Market research

Market research,

Definition of Market research:

  1. This type of research can be done internally, by the company itself or by an outsourced company that specializes in market research. This can be done through research, product testing and focus groups. Guinea pigs usually receive product samples and / or small donations for their time.

  2. Market research is the process of determining the performance of a new service or product through direct research with potential customers. Market research allows companies to find target markets and gather feedback and other feedback on their interest in consumer products or services.

  3. A market research component is used to identify a specific market and measure its size and other characteristics. It is also used as an alternative term for market research.

  4. Functions or activities collect information about users' needs and preferences.

Synonyms of Market research

Mail-order selling, Market research, Retailing, Merchandising, Canvass, Hard sell, Survey, Salesmanship, Marketing research, Sales campaign, Consumer preference study, Soft sell, Marketing, Selling, Promotion, Sellout, Huckstering, Consumer research, Peddling, Sampling, Low-pressure salesmanship, Direct-mail selling, Consumer survey, Opinion poll, Wholesaling, High-pressure salesmanship, Jobbing, Census, Hawking, Sales promotion

How to use Market research in a sentence?

  1. If you are launching a new product and don't know what it looks like, research the market to get information from potential customers.
  2. The company recently completed a market study of a new type of organic toothpaste.
  3. Some companies will use people to do market research to get their opinion about the products going on the market.
  4. The idea behind the Millennium Population Survey is to go to campus and observe student interactions.

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