Online shopping

Online shopping,

Definition of Online shopping:

  1. The process or activity of purchasing goods or services on the Internet.

  2. Buy a product or service on the Internet. The popularity of online shopping has grown in recent years, mainly because it makes it easier and more convenient for people to negotiate a purchase from the comfort of their own homes or offices. One of the most appealing things about online shopping, especially during the holiday season, is that you don't have to wait or search from one store to another.

How to use Online shopping in a sentence?

  1. After getting used to online shopping, Lena found many packages in mail and many credit card bills.
  2. Online shopping has revolutionized the business world, offering everything you want with a single click of the mouse.
  3. Local retailers are trying to increase their presence by selling products through online shopping to better compete with Amazon.
  4. Broadband makes online shopping easier.

Meaning of Online shopping & Online shopping Definition