Myshopify is a domain for e-commerce websites. The fastest growing online selling platform “Shopify” owns “” as an extension for the stores. When anyone creates an online store or website with this e-commerce site then initially your store name will appear as “store name". Here you can create your store name with this domain. If you want to change the domain, you have to pay for it.


:heavy_check_mark:What is Shopify?

  1. It is a software used for online businesses such as selling, retailer, wholesaler, dropshipping business, shopping, etc.

  2. It gives Myshopify as a domain in a strat of your journey with the platform, then you buy a domain.

  3. It has an online shopping cart solution for the purpose of allowing customers to sell, manage, and ship goods.

  4. The organization offers valuable customer services that are easy and simple to access. There are visible solutions for every step you would require to use the service in the most effective manner. Like easy to store data of buyers or data of orders or items and etc.

  5. The platform offers professional design with easy-to-go options. You can sell all kinds of goods. They allow you to get access to your potential buyer without any long and complicated procedures like a credit card, high-level skills, etc.

  6. It is not just easy to start an opportunity but also provides the best and attractive themes to design stores. It has huge offers with very low pricing plans. The minimum plan cost is 29$ for 1 month.

  7. It allows you to take advantage of all the services the site is offering you to lift up your store. In short, it handles every matter of selling like payments, shipment, marketing, etc.

:heavy_check_mark:How Does Shopify Work?

  • Shopify organization works with all the enthusiasm that is why the platform is calling you to join and enjoy the free trial and take the full advantage.

  • Open your online store with the extension Myshopify under the platform of the largest e-commerce website. All you need is to post any product you want to sell. Take full advantage of these straightforward features. All you have to do is sign up and upload your goods.

  • When you are finally done with all the settings and ready to launch your venture, the website takes all the responsibilities to ensure a high-quality connection between you and the buyer.

  • It helps you in every way to manage each and everything. That is why its services include all the areas that make you and your customer’s experience best. Shopify services also have drop-shipping offers.

  • Once the buyer places an order then everything will be done very smoothly, without any hassle. It manages data, provides dropshipping, clear payments on time.

  • Apart from selling, it also offers you the dropshipping business. Now you need to deal with the product manufacturer and then take part in completing the process.

  • Platform is very flexible with price plans. It is the most convenient e-commerce offer for any unskilled or newbie businessman. If you are new to the field and searching for the most appropriate place to start then this is one of the best.

  • Your selection of plans will decide the offer bundles you are going to enjoy. Because it works accordingly.

:heavy_check_mark:How to create a Shopify online store?

You can access your online store by following these steps:

  1. Sign up with your preferred email.
  2. Set all the general settings options.
  3. Create key pages (example: contact details, etc).
  4. Design the store with readymade themes.
  5. Get the product for sale.
  6. Choose payment options.
  7. Ready to launch it.
  8. Sell your product.
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:heavy_check_mark:Shopify account general settings:

Here is the step by step guide for shop setting.

1. Product details:

List out the items so that the visitor can easily buy them. Fulfill all the customer needs to make him confident about the product. Offering a return policy will make a consumer more comfortable and confident in his decision. Highlight all the necessary details that make your items unique such as their benefits, raw material, etc. Allow them to ask questions they want to ask. Insert detailed charts for the buyer’s comfort. Price the product in parts like the cost of shipping, manufacturing, etc.

SKU is a stock keeping unit for managing the inventory of products.
Bar code used when you resell the item.
Quantity: To define the number of goods.

2. Exception (variant):

This option is for those owners who are selling an item which has different colors or size. By using this feature you can give specifications of each variety including pictures. Then set up other relevant pages like shipping, pricing, media, inventory, etc. If the item has no variety then you can leave the option.

3. Available products (organization and product availability):

You can add all the purchase-related information. Include price tags, catalogs, and other specifications. Set all options like product availability, type, vendor, keywords (tags), collections for organizing the product category. Give an important focus on page title keywords, descriptions, simple URL.

4. Key page settings:

It is important to create information pages and make it easy for the visitor to trust you. List of key pages include:

  • Contact page for FAQ purposes.
  • About the page to let the visitor understand your business.
  • Create a policy page including return policy, privacy policy, shipping policy, terms and services page.

5. Design your homepage:

This page is for the purpose of including all the details about the business and how to apply. Give special importance to new visitors.

:heavy_check_mark:Is Shopify good for beginners?

  1. There are so many reasons that prove that Shopify is good for beginners or for those who are new in E-commerce industry. You must at least plan to try 14 days of free trials to explore wonderful options and opportunities.

  2. The number one reason is that the platform pricing plan is newbie-friendly. It has all those facilities that are useful for the person who is planning to start some venture on his own. Like the number one factor is, it is cost-friendly so you don’t need to worry about financial risk.

  3. Ready-to-use basic features are available that are important for running a new project. It gives you the opportunity to promote your store plus no shipment experience needed.

  4. Simply join the website, set up your store, design it in a way you want to design, set product details professionally, and build and grow your business.

  5. Once the sales data reaches your desired level then you can upgrade the business with the help of other useful tools. Now with time get experience and increase your sales.

:heavy_check_mark:Shopify vs Other e-commerce platforms:

  1. Opencart
  2. Amazon
  3. Magento
  4. Woocommerce
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:heavy_check_mark:How to start a dropshipping business with Shopify?

Is drop-shipping on Shopify worth it? Low-cost startup is a good option for a beginner or for a person who does not wants to take financial challenges.

  1. Develop a dropshipping site with Shopify. These are the steps you need to follow to start the dropshipping journey.
  • Signed up and made an account
  • Get Myshopify or the purchased domain
  • Choose wholesaler products you want to deliver in your service
  • Set the payment gateways
  • Search for other related dropshipping apps
  • Start your journey
  1. The Drop Shipping business plan starts from 29 dollars. But if you are a beginner in the field then you should go for a 14-day trial which is completely free.

  2. The best part of this startup is, you don’t need to worry about the product manufacturing cost, startup plan, business setup. Since this is the matter of the manufacturer. You need to select the product and then deal with the product suppliers. It would be a good profitable business.

:heavy_check_mark:Items you can sell on Shopify:

There is a long list of items you can sell to potential customers very easily.

  1. Electrical products
  2. Digital items
  3. All kinds of appointments
  4. You can offer memberships
  5. Lectures
  6. Courses or lessons
  7. Occasion tickets
  8. Digital cards

:heavy_check_mark:How do I get paid on Shopify?

How often do you get paid from Shopify?

  1. The platform makes your payments clear in 3 to 7 days. The number of days depends on the country, as it takes 7 business days for the UK and 3 business days in the US.

  2. Once your order has done, there will be your payment details at the Shopify admin panel. Make sure that you have provided the correct bank details on the payment provider page.

  3. When the buyer pays you for the item he purchased, the panel will clear your checkouts. Make sure that you have enabled the payment option.

  4. Complete the necessary requirements for the payment. Like, Payment account, location, and currency. But still, if the amount does not transfer, that means it is on hold. In Pakistan, check other gateways for payment.

:heavy_check_mark:Shopify pricing:

How much does Shopify cost? Is the Shopify store free? Shopify pricing in Australia or the UK? Here is the pricing plan chart:

Pricing offers: Costs: Transaction fee:
Basic: 29 dollars/month 2.9%
Shopify: 79 dollars/month 2.6%
Advance: 299 dollars/month 2.4%
Plus pricing plan: 2000 dollars/month
  • Shopify Pricing in South Africa:

Cost per month: 29 dollars and the transaction fee is about 2 % of the total amount.

  • Shopify pricing India:

In India, the pricing starts at 750 RS to 9,560 RS per month. The number of offers depends on the amount you have paid. More amount means you can sell unlimited items without any transaction fee.

  • Shopify wholesale pricing:

Wholesalers do business to business (B2B) selling. The platform offers its customers to start the venture from 20 dollars per month.

  • Shopify website design pricing:

Agencies are providing their services from 500 dollars to 2000 dollars. Website design depends on payment. For 500-1000 dollars, you will get the basic website structure. But for 2000 dollars the services included whole store designing.

  • Shopify Enterprise Pricing:

The plan offers:

  1. Complete bundle of tools
  2. So many additional features
  3. The offers begins from 2000 dollars
  • Shopify fulfillment pricing

The cost for the single item you are selling will be 0.99 dollars. Plans for the professional deal cost 39.9 dollars.

Frequently asked questions:

Myshoify owners have so many queries. Answer all the queries given below:

1. Are Shopify stores legit?

An e-commerce store is legit if it has the following features:

  1. If it looks professional.
  2. If the seller gave a feedback option to the customers.
  3. Google shows secure browsing.
  4. Look at Myshopify or another trusted domain.
  5. The owner of the store mentioned the contact details page.

2. What is the cheapest e-commerce platform?

There are so many online platforms that offer affordable pricing plans to the user. The list of these cheapest and best online shopping sites are:

  2. Bigcommerce
  4. Weebly

3. How do you start a career in e-commerce?

  1. Plan the investment you have.
  2. Give time to quality research for the demanding product you want to sell
  3. Launch or buy a website
  4. Promote your store
  5. Get visitors
  6. Enjoy selling

4. Is Shopify safe for online shopping?

Yes, you can count on it for online shopping.
The software is safe for shopping and for selling as well. It is owned by genuine people and offers wonderful services one might need.

5. What are e-commerce platforms?

These are the software-based market that allow:

  1. Online business/store.
  2. Selling.
  3. Manage your online setup.
  4. Market your project.

6. What are the 3 types of e-commerce?

Types of e-commerce:

B2C:This is business to business

B2B: means business to business

C2B: means consumer to business

B2G: business to government

C2C: this is from consumer to consumer

Here, C= consumer, G= government, B= business

7. How can you get a refund from fake/scam e-commerce stores on Shopify?

Warning signs that the store is a scam:

  1. No authentic domain.
  2. If there is a lack of a proper guide.
  3. Check reviews.


Here you get the answer on how to make money online in 2021. site is giving us a huge opportunity to start and grow the store. Once you are logged in and done with the set up then the Ecommerce Website will provide you with the Myshopify domain. But after payment, the site allows for so many extra options to take your venture to the next level. So grab the opportunity and start selling your goods.

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