Online Business Ideas in the UK

The coronavirus pandemic led to strict lockdowns being imposed in several countries which crippled many offline businesses. People who were customers for these businesses were compelled to stay indoors, and even the business owners found it hard to meet their fixed expense as cash inflow was restricted due to no sales. It led to many temporary furloughs, job losses, people working on pay cuts, etc.

Businesses that Start with Low Investments

People are still sitting at home, but they can still earn money with minimal investment by starting a small online business. All they need is a desktop and a stable internet connection.

Even if the initial investment is large then, fortunately, people have the option of applying for fast loans with no guarantor but with a direct lender. These are unsecured loans for which you neither have to pledge any security as collateral against the loan and nor you would have to produce a guarantor to represent you.

These loans have an instant approval or rejection decision with the loan amount being credited to the borrower’s account on the same day it is approved.

Best Online Business Ideas for 2021

This blog will give some innovative business ideas for starting a business online as it is an easy and convenient way to make money by sitting at home. Let’s look at some of these ideas, here it goes:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the new trend that has transformed how brands used to approach marketing. It can be considered as influencer marketing as well where businesses collaborate with social media influencers to increase traffic on their website by advertising their products and services.

In this way, you will receive a commission from the brands you will endorse on your social media account. The initial cost of starting is pretty less, and the upside is you can make a whole lot of money from it.

App Development

If you have a background in coding and app development, then the best way to make money by sitting at home is to create apps for different clients and companies. Businesses will pay you heavily if you have a dedicated history in app development apart from the necessary skills needed to create a killer application.

According to a study, close to 25% of the iOS app developer make around £3,000 per day once your previous apps have a decent number of downloads. You would also have to do the marketing of the app you designed to prompt users to download and use it.

After a successful initial trial and testing of the app, you can further add paid features and subscriptions to make even more money from it. If you need some infrastructure or software license for app development, then you can approach a direct lender online for fast loans.

YouTube Channel

You must have seen the rise of YouTube culture and famous YouTubers having millions of subscribers making big money. Brands pay an enormous amount of money for the advertisement of their products between videos. If your videos are amazing, then you can earn good money from advertisement revenues.

You can start your own YouTube channel to post videos about stuff you actually enjoy doing be it singing, traveling, playing and teaching guitar, scientific, gaming videos or anything that fascinates you.

But, to make money out of it, firstly identify your niche or the subject on which you will post videos and then stick to it.

Market Research

If you can devote some hours to spotting trends that are shaping different industries and analyzing changing consumer mindsets, then becoming a freelance research analyst is your go-to job. Businesses are in desperate need to market research professionals to understand their target group, their competitors, trends and technologies, sentiment analysis.

You would have to browse the internet to find relevant information for your clients for them to make better business decisions. To provide better insights to your clients, you will have to mention numbers and statistics with graphs and reports to back your recommendations.

Stock Trading

If you have a background in finance with some knowledge of stock markets, then you can start following news and markets to trade shares of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. You can make a ■■■■ of lot of money if you identify the right companies at the right price and invest your savings in them.

To start stock trading, as a prerequisite, you should have some liquid savings which will act as your trading capital. You will also have to open a Demat/Trading Account with a registered broker to start your investment/trading journey.

You will make money through two ways in trading: first is through the company paying the dividend to its shareholders and second is through appreciation in stock price which you bought.

The only aim should be to buy low and sell high to make profits from the price difference. One word of caution here is that you need to constantly follow the market and look for news of companies that are in your portfolio.

Freelance Financial Advisor

Working professionals in the UK are often bewildered about which asset to invest their surplus funds. This is where a financial advisor comes into the picture to inform their clients about the pros and cons of investing in different asset classes.

You should have a background in finance with some years of working as a financial advisor to come across as a credible advisor in front of your clients. You can charge money on an hourly basis from your clients and inform them about different investment ideas over a video call session.

You will have to assess their risk appetite and accordingly recommend asset classes for them to invest in. A freelance financial advisor is an excellent profession in the future, especially in the UK.

SEO Consultant

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a phenomenon used in web content for the content to appear on the top of the search results page. Content is the king, but it is nothing without proper SEO, and thus SEO is the undisputed queen.

As an SEO consultant, you are expected to do proper research about the keywords which are used by customers while searching for anything online. Businesses will collaborate with you to get those keywords for their blogs to appear on the top to get maximum traffic on their website.

And, SEO is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect for businesses to grow and sell to more and more customers on a global level.