Definition of Creativity:

  1. Mental qualities that allow an individual to think outside the box, leading to modern or different points in specific tasks. Attracted by sight. Ames' creativity is a key factor that drives her to a job at a design company.

  2. Use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the creation of works of art.

Synonyms of Creativity

Innovativeness, Individuality, Creativeness, Nonimitation, Uniqueness, Genius, Fire of genius, Fertile mind, Teeming imagination, Creative thought, Freshness, Inventiveness, Newness, Inspiration, Daimonion, Pregnant imagination, Innovation, Inventiveness, Invention, Soul, Daemon, Demon, Authenticity, Innovation, Afflatus, Divine afflatus, Prolificacy, Talent, Originality, Spirit, Novelty, Imaginativeness, Productivity, Muse, Fecundity, Originality, Geist, Ingenuity, Imagination, Fertility

How to use Creativity in a sentence?

  1. Companies want to promote creativity.
  2. The editors of a new fashion magazine are looking for creative employees, which is more difficult than expected.
  3. The creativity of Anis's plan to amass wealth depended on his decision to create a brochure about the massage business in his own hands.
  4. Employees who show enthusiasm, demonstrate strong ethics and creativity in problem solving and planning display some of the skills that managers want.

Meaning of Creativity & Creativity Definition