Definition of Website:

  1. A virtual storage location on WWW that includes web pages about a title or company, as well as data files that can be accessed through a browser. Each website has its own web address (see General Resource Locator), which can be accessed via an Internet connection. The homepage of a website is often called the homepage, which contains hyperlinks to other pages on the same site or on different sites. One web server can support multiple sites, and the same site can be on multiple web servers, sometimes thousands of miles away.

How to use Website in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure your company has a great website that people will visit.
  2. If you want to get the most out of your product, you need a standard website to market it.
  3. The website is great and contains a lot of valuable information that we use and work with.

Meaning of Website & Website Definition

How to cite a website?
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In addition to classic content such as text, websites can also contain graphic media such as photos or videos, as well as other files. In addition, web applications allow users to interact with a website. The subpages of a website are actually called web pages. Alternative terms are homepage or website.

Create a site

In 1990, a member of the CERN research project in Geneva published the world's first website. Just three years later, the World Wide Web took off with websites that could be accessed from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.

The first websites consisted almost entirely of text and a few images. With the commercialization of the Internet and the increase in bandwidth provided by ISPs, websites become more complex. However, with the increasing mobile use of the internet, the trend towards design simplification has resurfaced.

There are over 1.3 billion websites in the world today, ranging from small single URL pages, such as those you might create with a website builder, to complex, professionally crafted online stores with thousands of subpages. Interestingly, most of the websites used around the world are not accessible through public networks. In some cases it is corporate intranets, in other cases it is dark web content that is only available in certain browsers. The actual number of websites has probably long passed the 1.3 billion threshold.

Every day, website traffic around the world generates more than four billion gigabytes of data.

Site structure

Nowadays, a website mainly consists of many web pages. These web pages are HTML documents stored in a domain directory. A domain should not be confused with a website. A domain is an Internet address that allows access to the content of a website.

HITML is not a programming language, but a page description language: in the code we determine which element should be displayed where. This means that when designing a website, the image is not used for the entire page, but the code determines how the font, colors and of course any images or videos should be placed depending on the device used (for example desktop). † computer or smartphone) to access it. When a website is designed to adapt to the demands of mobile devices, it is called responsive design.

A website's individual web pages are stored in folders, each of which generates its own URL. If the user enters this URL, he can access the desired website. The URL of individual websites is also stored by the search engine and is displayed in a so-called search snippet, along with elements such as meta description, meta title or rich snippets in search results as a link to click on.

Create website

The homepage can be created with a simple text editor. This allows users to add HTML elements. This HTML file is then uploaded to a directory or domain on the server. In this way, the customer can access the website and its content via the Internet.

HTML documents can contain paths to other types of files, such as CSS or JavaScript files. They increase functionality or can affect the design of a website.

Many webmasters do not program their own website, but use a suite of websites or CMS, or content management systems. These are programs that companies use to easily and professionally create websites. Popular CMS providers include WordPress, Joomla! and vikings.

Types of websites

There are many types of websites on the World Wide Web.

  • Blogs: This is the most common type of website on the web. Anyone who wants to create a website these days basically uses the blog form. A blog in its original form is characterized by the fact that a private user writes about topics from his own subjective point of view and publishes them on his blog. Today, blogs are used for various purposes. For example, companies often have a so-called corporate blog, in which employees write about topics that are relevant to the company.
  • Online Stores: An online store is a website dedicated to online shopping. The website not only provides information about products or services, but also offers customers the opportunity to purchase or order these products online.
  • web directories. In the early days of the commercial Internet, search engines were not as efficient as they are today. Therefore, users often use so-called web directories to search for websites on a particular topic. Today, web directories play a much smaller role as they are also often used for spam in search engines.
  • Price Comparison Sites – These sites allow shoppers to compare prices for a particular product.
  • Forums: Members can access forums and discuss topics of their choice online.
  • News websites: These are usually digital forms of classic news magazines. Digital versions today have a much wider reach than printed versions.
  • Social media. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are special websites that allow users to interact. You do not need your own domain to use these portals.

For example, applications used on smartphones or computers are not classic websites. They are like software installed on a computer. The apps differ in that they can usually only be used if you have an internet connection. Apps for Android devices can be assigned their own URIs as part of app indexing and Google indexing. In this way, the applications are similar to normal websites. However, they are developed exclusively for mobile devices and not desktop PCs.

A website is a collection of files that are accessible through a web address, cover a specific topic or topic, and are maintained by a specific person or organization. Your home page is called Home page. The website resides on servers connected to the web and can format and provide information requested by users around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Websites often use HTML to format and display information, provide information and navigation features that allow the user to easily navigate the website and the web.

An area of ​​the Internet, defined by a domain, consisting of a group of pages where users can view content (text, images, and media).

A collection of related websites owned by a person or organization. For example, the Age UK website is made up of hundreds of individual web pages on various topics, but all web pages start with "You are visiting websites in your web browser", such as B. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

A series of web pages linked together, starting with a home page that usually contains other pages such as contacts, information, and services. Your website is for individuals or organizations and should be designed to attract visitors, convert users into leads and then convert leads into customers.

One or a group of documents, content, and/or multimedia available on the World Wide Web. Websites are usually identified by a domain name and published on a web server.

A website is a place on the internet with one or more pages.

A website is a place linked to a series of interconnected web pages on the World Wide Web. The website must be responsive to business developments and future trends and must meet and exceed customer expectations. The website is used to attract relevant website visitors, convert them into leads and convert them into customers.

An Internet address made up of a series of web pages linked together to contain information and data.

A collection of websites and multimedia content that reside on the same domain.

A collection of web pages hosted together on the World Wide Web.

A website is a collection of multiple web pages that share the same domain name. A website's domain name is usually the name of the company it represents. Most websites have a specific purpose (e-commerce, information, banking, etc.).