Definition of Shop:

  1. Visit one or more stores or websites to purchase products.

  2. Edit digitally (photography photo) with Photoshop photo editing software.

  3. Report (to someone)

  4. The building or part of a building where products or services are sold in a store.

  5. Workshop is the place where products are made or repaired.

  6. A building or place where there is a central or only retail business activity or where people can deliver goods for repairs or other maintenance.

Synonyms of Shop

Workroom, Parlor, Workhouse, Go to the shops, Office, Outlet, Country store, Industrial unit, Foundry, Betray, Working space, Chancellery, House, Salon, Loft, General store, Buy what one needs, Company, Chain store, Atelier, Buy things, Reseller, Studio, Wholesale house, Wareroom, Firm, Retail store, Break faith with, Be disloyal to, Cooperative, Snitch on, Booking office, Agency, Workroom, Worktable, Cabinet, Countinghouse, Discount store, Works, Workplace, Embassy, Ticket office, Butcher shop, Installation, Branch, Variety store, Factory, Five-and-ten, Post, Den, Look for, Box office, Go marketing, Garage, Go shopping, Boutique, Buy what one wants, Tell tales on, Outlet, Work space, Home office, Business unit, Concession, Closet, Consulate, Sweatshop, Plant, Bench, Co-op, Do the shopping, Concern, Trading post, Supermarket, Main office, Emporium, Inform against, Work site, Beauty shop, Workbench, Market, Be unfaithful to, Go shopping, Buy, Store, Inform on, Magasin, Seek, Workshop, Corporation, Mill, Cash and carry, Atelier, Sell out, Stab in the back, Studio, Inform against, Organization, Corporate headquarters, Dime store, Discount house, Betray, Headquarters, Branch office, Inform on, Executive office, Retail store, Department store, Warehouse, Barbershop, Showroom, Mart, Research, Institution, Browse, Beauty parlor, Manufacturing complex, Break ones promise to, Purchase, Establishment, Legation, Workshop, Facility, Study, Store, Chancery, Window-shop, Yard, Variety shop, Retail outlet, Desk, Mail-order house, Chambers

How to use Shop in a sentence?

  1. Card shop.
  2. Car Repair Shop
  3. He goes shopping twice a week.

Meaning of Shop & Shop Definition

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