Definition of Shopping:

  1. The action or activity of purchasing goods from stores.

  2. The process of browsing and/or purchasing items in exchange for money. Francis loves to go shopping the day after Christmas because she knows she will be able to find a lot of merchandise on sale..

Synonyms of Shopping

Acquisition, Investment, Buy, Order, Deal, Bargain, Property, Asset, Possession, Holding, Buy, Buying, Buying power, Buying up, Catalog buying, Coemption, Consumer power, Consumer sovereignty, Consumerism, Cornering, Emption, Hire purchase, Impulse buying, Installment buying, Mail-order buying, Marketing, Money illusion, Purchase, Purchasing, Purchasing power, Rebuying, Repurchase, Shopping spree, Window-shopping

How to use Shopping in a sentence?

  1. Shopping is so exhausting—all those decisions!.
  2. Shopping has become an American hobby instead of a necessity for material possessions due to social pressure to conform to the expected ideals of brain washed masses.
  3. Hank needed new shoes to replace his old ones, so he went shopping with his friend Nathan, who knew where to get the best prices.
  4. The consumer engaged in shopping during their leisure time which ensure the malls existence would be for a long time.

Meaning of Shopping & Shopping Definition

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