How to Improve Your Branding On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Anyone planning to start a digital business or interested in growing their business can benefit from the social media app.

To succeed in the world of social media, businesses need to gain new followers, boost engagement, and go viral. As Instagram provides the best opportunity for businesses, it is crucial to improve your branding on the social media giant.

When you compare the two SMM platforms, you will realize that Instagram offers more opportunities in terms of organic marketing reach, user engagement, and return on investment.

The following tips will prove useful to help you improve branding on Instagram and get more from the platform:

1. Focus on Visuals

Visuals are everything. The importance of utilizing visuals cannot be stressed enough. As humans prefer visuals over text-based content, you must focus on producing visual content for your Instagram account. It will pay back in dividends.

To create visuals that enable users to recognize your brand instantly, you need to consider the following.

  • Post consistent visual in terms of quality and style.
  • Select a color scheme that resonates with your brand and stick to it as much as possible.
  • If using filters, only use similar ones to boost consistency.
  • Never overcrowd captions or images with text.

Once you start to post visuals in accordance with the above, your brand will generate more traffic and gain new followers in no time.

Nike is the perfect example of a brand that has mastered the art of posting visuals. It is one of the most followed brands on Instagram. You can take a page from its book.

2. Work with a Professional

There is more to branding on Instagram than just posting visuals. To ensure that you establish the perfect online presence, you should consider working with a professional.

If you have the budget, you should employ a social media manager who is experienced in photography or design.

Investing in your Instagram profile early on will pay back in the long run. It will enable you to convert your followers into customers. On the other hand, you can even outsource the work to a digital marketing firm for the best results. Besides, it is more cost-effective.

Now, if you already employ a marketing expert, you could take things to the next level by hiring a photographer to capture amazing content.

3. Get More from Your Visuals

Brands commonly share similar posts on all their social accounts. To get more out of your posts, you should adapt the content for the platform and audience. This is why images are the best option, as they are universal.

Amazing images help bridge the gap between different networks. This means that you get more done with the same picture. Make sure to optimize each image for the platform.

If you are new to Instagram but already have a presence on other platforms, you can simply repurpose pictures on those platforms to jump-start campaigns.

4. Post Hashtags

A common mistake that companies make is not posting hashtags with their content. Hashtags are just as effective on Instagram as they are on Twitter. By including relevant hashtags on your posts, you get to expand your reach.

By placing hashtags, you help people discover your brand. Thirty is the maximum number of hashtags you can include. However, never add that many hashtags. Stick to five to ten hashtags on Instagram. It will work wonders to help improve your branding.

When you post hashtags, you get to generate new followers and increase engagement. You can even encourage customers to post about your products using a brand-specific hashtag.

5. Partner Up For the Greater Good

People love brands that work for a good cause. They stand by such brands. If you want to maximize your reach on Instagram and enforce a positive brand image on the platform, you need to work with Instagram accounts that are working for the greater good.

Being social is just not enough as you also need to be socially responsible by connecting with companies that are working on a social cause. When you work for the good, you attract more attention.

To get people to prefer your brand over others, you need to be socially responsible. You could even donate a certain percentage of the profits with a charitable brand on Instagram. It will help you reach new heights.

6. Be Inspirational and Entertaining

To keep people following your brand on Instagram, you have to be inspirational and entertaining. That is how you will encourage people to re-share your content. The fact is that people want to follow a brand that posts content that is good to look at.

There is no need to post content with a sales pitch every time. You can post some entertaining and inspirational images from time to time to stay relevant. You could invest in producing inspirational content that is worth talking about.

7. Work with Influencers

Instagram is the playground of influencers. It is where Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Chiara Ferragni have made their fortune.

Each industry has influencers on Instagram. This is why you need to learn more about the influencers in your industry and work with them.

When you work with influencers, you get to create content that is capable of going viral. Besides, you can cross-pollinate from their online presence.

If you watched Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5 on Netflix, you must have picked up on the power of social media influencers. Hence, it is about time that you worked hired an influencer for Instagram.

Improve Your Branding on Instagram

Once you have gone over our post, you will know the best tips to improve your branding on Instagram. Growing your presence could not be easier. However, you must dedicate your time to Instagram as it is the next best thing.

To beat the biggest brands, you cannot afford to overlook Instagram. It can act as a powerful ally for catapulting your business to new heights. Statistics show that Instagram is faring better than Facebook as people switch to the platform.

Many companies are marketing on Instagram alone and have managed to find great success. There is no reason for you not to give capitalize on the tips mentioned above.