Mitch Match

Mitch Match is an animation series and it is about a matchbox story. Blue-headed matchstick is playing the main role in Mitch Match. The new Mitch Match series is expected to launch in 2022. Sometimes mitch match word is being confused with the mismatch. Mismatch means the difference in two facts or two different situations.

Mitch-Match Series

Fast Facts

  • Country : Hungary

  • Maker organization: KEDD Animation Studio

  • Original title: Mitch-Match

  • Episode running time: '2.5

  • Series running time: 52 x '2.5

  • Type : Comedy

  • Target audience : family (6-99)

  • Shooting format: 16:9

  • Project status : 7x '2.5 pilot scenes complete

  • Release date : 2022

Seeing something more in a short Mitch Match might be the eldest of innovative motions. One plays with the article, imagines anecdotes about it’s anything but a genuine character. The arranged series is based on this imaginative motion, exploiting the proportion of the conceivable outcomes offered by the animation plan.

The principal character is a blue-headed matchstick that leaves on an excursion in each scene and consistently gets back to the container toward the finish of bunches of abnormal, energetic and creative experiences. A solitary matchstick, a simple to utilize object, and a chance for innovative encounters summons everybody’s dream. Continuously, there’s only one matchstick left in the crate. This stick, this common thing, is the hero of the Mitch-Match. The character leaves on an excursion in each scene and consistently gets back to the case. This customary thing is a chance of unending perky and creative undertakings that inspire everybody’s dreamland.

Géza M. Tóth - Director Of Mitch Match Series

Géza M. Tóth (conceived 16 June 1970), Oscar designated producer, PhD college educator and head of KEDD Animation Studio. He has been dynamic as a movie chief since 1992. He has been educating from 1994 at the absolute most lofty workmanship colleges in Europe. Like MOME - Moholy-Nagy University of Art, Design, Royal College of Art in London, Babeș–Bolyai University and University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest, where he was the minister from 2014-2019. From 2002 he additionally runs quite possibly the best East-European animation film studios, named KEDD. He is an individual from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He is a craftsman with a wide inventive range. He utilizes different media just as different apparatuses. Everything about films presents another dramaturgical and visual language and new animation strategies. His portfolio is developed of movies made by customary animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation.

About KEDD Animation Studio - Makers Of Mitch Match

In KEDD Animation Studio - as a pioneer, chief and maker - he is working ceaselessly in various types of undertakings (short movies, TV-ads, music recordings, and trial works. They likewise make animation embeds and loads of representations in kids’ books), and team up with the most skilled experts to keep up the best expectations. He is the maker of such inventive series for youngsters as Berry and Dolly and The Kuflis. KEDD’s best youngsters’ series, Berry and Dolly - given a Hungarian kids book - has effectively visited the world and delivered more than 100 nations.

The own-delivered and conveyed kids’ substance is consistently accessible on KEDDnetwork’s YouTube channel, which is probably the biggest direct in Hungary. KEDD additionally has a promoting office. In KEDDShop, they sell a wide range of animation related items. His organization additionally sells films on the biggest film stages as a merchant. KEDD is the biggest youngsters content provider to a wide range of substance suppliers (TV channels, VoD and so forth)

The studio’s top is Géza M. Tóth, Oscar-assigned movie chief, maker, and college teacher. The individuals from the innovative group come from qualified experts and craftsmen in the field of animation film. Throughout its activity up until this point, KEDD has made its creations as a team with many makers and many imaginative workshops. KEDD Studio’s interesting, enlivened movies have taken part in excess of 200 lofty worldwide and homegrown film celebrations and won almost 100 honours, including the American Film Academy’s designation for Best Animated Short Film Oscar (Maestro 2007). Among the well known Hungarian kids’ film series Mitch Match, Bogyó and Babóca and Kuflik are likewise made in KEDD Studio.

KEDDshop is KEDD’s toy store and webshop. It offers games, DVDs, stickers, storybooks, advancement materials, and so forth identified with contemporary and exemplary animation saints. Old and new fantasy saint top choices like Raisins and Tádé, Berries and Babies, Kisvakond, Kuflik, Boribon, Vuk, Pocoyo, and numerous other famous fantasy figures can likewise be purchased here. The shop anticipates its guests at the Buda end of the Margaret Bridge. Since 2018, occasions for youngsters and guardians have been coordinated at its Gallery. KEDDshop additionally sells anything but a webshop and a broad affiliate organization.

Mis Matched Socks

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About Mitch Match TV Series - BabyTV

There’s only one matchstick left in the crate. This blue-headed matchstick, this common thing, is the hero of the Mitch Match. The person goes on an excursion in each scene and consistently gets back to the crate toward the finish of heaps of peculiar, energetic, and innovative experiences. A solitary matchstick, a simple to utilize object, and a chance for imaginative encounters bring out everybody’s dream.

Director’s declaration

Liveliness lies in how the unceasing untainted dream is equipped for envisioning anything in articles and ready to make an intricate world from the easiest things - solid wooden shapes and stones. The Mitch Match endeavors to trigger this capacity from everybody. We chose to utilize the most fundamental article – a matchstick – to make a story. The film conveys a profoundly inventive and energetic movement style with a least complicated signal by rejuvenating matchsticks and attempts to urge the crowd to assemble the bits of the riddle. In this mitch match filmmaking signal, I needed to figure out how to draw out the everlasting kid from everybody.

Mix and Match - Clothing

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1. Who is the director of Mitch Match?

Director of Mitch Match is Géza M. Tóth. He born on 16 June 1970, and Géza M. Tóth. is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, PhD university professor and head of KEDD Animation Studio.

2. When is Mitch Match series is expected to release?

Mitch Match series is about to release in 2022. Its 7 episodes are ready and the rest are still in progress. Mitch Match first series was aired on BabyTv in 2016.

3. How much are the total episodes of Mitch Match?

There is a total of 52 episodes of Mitch Match. Each episode duration is approximately 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

4. Which studio is producing Mitch Match?

KEDD Studio is making Mitch Match series. KEDD Animation studio is a Hungarian animation and film workshop that produces and broadcasts children’s content. It includes TV series, short film and series for Children.

5. Is it Mitch Match or Mis match?

These are two different words with different meanings. Mismatch means, putting two things unsuitably or wrongly. But mitch match is a animation series about matchbox story.


Mitch Match is animation web series about a matchbox story. There’s only one matchstick left in the crate. This matchstick, this normal thing, is the hero of the MITCH-MATCH series. The fundamental character is a blue-headed matchstick that leaves on an excursion in each scene and consistently gets back to the case toward the finish of loads of unusual, fun-loving and innovative undertakings. A solitary matchstick, a simple to utilize object and simultaneously an opportunity for innovative encounters that inspires everybody’s dreamland.