Definition of Store:

  1. Reserve supply of inventory items. See also stores.

Synonyms of Store

Indian reservation, Acceptation, Acception, Accommodate, Accumulate, Accumulation, Acquiescence, Afford, Aggregate, Amass, Archives, Armory, Arsenal, Assemble, Assurance, Assuredness, Attic, Backlog, Bag, Bank, Bank on, Barrel, Basement, Bay, Belief, Believe in, Bestow, Bin, Bird sanctuary, Bonded warehouse, Bookcase, Bosom, Bottle, Bottle up, Bought, Boughten, Boutique, Box, Bundle away, Bunker, Burden, Bury, Buttery, Cache, Can, Canned foods, Capital gains, Cargo dock, Cellar, Certainty, Chain store, Chest, Cleanup, Clear profit, Closet, Clothe, Co-op, Coffer, Collect, Collection, Commissariat, Commissary, Concession, Confidence, Conservatory, Contribute, Cooperative, Count on, Countinghouse, Country store, Crate, Credence, Credit, Credulity, Crib, Cumulate, Cupboard, Dehydrated foods, Delay, Department store, Depend on, Dependence, Deposit, Depository, Depot, Dime store, Discount house, Discount store, Dividends, Dock, Donate, Drawer, Dump, Earnings, Embosom, Emporium, Endow, Establishment, Exchequer, Faith, File, File and forget, Fill, Fill up, Filthy lucre, Find, Five-and-ten, Food supply, Forest preserve, Freight, Fresh foods, Frozen foods, Fund, Furnish, Gain, Gains, Game reserve, General store, Get, Gettings, Give, Gleanings, Glory hole, Godown, Groceries, Grocery, Gross, Gross profit, Heap, Heap up, Hide away, Hoard, Hold, Hope, House, Hutch, Income, Interest, Inventory, Invest, Keep, Keep hidden, Keep secret, Killing, Lade, Larder, Lay aside, Lay away, Lay by, Lay down, Lay in, Lay in store, Library, Load, Lock up, Locker, Lodge, Lucre, Lumber room, Lumberyard, Magasin, Magazine, Mail-order house, Maintain, Make available, Make provision for, Makings, Market, Mart, Mass, Material resources, Materials, Materiel, Museum, National forest, National park, Neat profit, Nest, Net, Net profit, Outlet, Pack, Pack away, Paper profits, Paradise, Park, Pelf, Percentage, Perk, Perks, Perquisite, Pickings, Pigeonhole, Pile, Pile up, Plant, Pocket, Post, Postpone, Prepare, Present, Preserve, Proceeds, Process, Procure materials, Profit, Profits, Provender, Provide, Provide for, Provisions, Push aside, Put aside, Put away, Put by, Put in mothballs, Rack, Rake-off, Raw material, Ready-made, Ready-to-wear, Receipts, Reception, Recruit, Reliance, Reliance on, Rely on, Repertory, Replenish, Reposit, Repository, Reservation, Reserve, Reservoir, Retail store, Retailer, Return, Returns, Rick, Sack, Salon, Salt away, Salt down, Sanctuary, Seal up, Secrete, Set aside, Set by, Shelf, Shelve, Ship, Shop, Sideline, Stack, Stack room, Staple, Stash, State forest, Stock, Stock room, Stock up, Stockpile, Storage, Store away, Store-bought, Storehouse, Storeroom, Stores, Stow, Stow away, Stow down, Stuff, Subsidize, Substances, Supermarket, Supplies, Supply, Supply base, Supply depot, Support, Sureness, Surety, Suspension of disbelief, Table, Table the motion, Take, Take-in, Tank, Trading post, Treasure house, Treasure room, Treasury, Trust, Trust in, Utilize, Value, Variety shop, Variety store, Vat, Vault, Warehouse, Wareroom, Wealth, Wholesale house, Wilderness preserve, Wildlife preserve, Wine cellar, Winnings, Yield

How to use Store in a sentence?

  1. I saw him at the store the other day, but did not have enough courage to walk up to him and tell him I saw him on t.v.
  2. Sometimes it may be best to store a product or resource for awhile to put it out at a later date when it may have more value.
  3. Fortunately the business partner was able to access the store of reserves had had been accumulating so that saved our business.

Meaning of Store & Store Definition