Personal Trainer Meal plans

Do you ever find yourself in the exercise slump? Well, we all have. Training in the summer and early fall can be a lofty task. It’s suddenly hot or cold, sometimes the weather changes quickly in the given day. And it becomes easy to fall into the slump. People who follow the personal trainer meal plan, we have got your back to help you rejuvenate your motivation. Waking up still a little sore from the workout.

Personal Trainer Meal plans

Putting that alarm to snooze every time, and feeling starved and maybe a bit more irritable than usual are all signs that you have been training hard. And while the finish line may be in sight, it’s difficult to feel ready to rock every workout. There are many ways to revitalise your energy and start feeling good right now.

Cut off your Training for one Day or Two

Yes, you read it right. Fitness and training are important. However, you can do your training hard, follow your personalized meal plan perfectly, but if you don’t give equal importance to rest, you will run out of fuel. Also keep in mind that, if you are not working and taking a rest, it does not mean that, you start cleaning your garage, pull stumps out of the yard, and move the tires of your car. It simply means that you just have to relax.

So, take two or three days off and rest up. In addition to that, eat your customized meal plan to fulfill your energy requirement. Also, go to bed early, take small naps, stay hydrated, don’t hesitate to foam roll, and do some mobility work. But take it easy. You will definitely bounce back.

Add More Omega-3 to your Diet

The Omega 3’s help diminish inflammation. They can really enhance your brain activity and help remove some of that mid-day brain fog and slump that happens. When you are less perplexed, and your mind is calm, you will feel more rejuvenated for your next workout. You can add Omega-3 to your diet by eating cold-water wild-caught salmon and other fish.

Keep 6 to 7 Hours Gap between Workouts

For a healthy routine, always keep a 6 to 7 hours gap between the workouts. While there are many advantages to performing a brick workout once a week, piling workouts on three or four other days often lead to average results. If you were busy and stacked up against your two workouts, then keep their time period short and quality high. Start performing them with enough time for your body to recover in between.

For instance, a piled-up workout to maximize time and outcomes would be a bike run combo that gets your heart rate up and then lets it recover over and over like a high-intensity interval workout session.

Take Small Naps

Take small naps of about 20 to 30 minutes. You can also take full-blown two-to-three-hour sack outs on the weekends. During workdays, a quick nap after lunch can entirely revitalize your brain. It will give you more energy and makes you ready for the rest of the day. It may take a few attempts to get used to taking naps. But your work and workout productivity will start to rise with this new habit. If small naps in the day affect your nightly sleep, then try taking them earlier in the day. It could be a symptom of chronic overtraining.

Give yourself Time to Meditate

Find time to meditate regularly for 10 minutes. Meditation helps to improve focus, help to visualize your goal, clear your mind. People who meditate declare the powers of it. They are excellent for their brains. So how can you get those perks without sitting for twenty minutes twice a day? You can find a dedicated app from the play store and start your three minutes mindful breathing session.

Meditation can really increase the feeling of calm, control, motivation, and relaxation. Taking time to let our bodies and our minds recover and giving them what they need with rest could be just the ticket that will help you feel more motivated for your next workout.

It will allow you to take your strength and performance to the next level.

Focus on the Technique

Use your body weight for strength exercise and focus on the technique. Each week add 2-4lbs of the check until you reach energy that feels like 7-8 out of 10. Work to aim for 20 or 30 minutes of exercise a day. When you first begin, work out at a comfortable intensity. As you improve and make progress, either increase your intensity or add ten more minutes each day.

Don’t assume that you will immediately be as fit as you were just before you stopped. Fitness levels diminish if you don’t maintain using your muscles and building or maintaining your strength and stamina. So, be gentle with yourself and always exercise at a level that is perfect for your current fitness level.

Climb out of your exercise slump

If you feel like you have fallen off the exercise track, then there’s no time like the present to bounce back on. But always keep in mind to go at your body’s own pace. It will help prevent injury. And it will stop you from accidentally teaching your body to incorporate exercise with pain. We have witnessed all the time that people who go from no exercise to a few days of strenuous exercise only to quickly slump back to no exercise. Because they didn’t like the soar muscles.


Don’t let yourself slip into this category of over-excited exerciser. But remember to take it at a slow pace if you’re recovering from an exercise slump. If you take a practical and fun approach, then you’ll be a lot less likely to skip your fitness routine again in the future.

Also, focus on the personalized meal plan that will provide you perfectly balanced, pre-cooked meals that contain only delicious meats, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. No fillers, hidden sugars, bad carbs, or trans fats.