Definition of Agent:

  1. A person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.

  2. A person who acts on behalf of another person or group.

  3. Party that has express (oral or written) or implied authority to act for another (the principal) so as to bring the principal into contractual relationships with other parties. An agent is under the control (is obligated to) the principal, and (when acting within the scope of authority delegated by the principal) binds the principal with his or her acts. Additional powers are assigned to agent under the legal concept of apparent authority. The agent, however, does not have title to the principals goods in his or her possession, except where agents lien is applicable. In general, advertising agencies do not fall under this definition of an agent, because they act as principals for the services they buy on behalf of their clients. See also general agent, special agent, and universal agent.

Synonyms of Agent

Charlie McCarthy, Federal, Acid, Acidity, Acolyte, Activator, Actor, Adjutant, Administrator, Advocate, Agency, Aid, Aide, Aide-de-camp, Aider, Alkali, Alkalinity, Alloisomer, Amanuensis, Amicus curiae, Ancilla, Anion, Antacid, Appliance, Appointee, Architect, Assignee, Assistant, Atom, Attendant, Attorney, Attorney-at-law, Author, Auxiliary, Baggage agent, Barrister, Barrister-at-law, Base, Begetter, Beginner, Best man, Biochemical, Broker, Business agent, Buyer, Candidate, Catalyst, Cation, Cause, Causer, Channel, Chemical, Chemical element, Chromoisomer, Claim agent, Clerk, Coadjutant, Coadjutor, Coadjutress, Coadjutrix, Commercial agent, Commission agent, Commissionaire, Commissioner, Compound, Conductor, Connection, Consignee, Contrivance, Copolymer, Counsel, Counselor, Counselor-at-law, Creator, Creature, Customer agent, Delegate, Deputy, Device, Dimer, Directeur, Director, Distributor, Doer, Driver, Dummy, Dupe, Effector, Element, Emissary, Energizer, Engenderer, Engineer, Envoy, Executant, Executive, Executive officer, Executor, Executrix, Fabricator, Factor, Father, Fed, Federal agent, Force, Freight agent, Friend at court, Front, Front man, Functionary, General agent, Generator, Go-between, Governor, Handler, Handmaid, Handmaiden, Heavy chemicals, Help, Helper, Helpmate, Helpmeet, High polymer, Homopolymer, Hydracid, Implement, Impresario, Ingredient, Inorganic chemical, Inspirer, Instigator, Instrument, Instrumentality, Instrumentation, Insurance agent, Intendant, Interagent, Interceder, Intercessor, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermediate agent, Intermediator, Intermedium, Internuncio, Intervener, Interventionist, Interventor, Ion, Isomer, Jobber, Land agent, Law agent, Lawyer, Legal adviser, Legal counselor, Legal expert, Legal practitioner, Legalist, Legate, Lever, Liaison, Licensee, Lieutenant, Link, Literary agent, Loan agent, Macromolecule, Maker, Manager, Manipulator, Means, Mechanism, Mediary, Mediator, Medium, Metamer, Middleman, Midwife, Minion, Minister, Ministry, Molecule, Monomer, Mother, Mouthpiece, Mover, Negotiant, Negotiator, Negotiatress, Negotiatrix, Neutralizer, News agent, Nominee, Nonacid, Official, Ombudsman, Operant, Operative, Operator, Organ, Organic chemical, Originator, Oxyacid, Paranymph, Paraprofessional, Parent, Parliamentary agent, Passenger agent, Pawn, Performer, Perpetrator, Pilot, Plaything, Pleader, Polymer, Power, Practitioner, Press agent, Prime mover, Primum mobile, Proctor, Procurator, Producer, Proxy, Pseudoisomer, Puppet, Purchasing agent, Radical, Reagent, Real estate agent, Rector, Representative, Responsible person, Runner, Sales agent, Sea lawyer, Second, Secretary, Selectee, Self-styled lawyer, Servant, Sideman, Sire, Slave, Solicitor, Special agent, Spokesman, Spokesperson, Spokeswoman, Spook, Spy, Station agent, Steersman, Steward, Stooge, Subject, Substitute, Sulfacid, Supercargo, Supporting actor, Supporting instrumentalist, Surrogate, Theatrical agent, Ticket agent, Tie, Tool, Toy, Travel agent, Trimer, Undercover man, Vehicle, Walking delegate, Wholesaler, Worker, Medium, Means, Instrument, Vehicle, Representative, Negotiator, Business manager, Emissary, Envoy, Factor, Go-between, Proxy, Surrogate, Trustee, Liaison, Broker, Delegate, Spokesperson, Spokesman, Spokeswoman, Frontman, Mouthpiece

How to use Agent in a sentence?

  1. Some governing bodies will have an agent that comes to make sure that your business fully complies with all regulations.
  2. In the event of illness, a durable power of attorney enabled her nephew to act as her agent.
  3. Universities are usually liberal communities that often view themselves as agents of social change.
  4. The government agent sat in a surveillance van with his fellow agent s, keeping their eyes on the activities of the suspect.
  5. You must make sure that your business is running up to code or a government agent may temporarily shut you down.

Meaning of Agent & Agent Definition