How to Design Logo?

No matter, it’s a startup or a large scale business, having an eye-catching logo is a foremost requirement for all. It builds a strong brand identity and helps to grab the customer’s attention.

Who needs Logo?

Any brand starting up the business needs recognition in the market, then the custom logo is the best option that can be preferred. A well-designed and creative logo differentiates you from others. It will also help in beating your competitors. In this generation, it’s really tougher to shine out than others but one alluring logo can do it.

The proper utilisation of various design elements let you make outstanding logos. It includes colors, fonts, shapes, lines, and a lot more. The designer should have knowledge of how to use it wisely. It will surely give the perfect and best business logo design. However, if you make a blunder while making a logo then it will directly affect your brand.

Therefore, following some rules while making logos is essential. So, let’s discuss some of the crucial rules.

01. Have some research

Research is the base of any process and it leads you towards the expected outcomes. Designers must have a thorough research of the market and what others are doing before starting the process.

The primary objective of the logo is to be different from others and that is only possible if you have made research. You will get to know about what extra things make you ahead of others. You must present something which nobody has ever seen that will let you grab the user’s attention.

02. Scalable logo

Another very important rule that designers should follow. The scalable logo is the basic need these days. You may never know where your business logo design can be used in which device or in which size.

It can be used as the social media icon, website logo, business card, letterhead, and much more, and everywhere the size can be different. In any case, your custom logo should not lose its originality. The attractiveness must remain the same everywhere.

Specifically, when it comes to marketing purposes, the business logo design can be used in many places. Hence, do follow this point and make it scalable.

03. Proper use of design elements

The attractiveness of the logo is much more dependent on how you have used the design elements. Expert designers know how to make the best use of it and make the logo appealing.

One of the foremost would be color as it’s a highly observed element in the design. It must be suitable as per the personality of the brand. Before using any, make sure you know the meaning behind each color. The clever use of it makes the design even more alluring. Sometimes, you should not use bright colors that are hard on the eyes.

Another crucial design element is the font. You should not include more than two fonts in the custom logo. One would be primary and the second is secondary font. Even those fonts must be from the same category so that the contrast gives your logo an aesthetic look.

Thus, make sure you choose the most appropriate design elements and use them very carefully in the logo.

04. Keep it simple

One of the key rules that designers should follow is that the design should be simple. The complex design only confuses the user not being able to attract the users.

This simple logo would be best if you want to recognize it for a longer time. The human mind can recall simple logos more easily than the complex one. Therefore, it’s recommendable to follow simplicity while designing the logo.

05. Proper design style

One of the foremost requirements is to choose a suitable design style for the professional logo design. There are multiple logo styles available and selecting one from them is a challenge for sure.

Your business logo design can be a combination of letter marks and symbols or just a one only. It completely depends on the brand what type of logo would suit them the most. You can take an example of the Paytm logo as a combination of the things, as it has brand name and symbols in it. Hence, make sure to choose the correct design style for the professional logo design.


Well, as the logo is the most important part of the business then nobody wants to compromise with it. Every brand invests a lot of money on it. That’s why it’s also necessary to follow some rules while designing the logo. The above-mentioned points clearly define what should be followed by the designer to get the best design.

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