How to Start a Blog and Choose Web Hosting and Domain?

# How to Start Blogging in 2020

If you have an interest and passion for writing, then you must start writing on the internet. People are earning money by conveying their ideas and perceptions to the public all over the world. There is a specific way to do it and it is widely known as blogging. You can create your own blog by simply following some steps and without being an expert in web development.

There are tons of templates available nowadays that you can utilize to set up your blog and start writing blog articles. The very famous way to start is through the It is a platform, by which you can create your website as per your specific requirement. All you have to do is select your desired theme and start writing. Although, it has some learning curve to get used to the system, eventually, you will get the grip soon.

For many, it is a perfect side hustle by working part time. It is more like a personal thing from which you can earn money through traffic. Here are some of the steps that you must follow to start your journey of blogging:

## Niche selection is the foundation

Niche selection is a very critical and important step towards the successful start of a blog. It is the foundation upon which you are about to build up your content and eventually your audience. You need to select that type of niche which is interesting and exciting for you personally. You should have the passion for it and you need to be more curious to know further about it. Secondly, that niche should have an ample scope to build an audience around. You also need to determine the potential competitors of that niche and also analyze the work of people who had successfully built an audience in the past. The last process is the determination of the potential of the niche to generate money.

## Selection the Platform is vital

Choosing the correct blogging platform is another factor that determines the success of your blog. Again, it has to be selected at the start and describes how you are going to manage your blog. You need to analyze different features of the platform to decide whether they add value to your blog or not. There are mainly two options for you to choose from; the hosted and self-hosted platforms. Hosted platforms are for the new bloggers having all the features automated for you. The self-hosted platforms are actually the self-management platform where you have to manage the domain and hosting services by yourself.

## A catchy domain name is tend to get viral

Domain name is actually the brand name or the identity of your blog. It is the address of the blog that people will be using to reach out to your blog. Therefore, it has to be simple and easy to remember. Along with the simplicity, it has to be catchy and unique so as to differentiate it from the other blogs. Appropriate TLD or top level domain is also an important factor that will influence the overall address of your blog. Register your domain with a professional web hosting and domain registration firm. Opt for ServerSea Hosting domain registration.

## Get a Hosting service for your blog

Hosting service is actually the renting service that you are going to get in exchange of payment for a certain period. The hosting service has to be reliable enough to provide a smooth running experience for the audience. You cannot afford to go down while your audience is trying to reach your content. It gives a really bad impression on the audience and they will never go back to your site nor will they share your content. Word of mouth is very important, and hosting service plays a vital role in this regard. All the functionality is dependent upon a good hosting service. If your hosting service is not good enough to match with the functionality of your blog, then it is quite useless to have such functionalities. You can also save some money as some providers offer the free domain name along with their hosting service. You need to choose such a hosting service that has a reputation in the market. Here are some of the best hosting service providers that you can choose from:

  • Host Gator: Many of the new bloggers go for the host gator as they are easy to understand and they offer the most affordable and flexible prices.
  • ServerSea Web Hosting: It has servers in the US and offers quality web hosting at affordable rates.
  • Blue Host: If you have chosen the WordPress as your platform, then this Blue Host is the best hosting service for you. They provide tons of features along with the hosting.
  • In Motion: It is also a very strong contender for the hosting service. It is considered as the most value for money hosting service. They provide the 24 hour support like the other top hosting providers.
  • Go daddy: Although, it is the best and quite famous for the domain name but they are also getting attention for the hosting services as well. They have best auxiliary features for the bloggers.
  • Site Ground: This hosting is especially for the new bloggers as they offer incomparable packages for the newcomers.

Content creation is the key

You should remember that the key is the content and you should not ignore its importance by focusing on the other features of the blog. It has to provide value to the reader otherwise it will be a mere reading drill for the audience. You need to be consistent with your articles and cover all the topics to satisfy the reader. Your content should have the power to develop the reader’s interest.

You need to draw a fine line between facts and opinions. You can quote other famous people but you need to make sure that they are quoted correctly and have the perfect relevance to your topic. Blogging has changed the way content creators communicate with the world. It has provided an opportunity for the new thinkers to come up with the ideas to help this world and add value to the lifestyle of their readers.