Definition of Optimization:

  1. Finding alternatives with the highest possible rate of return or the most favorable conditions, maximizing the factors you want and minimizing the factors that you minimize. In contrast, maximum means trying to get maximum or maximum yield, regardless of cost and cost. Correction procedures are limited due to a lack of complete information and a lack of time to evaluate available information (see Limited Fact for more details). In computer simulation of business problems, operational research is usually optimized using linear programming techniques. See also satisfying.

  2. The process of making the best or most efficient use of a situation or resource.

How to use Optimization in a sentence?

  1. Gabrielle has decided to take his computer to a local electronics store for diagnostics and has suggested that the best-selling anti-virus software be used to improve the system.
  2. By making sure that you always do your best, you can achieve the best and lasting results with this optimization.
  3. The team got a lot of changes from their third base line, when they completed more than 40 home runs and guided more than 100 hitters.
  4. Companies are interested in improving their business.

Meaning of Optimization & Optimization Definition