Definition of Court:

  1. A quadrangular area, either open or covered, marked out for ball games such as tennis or basketball.

  2. Place where persons appointed as magistrates or judges officiate in administration of justice.

  3. Be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying.

  4. The establishment, retinue, and courtiers of a sovereign.

  5. A tribunal presided over by a judge, judges, or a magistrate in civil and criminal cases.The place where a court meets.The judge or judges presiding at a court.

Synonyms of Court

Autobahn, British Cabinet, Rasputin, Sanhedrin, Svengali, US Cabinet, US highway, VIP, Access, Act up to, Address, Addresses, Advisory body, Agree to anything, Alley, Alleyway, Allure, Amorous pursuit, Angle for, Approach, Archery ground, Arena, Arterial, Arterial highway, Arterial street, Artery, Assembly, Association, Athletic field, Attendance, Attendant, Attract, Autoroute, Autostrada, Avenue, Bad influence, Badminton court, Bar, Baseball field, Basketball court, Beak, Beau, Belt highway, Bench, Bicameral legislature, Bid for, Big wheel, Billiard parlor, Blind alley, Board, Board of aldermen, Body of advisers, Body of retainers, Borough council, Boulevard, Bowling alley, Bowling green, Brain trust, Break the ice, Brown-nose, Bypass, Byway, Cabinet, Camarilla, Camino real, Canvass, Captivate, Carriageway, Castle, Causeway, Causey, Chamber, Chamber of deputies, Charm, Chase, Chaussee, Cincture, Circumferential, City board, City council, Close, Cohort, Commission, Common council, Conference, Confine, Congress, Consultative assembly, Container, Coop, Corduroy road, Cortege, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, County council, County road, Course, Court of arbitration, Court of justice, Court of law, Courthouse, Courting, Courtroom, Courtyard, Crescent, Cricket ground, Croquet ground, Croquet lawn, Cul-de-sac, Cultivate, Curry favor, Curtilage, Dance attendance on, Dead-end street, Deliberative assembly, Delimited field, Diamond, Diet, Dike, Directory, Dirt road, Divan, Dock, Drive, Driveway, Eminence grise, Enclave, Enclosure, Entourage, Esquire, Expressway, Fairway, Fall over, Fawn upon, Federal assembly, Field, Fish for, Five-percenter, Fold, Follow, Follower, Following, Football field, Freeway, Friend at court, Gallantry, General assembly, Glaciarium, Golf course, Golf links, Good influence, Gravel road, Gray eminence, Gridiron, Ground, Gym, Gymnasium, Heavyweight, Hidden hand, Highroad, Highway, Highways and byways, House of assembly, Ice rink, Infield, Influence, Influence peddler, Influencer, Ingroup, Interstate highway, Judgment, Judicatory, Judicature, Judicial process, Judiciary, Junta, Jury box, Justice, Key, Kingmaker, Kitchen cabinet, Lane, Law court, Lay siege to, Legal tribunal, Legislative assembly, Legislative body, Legislative chamber, Legislature, Links, List, Lobby, Lobbyist, Local road, Look for, Lords of creation, Lower chamber, Lower house, Magistrate, Main drag, Main road, Make advances, Make court to, Make suit to, Make up to, Man of influence, Manipulator, Mansion, Mews, Motorway, National assembly, Open sesame, Outfield, Oval, Palace, Palais, Palatial residence, Palazzo, Pale, Paling, Parasite, Parish council, Park, Parkway, Parliament, Pave, Paved road, Pay addresses to, Pay attention to, Pay court to, Pen, Pike, Place, Plank road, Play up to, Playground, Playing field, Playroom, Polish the apple, Polo ground, Pool hall, Poolroom, Pop the question, Powers that be, Pressure group, Primary highway, Private road, Privy council, Provincial legislature, Provincial parliament, Pursue, Putting green, Quad, Quadrangle, Racecourse, Racket court, Representative town meeting, Retinue, Right-of-way, Ring road, Rink, Road, Roadbed, Roadway, Rout, Route nationale, Row, Royal road, Run after, Satellite, Secondary road, Seek, Serenade, Shine up to, Sinister influence, Skating rink, Soccer field, Solicit, Soviet, Spark, Special interests, Special-interest group, Speedway, Square, Squash court, Squire, Staff, State assembly, State highway, State legislature, Street, Stretch, Suck up to, Sue, Sue for, Suing, Suit, Suite, Superhighway, Swain, Sweetheart, Syndicate, Synod, Tennis court, Terrace, The Establishment, The courts, Theater, Thoroughfare, Through street, Thruway, Toft, Toll road, Tower, Town hall, Town house, Town meeting, Township road, Track, Train, Tribunal, Turf, Turnpike, Unicameral legislature, Upper chamber, Upper house, Very important person, Villa, Wheeler-dealer, Wire-puller, Witness box, Witness stand, Woo, Wooing, Wynd, Yard, Royal household, Establishment, Retinue, Entourage, Train, Suite, Escort, Company, Attendant company, Staff, Personnel, Cortège, Following, Bodyguard, Woo, Go out with, Be involved with, Be romantically linked with, Pursue, Run after, Chase, Seek the company of, Make advances to, Make up to, Flirt with, Playing area, Enclosure, Field, Ground, Ring, Rink, Green, Alley, Stadium, Track, Arena, Court of law, Law court, Bench, Bar, Court of justice, Judicature, Tribunal, Forum, Chancery, Assizes

How to use Court in a sentence?

  1. She will take the matter to court.
  2. The emperor is shown with his court.
  3. I didnt realize at the time that my actions would lead me to being brought to court and possibly jail afterwards.
  4. I prefer an indoor court.
  5. He was courting a girl from the neighboring farm.
  6. The court was filled with spectators, along with the families and friends of all those involved in the case, who were waiting anxiously for the verdict to be read.
  7. The police officer gave me the ticket for speeding, then told me, if you think it is unfair, go to court and let the judge decide.

Meaning of Court & Court Definition

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What is The Meaning of Court?

The government agency is authorized to resolve legal disputes. When courts read summaries, judges sometimes use courts to identify themselves as a third party.

Meanings of Court

  1. Make a love affair, usually with the intention of getting married.

  2. Courts headed by a judge, judge or magistrate in civil, criminal matters where the court meets with the presiding judge or judge.

  3. A square room, open or closed, limited to ball games such as tennis or basketball.

  4. Establishment of rulers, suits and courtiers.

Sentences of Court

  1. I seduced a girl out of a neighbor's yard

  2. He will take the case to court

  3. I prefer short admissions

  4. The emperor is represented by his palace

Synonyms of Court

forum , compass , cloister , piazza , close , courtyard , curtilage , patio , quadrangle , street , square , quad , enclosure , plaza


How Do You Define Court?

  1. Definition of Court: The government has the power to resolve disputes. Judges sometimes use the court to nominate themselves as a third party while the court reads the summary.

Meanings of Court

  1. A judge presided over by a judge, magistrate or magistrate and acts as a court in civil and criminal matters.

  2. One square room, open or closed, limited to ball games such as tennis or squash.

  3. Courts, suites and rulers' houses.

  4. Eligible member of a partnership or corporation.

  5. Have a love affair (with someone) with the intention of marriage.

  6. See (someone) closely for help or assistance.

Sentences of Court

  1. Western politicians seduce the leaders of the newly independent countries.

Synonyms of Court

go steady with, truckle to, make love to, soft-soap, track square with, followers, keep someone sweet, prostrate oneself to, lick someone's boots, fall all over, kowtow to, seek the favour of, pay suit to, lick/kiss someone's ■■■, rub up the right way, members of court, keep company, be servile towards, palais de justice, aides, attendants, companions, grovel to, go out together, track with