How to Enjoy Comfortable Stay in Paxos Villa During Holidays?

Living in a villa offers you the freedom and privilege of enjoying your holidays in fun without any concern of restrictions or disturbance by people. It has increased the availability of huge villas on various tourist destinations. Interestingly, Paxos Island in Greece is not an exception to it.

Located in the Ionian Sea, it is the smallest island in GreeceGreece which is visited by visitors searching for tranquillity and the presence of natural elements around them. Keeping the arrival of tourists in mind there are a plethora of villas in Paxos that offer comfortable stay to the tourists coming on the island.

If you are also planning to visit Paxos Island during your holidays and wish to enjoy the pleasure of staying in a villa, then below are some tips that will help you in finding an affordable villa according to your choice.

1. What type of villa did you want?:

It is one of the important factors to consider while renting a villa. If you are going alone then there are lots of villa operators which offer the facility of sharing the villa with other single tourists like you. Doing this will help you in paying only half of the rent for the villa. Similarly, if you are going with your spouse then a small villa will be good for you to enjoy your holidays with privacy.

In short, before booking a villa for your holidays it is important to know that type of villa you will require, otherwise if you a big for your stay, then you will have to uselessly pay the big amount as its rent. Staying in a big villa is a good option when you are travelling with your family or with a group of friends.

2. Facilities offered by villa:

The villas in Paxos are normally equipped with necessary amenities and offer you the facility of cooking your meals according to your requirements. Apart from these facilities, villas offer the facility of free housekeeping, free breakfast, free transport facility, etc, to impress the visitors.

Before booking a villa ask for the facilities offered by the villa, you can also make a comparison of the facilities offered by other villa operators to enjoy the true value of your money.

3. Safety and privacy concern:

It is seen that attract more visitors the villa operators tell them to offer different types of additional services like swimming pool, garden, free transport, and more. But when you stay there then these facilities are to be shared with other visitors staying in other villas owned by the villa management. Thus, keeping your safety and privacy matter in concern ask about the use of these services.

4. Get information in writing:

Whatever facilities and services will be offered during your stay get its information mentioned in the contract followed by its charges. If the villa is offering any type of free services, get it also mentioned in the contract. Doing this will help you to pay the amount for the services and facilities used by you as mentioned in the contract.


Keeping these four tips in concern will help you in enjoy the comfortable stay in the villas during your holidays.