Definition of Squeeze:

  1. A strong financial demand or pressure, typically a restriction on borrowing, spending, or investment in a financial crisis.

  2. Manage to get into or through a narrow or restricted space.

  3. Obtain (something) from someone with difficulty.

  4. A persons girlfriend or boyfriend.

  5. An act of pressing something with ones fingers.

  6. The term squeeze is used to describe many financial and business situations, typically involving some sort of market pressure. In business, it is a period when borrowing is difficult or a time when profits decline due to increasing costs or decreasing revenues.

  7. A molding or cast of an object, or an impression or copy of a design, obtained by pressing a pliable substance around or over it.

  8. Firmly press (something soft or yielding), typically with ones fingers.

  9. A situation that occurs when an investor is trapped in a losing position. For example, a trader who is long when prices are rapidly declining might feel pressure (squeeze) to capitulate and take the loss rather than risk greater losses while waiting for a reversal. See Short Squeeze.

  10. In the financial world, the term squeeze is used to describe situations wherein short sellers purchase stock to cover losses or when investors sell long positions to take capital gains off the table.

  11. An act of bunting a ball in order to enable a runner on third base to start for home as soon as the ball is pitched.

Synonyms of Squeeze

Extort, Force, Extract, Wrest, Wring, Tear from, Milk, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrestment, Badger, Bar, Barricade, Bear, Bear against, Bear down on, Bear down upon, Bear hard upon, Bear hug, Bind, Blackmail, Bleed, Block, Block up, Blockade, Blockage, Blocking, Bolt, Boodle, Booty, Bosom, Broad, Check, Chock, Choke, Choke off, Clamp, Clamping, Clamping down, Clasp, Clench, Clinch, Clip, Clogging, Close, Close off, Close tight, Close up, Closing up, Closure, Clutch, Compact, Complication, Compress, Compression, Concentrate, Condense, Congest, Consolidate, Constrict, Constriction, Contort, Contract, Cram, Cramp, Crowd, Crunch, Crush, Debar, Decoct, Delay, Densen, Densify, Detainment, Detention, Distill, Distort, Dog, Doxy, Embarrassing position, Embarrassment, Embosom, Embrace, Enfold, Enfoldment, Ensphere, Essentialize, Exact, Express, Extort, Extract, Fine how-do-you-do, Fixation, Fold, Foot-dragging, Force, Force from, Garble, Get by, Get one wrong, Get through, Get wrong, Gloss, Gouge, Graft, Grip, Hampering, Haul, Hell to pay, High-pressure, Hindering, Hindrance, Hobble, Hold, Holdback, Holdup, Hot goods, Hot water, How-do-you-do, Hug, Imbroglio, Impediment, Influence, Infuse, Inhibition, Interference, Interruption, Jam, Lean on, Let, Levy blackmail, Lock, Loot, Melt down, Mess, Milk, Misapply, Misapprehend, Miscite, Misconceive, Misconstrue, Misdeem, Misexplain, Misexplicate, Misexpound, Misinterpret, Misjudge, Misquote, Misread, Misrender, Mistake, Mistranslate, Mistress, Misunderstand, Mix, Moll, Morass, Negativism, Nip, Nuisance value, Obstruct, Obstruction, Obstructionism, Occlude, Occlusion, Opposition, Pack, Parlous straits, Pass, Perks, Perquisite, Pervert, Pickings, Pickle, Pinch, Plight, Plunder, Pork barrel, Predicament, Press, Press out, Pressure, Pretty pass, Pretty pickle, Pretty predicament, Prize, Pry loose from, Pry out, Public till, Public trough, Push, Put pressure on, Quagmire, Quicksand, Ram, Ram down, Refine, Rend, Rend from, Render, Repression, Resistance, Restraint, Restriction, Retardation, Retardment, Rip, Rip from, Scrape, Screw, Setback, Shake, Shake down, Shut off, Shut out, Shut tight, Slough, Snatch from, Soak, Solidify, Spoil, Spoils, Spoils of office, Spot, Squab, Squash, Squeak by, Squeak through, Squeeze shut, Squeezing, Squish, Stealings, Steep, Stew, Sticky wicket, Stifle, Stolen goods, Stop up, Strain the sense, Strait, Straits, Strangle, Stranglehold, Strangulate, Stricture, Stuff, Suffocate, Suppression, Swag, Swamp, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Take, Tear, Tear from, Tight spot, Tight squeeze, Tighten, Tightening, Tightrope, Till, Torture, Tricky spot, Tweak, Twist the words, Unholy mess, Urge, Wad up, Wedge, Wrench, Wrench from, Wrest, Wring, Wring from, Wring out, Compress, Press, Crush, Squash, Pinch, Nip, Grasp, Grip, Clutch, Flatten, Knead, Girlfriend, Girl, Partner, Significant other, Crowd, Crush, Cram, Pack, Jam, Squash, Wedge oneself, Shove, Push, Jostle, Force ones way, Thrust, Press, Pinch, Nip

How to use Squeeze in a sentence?

  1. Angels skipper Mike Scioscia put on a squeeze play, with the slothlike Molina advancing down the third base line like a wandering buffalo.
  2. The term squeeze can be used to describe several situations that involve some sort of market pressure.
  3. A governor who wants to squeeze as much money out of taxpayers as he can.
  4. A gentle squeeze of the trigger.
  5. Kate squeezed his hand affectionately.
  6. Industry faced higher costs and a squeeze on profits.
  7. Squeeze situations are often accompanied by feedback loops that can make a bad situation worse.
  8. Sarah squeezed in beside her.
  9. Profit squeezes, credit squeezes, and short squeezes are all examples of when a market pressure accelerates or intensifies a financial situation.

Meaning of Squeeze & Squeeze Definition