How To Design A Website?

How to design a website? For designing a website set your goals and objectives. It is also important to hire a professional designer to make your website successful and attractive.

How to design a website

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Skills to design a website

The following skills will help you to design a website, an expert knows well:

:one: Graphic Design

Those people who have graphic designing skills can create visual elements on their websites. All in all, a website needs color images and some creativity.
You need to contact an expert to make your website perfect using Graphic Designing.

:two: Content Creation

Content Curation Tools is the major tool that shows the creation of your website and how you are working. It includes content, videos, images, and infographic. Development of SEO in your website must. If you don’t have any skills then contact a professional.

:three:Platform-Specific Development

After designing your content, the creator of your website will translate the files with codes and make them able to read for you. Also, you need to contact a person who has experience in coding your files. Also, make sure that your website is designed in such a way that is easily available on mobile devices.

:four: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is highly important for your website, make your website SEO friendly if you don’t have any idea then contact experts. Make your team in touch with
skilled person, so nothing goes wrong.


How to design a website? For creating a website all things must be planned like design, content and logo, and all the tools which you need to put in your website. It is not easy to do all you need to look around and find the best organization that has extraordinary skills to design a website that is perfect in all areas.

Main Parts of a Website

A website is designed in such a way that it must be attention-grabbing and all the tools must be available and it should be easy to use. Here are the main parts of the website:

1.Home Page

The homepage is the main page or the first page of the website positioned at the main website URL. The goal of the homepage is to welcome customers or visitors.
Provide clarity about your product, service and guide visitors.

Home Page provides all information depending on your product. Your homepage must be a smart choice like having an SEO strategy. A homepage is not only the front page is must be attractive and touch your goals

2. Slider

A slider is available on the homepage, for changing the content area with slides. It consists of images and text buttons. Sliders are the part of websites not from now but from years ago.

3. Header

The header is situated on the top of the site, having a site title, logo, and navigation menu. You can search different websites and check their header how it is designed. It covers the following areas:

:small_orange_diamond:Navigation menu
:small_orange_diamond:Phone number
:small_orange_diamond:Search box
:small_orange_diamond: Social media icons
:small_orange_diamond: Login or My Account link
:small_orange_diamond:Opt-in box

4.Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is also a part of the header which contains some important links which take visitors to some other parts of websites.

5.Primary/Secondary Navigation

It includes both primary and secondary menus. Two separated navigations are used, but it can also have more navigation in it. It can also have important links to the website.
Primary navigation tools include important links, services, and contact information.
Secondary navigation contains, log-in, or Employee Information.

6. Sidebar

The area of the website which is used to provide information is not the main page of the website.
It includes blog posts, social media links, or short information.

7.Call to Action

A call to action is the part of a website that leads visitors to take action. For example, a Shopify website helps visitors to choose products. Some CTA provides guidance.


A consistent area at the bottom of every website. It contains copyright information, a map, a link search box, and several pieces of information.

Things to be finalized before designing a website

:arrow_right: Define your site’s purpose and strategy to design a website

Before designing a website, you need to make a strategy, i.e. make your purpose clear.

  • Know your industry
  • Know your product
  • Know your customers.
    If you want to earn profit then design your website in such a way that hits customer engagement and attention.

:arrow_right: Research the latest web design trends to design a website

For designing a website , it’s better to know the website trends. Research on it and carry on. According to the research, 48% of websites are designed according to the trend. So just gaze out what the competitors are following to create a successful website.

:arrow_right: Choose your platform to design a website

As far as you choose the purpose and completed the research, now it’s time to choose a platform. To design a website people choose DIY platforms, but this step is wrong, despite doing it yourself, seek professionals to design your website and tell them about your website and work.

:arrow_right: Choose a template/theme

Choosing the theme is one of the latest trends because it defines your logo. It depends on the theme and color you select for your website.
Think of the theme and colors and ask the expert to fill it in.

:arrow_right: Design and Publish your website

After completing the research work, design your website, selecting the theme, fonts, and color. So you better know the purpose of the website, and it is time to publish it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions people ask about how to design a website. It

1.How much does it cost to design a website?

Some builders provide cheap rates, some even offer free plans. But a domain of the website costs around $10-15/year.

2.Should I hire a web designer, or do it myself?

Designing a website needs 3 things:

  • Skills
  • Budget
  • Requirements.
    Most people watch DIY videos, but they are not as effective for you, you need a designer if you don’t have any skills.

3.What is the best platform to design a website on?

Shopify is the best platform for e-commerce with different themes and features. Wix is the best website to build small businesses and sell products online.

4.Should I use WordPress or a website builder?

If you have skills and technical skills are available. WordPress is advanced, but for WordPress, you need to know the coding and web hosting. The website builder is simple and beginner-friendly.

5.How can you make money from a website?

By selling products on websites, rich-featured money. E-commerce has a wide range nowadays.

6. How much does a good website cost?

It depends on you what your needs are, for just hosting and domain it costs $10 to $25 per year. But if you have a rich-featured website it can range between $100 to $500.

7. How much should I pay someone to maintain my website?

The monthly website maintenance cost can fall into $ 35 to $5000 per month. It depends on the business and websites so the maintenance is designed.

8. How hard is it to build a website?

It is hard to create a website, you need technical skills. It is difficult for people to make a design. So better call a professional to create a perfect website for you.

9. What are the 3 main parts of a Web page?

To design a website, there are 3 main parts.

  • Content
  • Design
  • Development

10.What is the main page of the website?

The homepage is the main page of the website. It is designed in such a way by experts to attract visitors. Only an expert can design your homepage
with every useful information.

11. How do you find the homepage of a website?

It is placed on the root directory of the website. Most of the server enables the homepage to have one of the different files with several names


How to design a website? For designing a website all things must be planned like design, content and logo and all the tools which you need to put in your website. It is not easy to do all you need to look around and find the best organization that has extraordinary skills to design a website that is perfect in all areas.

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You explained the basics of web designing very well and yes there are many developing platforms available nowadays where a non-tech savvy like myself can create websites by simple drag and drop but still if you are building something for a larger audience and you might need a developer.