Haikyu Seasons In Order

There are four season of Haikyu. Haikyu is a Japanese manga series written by Haruichi Furudate. Season 1 (2014) , season 2 (2015) , season 3 (2016) , season 4 (2020) . Haikyu is a volleyball anime that looks precisely as great as in real life. If you love to watch sports, this is your anime. Conversely, it’s still an excellent movie if you’re not interested in sports.Whether or not you play volleyball, there’s a reasonable probability that you’re in love with this lovely anime.


Haikyu is a Japanese manga series by Haruichi Furudate, written and drawn. The narrative follows Shōyō Hinata, a youngster who, despite his diminutive height, strives to be a great volleyball player. It was released from February 2012 to July 2020 in Shueisha Weekly Shōnen Jump in 45 tankōbon volumes.

A 25 episodes anime T.V series adapted by Production I.G.I.G. was shown between April 2014 and September 2014. A second season with 25 episodes was conducted between October 2015 and March 2016. A third season was shown in ten episodes between October 2016 and December 2016.

During jump Festa 19, a fourth season was announced, with a two-way release, the first court with 13 episodes broadcast between January and April 2020, and the second tribunal with 12 episodes broadcast between October and December 2020. The manga was licensed in North America by Viz Media, while the anime series was licensed for Sentai Filmworks’ digital and home releases.

Both manga and anime have received excellent feedback. The comic received the 61st Shogakukan manga prize in 2017. Haikyu!! had more than 50 million copies in circulation as of November 2020. After seeing Karasuno high school in Nationals on TV, junior high school student Shōyō Hinata is infatuated with volleyball.

His small stature is inspired by the commenters ‘The Little Giant’, Karasuno’s short yet skilled wing spiker. Although inexperienced, Hinata is athletic and has an excellent vertical leap; he joins his school’s volleyball club - to discover him to be the lone member, forcing his classmates to spend the next two years attempting to persuade additional kids.

Written by Haruichi Furudate
Country of origin Japan
Seasons 4
Episodes 85
Volumes 45
Haikyu season 1 Episode 1 - 25
Haikyu season 2 Episode 26 - 50
Haikyu season 3 Episode 51 - 60
Haikyu season 4 Episode 61 - 85

Some of Hinata’s pals agree to join the club during the third and final year of junior high to compete in a competition. In his first official game, the team favored a resounding defeat – including the third year Tobio Kageyama, a prodigious player known as ‘The King of the Court.’ Both for his skills as well as his ruthless play style. Both have a short rivalry, and Hinata promises to destroy Kageyama in high school following the game.

Haikyu seasons

Haikyu Season 1 (2014)
Haikyu Season 2 (2015)
Haikyu Season 3 (2016)
Haikyu Season 4 part 1 (2020)
Haikyu Season 4 Part 2 (2020)

Haikyu Season 1

Haikyu! is an anime adaptation of a Haruichi Furudate series of mangas. Produced by Production I.G., it has been broadcast on MBS, various JNN stations, and English subtitles on Crunchyroll from April 6 until September 21, 2014. Sentai Filmworks has been licensed for digital and home media releases. Medialink also Southeast Asia licenses

The series uses four thematic pieces: two themes and two themes. The opening music for episodes 1-13 is Spyair’s “Imagination,” while the ending song is the “Tenchi Gaeshi” song by Nico Touches the Walls. The opener for episodes 14 to 25 is Sukima Switch’s Ah Yeah and Tacica’s LEO. The finale for Episode 14 is also “Ah Yeah,” which has no opening.

Haikyu Season 2

The 2nd season of Haikyu!! It is an anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s manga series. Production I.G. was created and broadcast between October 4, 2015, and March 27, 2016.The series uses four thematic pieces: two themes and two themes. From episodes 1 through 13, the opening music is Spyair’s “I’m a Believer” and “Climber” by Galileo Galilei is the last song.

The first theme of the song is “FLY HIGH” by Burnout Syndromes, from 14 to 25 episodes, but the previous theme song is “Hatsunetsu (Fever)” by Tactical. After their setback in the inter-high preliminaries against Aobajohsai, Karasuno is hard at work. The positive news comes from Ittetsu Takeda, professor adviser of the volleyball club of Karasuno: Nekoma, and Academy, Shinzen, and Ubugawa High, who has asked Karasuno to join up their training camp.

Kageyama and Hinata inadvertently separated from the group and entered the Shiratorizawa Academy’s team commander Ushijima. Ushijima is challenged by Hinata, admitting that Oikawa is the only good player in Miyagi Prefecture. Hinata, Kageyama, Nishinoya, and Tanaka fear that they will not play in Tokyo if they do not pass their final examinations.

:large_blue_diamond: Summary

A 25 episodes anime T.V. series adapted by Production I.G. was shown between April 2014 and September 2014. A second season with 25 episodes was conducted between October 2015 and March 2016. A third season was completed in ten episodes between October 2016 and December 2016.

Haikyu Season 3

Karasuno High School versus Shiratorizawa Academy Haikiū!! Karasuno Kôkō VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Kōkō is a mix of manga series by Haruichi Furudate. In the first season, the Haikyu series was released. Production I.G. was created and broadcast from October 8 to December 10, 2016. The third season has also been licenced by Sentai Filmworks.

The opening motto song is “Hikariare” of Burnout Syndromes, while “Mashi Mashi” of Nico Touches the Walls is the final motto song.
It’s the beginning of the game versus Shiratorizawa to encourage the squad. The beginners of both sides are presented to the crowd, and the first match begins with Ushijima scoring Nishinoya for killing.

But Libero is not disheartened; instead, he is eager to play against the left as with his colleagues. The game proceeds between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa, and Shiratorizawa wins the opening set of 25-16. The Karasuno squad is not discouraged, though, and they want to win the next round.

Meanwhile, Akiteru tells others about the distinction between a left spike and a right spike. Karasuno beats Shiratorizawa; they go home with tears of delight and are determined to win the upcoming Interhigh Spring competition.

Haikyu Season 4 (Part 1)

The boys will be measured in the run-up to the Spring Natasured, and the squad will compete friendly. Kageyama is invited to a Youth Training Camp for All-Japan, whereas Tsukishima is invited to a first year training camp for the prefecture alone.Hinata slips in a fit of jealousy into the center of Tsukishima. Despite initial uncertainty, the coach of Shiratorizawa enables Hinata to take part in the center as a ball boy to demonstrate his talents independently from Kageyama.

Hinata was read following the difficulties caused by Sawamura Daichi, Coach Ukai, and his professor, Takeda, who told him, “Those who climb the leaf must start at the bottom.” Returning to Shiratorizawa, Hinata is watching as a ball boy. A surprise match is organized for participants in the camp versus Shiratorizawa’s third years and alumni.

In between, Hinata takes a minute in the equipment room alone. After the opening ceremony, the squad warms up in another gymnasium for their first game. When they return to the official location, Hinata learns that his luggage is incorrect and his shoes are missing. Kiyoko travels to collect the misplaced bag of Hinata as the squad warms up for its first battle.

Haikyu Season 4 (Part 2)

The second spring high with the High School of Inarizaki, which opened. Karasuno High School is struck by the strongest twins, “Miya Brothers” and Inarizaki High School, from within the court and outside. What appeared in the cheering seat of Karasuno. Captain Shinsuke is being sent back to Inarizaki.

Through Sawamura and Azumane’s efforts, Karasuno recovers momentum; the Miya twins react in kind. Kageyama and Tanaka demonstrate the outcomes of their latest developments. After several extended rallies, Hinata scored an unusual point, which allowed Karasuno to lead the game at the end. Kageyama pushes himself to new heights, while Hinata demonstrates new skills on the court.

The strong rallies continue as Azumane breaks Karasuno, but Inarizaki continues. When the game goes over 30 points, Karasuno starts losing control. Finally, the final match is played by the Miya Twins vs. Kageyama and Hinata. Officially, Karasuno moved on to the third round.

Haikyu season 5 Released Date

Oh yeah, haikyuu!! Between January and December 2020, Season 4 was released. The lovers of anime now wait for the newest developments in the fifth season. Unfortunately, the news on Haikyuu is still official Season 5. The series of anime broke numerous records.

Haikyu!! had more than 50 million copies in circulation as of November 2020. Both the manga and the anime had a good reaction.‘Haikyuu!!’ follows Shōyō Hinata, who, despite his diminutive height, decided to become a great volleyball player. It depicts the narrative of a volleyball team in high school and the friendship between the members. Haruichi Furudate writes and illustrates the Japanese manga series.

Haikyuu!! Stage 5 might include a new tale that is not linked to Stage 4 or earlier. IBT observed that the next season would most likely center on the match between Karasuno High and Nekoma High. It is also stated that for one more season, there is sufficient source material. Therefore, there might be season 6 as well.

Main characters of Haikyu

1 - The Hinata Shoyo

2 - Kojima’s Kenma

3 - Taibo

4 - Oikawa Toru

5 - Nishinoya

6 - Kei

7 - Tetsuro

8 - Kotaro

9 - Daichi

Haikyu Seasons on Netflix

At the time, only two seasons of Haikyuu in Netflix are now available, the first season when you meet the Karasuno volleyball team featuring Hinata and Kageyama, and the second season when Karasuno trains in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, Haikyuu is not on Netflix in America during his third season, which features the excellent volleyball match between Shiratorizawa Academy and Karasuno High School.

The Net Line reports that the first two seasons were released in November 2019; however, because of the worldwide pandemic, the third season and the fourth season may be postponed longer than planned in November 2020.

From now on, you may only look at the official anime streaming website for the third and fourth season, Crunchyroll, for a modest monthly price. This website also offers Haikyuu’s OVAs for streaming!

:large_blue_diamond: Summary

Haikyu is a series of manga. Haikyuu is the favorite sports anime since 2014, with its superbly animated and long-drawn-out volleyball matches, shonen-style stories, and deeper features of a comprehensive framework of intriguing characters. After witnessing Karasuno High play on T.V., the series began when diminutive but feisty high school teacher Shōyō Hinata fell in love with volleyball, only to find nobody in his school is interested in the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about Haikyu seasons. We discussed a few of them below :

:one: How many Haikyuu seasons are there?

Haikyû is a Shōnen sports anime series based on Haruichi Furudate’s manga, produced with the Japanese television network MBS by Production I.G and Toho. The anime is made up of 4 seasons, four films, and 5 OVAs.

:two: Does Kiyoko like Yachi?

Yachi (in her mind) admitted that Kiyoko finds it very attractive – even to call it a “sexy” mole. Yachi often blushes when she sees Kiyoko and thinks that if she walks beside her killers, she will kill her because she also feels that Kiyoko is the most lovely girl at school.

:three: Can see Haikyu on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the famous sports anime cannot be streamed on Netflix USA at now. Haikyu! is accessible solely with the English dub on Crunchyroll. For the English dub, a lesser-known anime service will need a subscription to HIDIVE.

:four: Is Season 4 Haikyuu the last season?

The second half of the fourth season saw one of Karasuno’s most challenging anime games to date, and the last episode of the fourth season finished.

:five: Who was killed in Haikyuu?

Simply putting it, no, Daichi doesn’t die. It’s only a running joke in the fanbase Haikyuu. In particular, the supporters refer to something that happened in the second season. In Episode 16, in the match between Karasuno and Wakutani, Tanaka and Daichi crash into each other after the two ball dives.

:six: Has Hinata ever met the little giant?

Karasuno is preparing for his battle against Kamomedai at the final minute.Hinata eventually meets his idol, the Little Giant, as he suddenly appears at the Nationals to support his alma mater.

:seven: Haikyuu Season 5 released date?

Although the release time of HaiKyuu is hard to speculate!! Season 5, we can nevertheless assume Season 5 may arrive at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. At the end of June 2020, Yoshiki Kobayashi, a Japanese music producer, announced that the Haikyuu recording had begun!

:eight: Is Hinata beating Little Giant?

Hinata causally renounces Hoshiumi’s title “Little Giant” and unintentionally annoys the latter, who claims that the title is from the very start. Despite all the efforts of Karasuno to stop him, Hoshiumi unexpectedly scores with a feint. It makes a lot of sense for Oikawa to come up at this point; if you bring back a character outside of Karasuno, Oikawa is one.

:nine: Why is Haikyuu the best animation?

Haikyuu!! It has become one of the most beloved anime sports series ever, but with few mistakes. It touches nearly every detail that makes the series one of the giant anime still on display.

:keycap_ten: Why is Haikyuu so famous?

HAIKYUU!! It is a sports manga/anime with a trusted character, a fantastic development of nature, and a plot that progresses at a pace that any spectator enjoys. The animation is great (although in season 4, I wouldn’t say I like energy but not because it’s terrible).

:large_blue_diamond: Conclusion

Haikyu!! It is a Japanese anime series written by Haruichi Furudate’s . One of the most popular shonen series since its premiere in 2012. A total of 36 manga volumes have been produced, with a brand new chapter almost every week. Haikyu!! It would get an anime barely two years after releasing its manga and quickly become one of Japan’s most successful anime sports.

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