Definition of Feedback:

  1. Returning a portion of the output from an amplifier, microphone, or other device to the input of the same device distorts its sound.

  2. Modification or control of a process or system by its consequences or effects, for example, through biochemicals or behaviors.

  3. The effect of a process (feedback) to change the next action or the process of returning the output. Opinion is essential for the functioning and survival of all disciplinary procedures, both in living and non-living nature, as well as in man-made systems such as the educational and economic systems. As a mutual flow, feedback is natural in all interactions, whether human, human or machine. In organizational contexts, feedback (person or individual) is information about its past behavior so that the entity can adjust its current and future behavior to achieve the desired results. Feedback is when the environment reacts to an action or behavior. Customer feedback, for example, buyers' reactions to the company's products and policies, and operational feedback are internally generated information about the company's performance. A stimulus response (such as criticism or praise) is considered an opinion only if the recipient's behavior changes. See also homeostasis.

  4. Information about the reaction to a product, the performance of a work by a person, etc. It serves as the basis for improvement

Synonyms of Feedback

Process loop, Scratching, Wow, Flip-flop circuit, Quality loop, Degeneration, Hum, Fluttering, Birdies, Reversed feedback, Flutter, Howling, Squeals, Blurping, Shredding, Closed sequence, Whistles, Rumble, Woomping, Response, Hissing, Distortion, Positive feedback, Blooping, Motorboating, Static, Wowwows, Current-control circuit, Closed loop

How to use Feedback in a sentence?

  1. When you first try something, it's a good idea to get positive feedback from someone more experienced than you.
  2. These internal forces result from feedback in the climate system.
  3. When our team is testing a new company, we can always provide good or bad feedback, as it helps to make things better.
  4. I don't want to stop this discussion, but there are some microphone comments.
  5. Whenever my friend wears a costume for a competition, based on the judges' impressions, he can make a better dress next time.
  6. We improve our products based on feedback until they become the best.

Meaning of Feedback & Feedback Definition

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