat the same.

  • Mouthwash Technique

This technique will tone your cheeks and help you get rid of double chin.

How to perform: Fill your mouth with air and transfer the air from one side of your mouth to the other, just like you clean your mouth using a mouthwash. Continue this for a while, relax and repeat.

  • Neck Roll

Neck roll is the most effective way to lose the double chin. This exercise will also tone down your chin, jawline and neck muscles.

How to perform: Sit comfortably on the ground with your head facing forward. Bend your head towards one side in line with your chin and turn your head in a circular motion. Keep your spine straight and shoulders down while doing so. Repeat this in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

  • Eye focus

This exercise will make your eyebrows smooth.

How to perform: Open your eyes wide and make sure your eyebrows are not wrinkled. Stay this way and focus at a point in the distance. Relax and repeat after some time.

  • Eye Squeeze

Directions: Pull your lips down to tighten your face (like the scream character), then pull your lips to the right, and squeeze one eye closed for one second (in a pulsing manner) ten times. Repeat with the opposite eye.

Muscles worked: The muscle surrounding your eye; when tightening the eyes, you’re pulling the skin, but you’re not wrinkling it.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10

  • Jawline Roll

Directions: With your face tightened (as if you’re about to get punched), pucker your lips and move them to the right. Now, with your jaw tense, say with force, “EW Charles.” “Speaking aloud ignites the muscle quicker,” says Georgesku. And make sure to not grind your teeth.

Muscles worked: Here, you’re pulling up the muscle underneath the jawline. When you say “EW Charles,” your tongue draws a circle in your mouth and the resistance works the jaw.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10

  • Tongue Press

Directions: Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, right behind your teeth. Then add tension by tightly pressing your tongue to completely close the roof of your mouth, and begin making the noises “mh mh mh mh.” “It’s very important to make the humming/vibrating sound when performing these exercises because they assist the muscles,” says Georgesku.

Muscles worked: This will target sag underneath the chin.

  • Brow lift

Directions: With your hands in the shape of a closed peace sign, place your finger nails (not your fingertips) over each brow and apply pressure to push your eye brows down. Then, while pushing that skin down, gently push your brows up and down, and repeat.

Muscles worked: Here, you’re creating a weight (the pressure of your finger nails) to lift the eyes and build the muscle in your forehead.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10


The reason most people worry about face fat is because you can still dress up to hide the bulges in your body but you cannot hide face fat (unless you know make up tricks that can do the trick). You may spend hours in the gym trying to lose body fat but when your selfie shows that ugly double chin, it feels like all your hard work went in vain. While where your body holds excess fat depends on your genetics and body type, there are some facial exercises that can help you get sculpted cheekbones.

Frequently Asked Questions :pencil2:

1- Do facial exercises really work?

Countless books, websites, and product reviews promise miraculous results, but any evidence that suggests facial exercises are effective for slimming cheeks or reducing wrinkles is largely anecdotal. There’s little clinical research on the efficacy of facial exercises.

2- How can I slim my face in a week?

  • Do facial exercises.
  • Add cardio to your routine.
  • Drink more water.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Cut back on refined carbs.
  • Switch up your sleep schedule.
  • Watch your sodium intake.
  • Eat more fiber.

3- Do facial exercises work tone your face?

Maybe! A 2018 study conducted at Northwestern University showed that 20 weeks of daily facial exercise did indeed yield measurably firmer skin, and fuller upper and lower cheeks. The protocol involved 30 minutes a day for the first 8 weeks of the study, then every other day thereafter.

4- How do you define your jawline?

Step 1: Close your mouth and slowly push your jaw forward. Step 2: Lift up your low lip and push up until you feel the muscles in your chin and jawline stretch. Step 3: Stay in this position for about 10 seconds before repeating the exercise.

5- Why I am skinny but my face is chubby?

“Excess facial fat typically occurs from weight gain resulting from a poor diet, lack of exercise, aging, or genetic conditions. Fat is usually more visible in the cheeks, jowls, under the chin and neck.” There are other factors that can contribute to a puffy face or chubby jowls

6- How do I tighten my jawline?

With your mouth closed, push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip. You should feel a stretch build just under the chin and in the jawline. Hold the position for 10–15 seconds, then relax. Perform 3 sets of 15.

7- Can chewing gum reduce face fat?

Not exactly. While chewing gum can help keep the muscles of your jaw strong and may give your chin a little lift, chewing gum cannot reduce fat deposits found in your double chin.

8- How can I tighten my face without surgery?

Other Techniques for Tightening Facial and Neck Skin

  • Non-invasive radiofrequency. Non-microneedling rf and no downtime.
  • Minimally invasive radio frequency micro-needling. Superficial rf micro-needling and minimal downtime.
  • Most invasive radio frequency micro needling. Deep rf microneedling and longer downtime.

9- How can I lift my face naturally?

There are various ways in which you can attain a chin lift: Gently massage the area where your chin muscles meet the neck muscles. Practice twice-a-day; a set of lifting your chin up and bowing it down in the count of 6-8. Opt for facial exercises and neck movements for an overall slender look.

10- How do you get a toned face?

  • Trim face fat and get a more defined look with this face workout:
  • Tilt your head back until you’re looking at the ceiling.
  • Move your lower lip over your upper lip as far as you can; you should feel this in the jaw muscles near your ears.
  • Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Complete 10-15 sets.


By toning your facial muscles, face exercises could make your face appear slimmer. Although research is limited, one study found that performing facial muscle exercises improved muscle thickness and facial rejuvenation.

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