5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Whether you are running a website from years or a webmaster of a brand new venture, it is your dream to drive more traffic. Though the internet is full of such articles which list distinct ways to drive more traffic to your site, but I am going to share some practical ways to get organic traffic.

1. Pay Attention to Quality Content & On-Page SEO

If you think you can get real visitors with poor content and mediocre on-page SEO, then you are wrong. As we usually say, “Content Is King” that’s why you would have to take content very series. According to the SEO experts, content should be unique, well-written and yes, also well-researched.

Indeed, the worth of your content enhances when you include some references of certified researches with valid states and graphical representation there. Similarly, don’t compromise over the on-page SEO. You should consist of some relevant articles of your own site in each new article and should also include some high authority external links as well.

2. Post Content On Social Networking Sites

After writing a well-optimized post, you should post it on social networking sites. Likewise, you can post your article with engaging description and hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. No doubt, you can also use articles section of LinkedIn and write detailed posts there with anchor text for your website.

3. Use of Traffic Generation Services

Similarly, you can also try traffic generation services which use organic and whitehat tools. Usually, these traffic generation sources use a mixture of SEO and internet marketing strategies. In this regard, you can consider traffic generation services of freelancing platforms like Fiverr or go with real visitor generation services of Simple Traffic from here. Simple Traffic doesn’t offer out of niche visitors to your site, but it uses organic ways to direct industry-related visitors towards your site. You can also try a combination of social media marketing and some off-page SEO tactics to drive target traffic towards your website.

4. Guest Posting

Among the all off-page SEO strategies, guest posting is the most expensive one, but it also offers several benefits to your site. It doesn’t drive traffic towards your site but also improves your online ranking, authority score and reputation. However, don’t forget to check all states of guest posting site where you want to post your content with backlink of your blog.

5. Make Sure Your Site is Fast & Secure

Yes, it is also essential that page speed your website is fine. You can use GTmetrix or Pingdom tools to test the speed of your website. To drive more traffic to your site, you should also use SSL certificate your website. This SSL certificate would convert your domain from HTTP to HTTPS, which is secure to browse for internet users. Google also give much value to HTTPS sites.


Hopefully, you guys would get benefit from these tips. However, if you have more suggestions, then you can share them by commenting below!