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Amazon background, Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington in 1994. The company was initially named Cadabra inc, but due to mishearing of its name to Cadaver, he changed its name to Amazon. The company was initially known for its online book store, the first book sold on amazon was Douglas Hofstadter’s “Fluid concepts and creative analogies”. Amazon did a great job in the first 2 months, selling around $20,000 a week, it spreads out 50 states and 45 countries all around the world.

About Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon decided to establish his own business he wants to open an online store where he sells goods online. He left his job at D.E Shaw and Co, where he worked as a vice president. He initially worked on Amazon from his rented house garage that was located in Bellevue, Washington than with this business plan he shifted to Seattle Washington where he executes this plan and opens an online book store in 1994.

How Amazon got its name?

There is a whole story behind the name “Amazon”. Initially, Jeff Bezos gives it the name Cadabra Inc. but later he changed this name because a lawyer misheard this name to Cadaver. He buys a domain with the name, he wants to give this name to his online store but after getting suggestions from his friends he changed his mind.

After all these discussions he came to the name “Amazon”, he chooses this name because as it originally characterized it related to “biggest” like the Amazon river which is the largest river in the world.

Another concern would be the first letter of the alphabet that is ‘A’, place on top, his intentions to make his online store the world’s top e-commerce online store. After all these concerns he chooses a perfect name called “Amazon”.

Amazon in the beginning:

Amazon is an American multinational company that prompted e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Now it is an online shopping hub where people can find millions of products that are good and authentic. After saw this huge success let’s discuss it beginning.

Jeff Bezos wants to open an online store as he studied the upcoming scope of the internet and e-commerce websites, his next step was to select a product for his store. He makes a list of 20 products that he can sell online, after shortlist 5 products he decided to make an online book store.

The three reason because of which he chooses books to sell online:

  • It is the most promising product that can be sold online easily.
  • He researched worldwide demand and he found literature massively demanding.
  • He is also concerned about product affordability as books can easily found at low prices.
  • Every book has its title, which means a large number of titles available in print.

After all this research he found books as the most promising and reliable product to sell online and in July 1995 the company began business as an online book store. The first book sold on amazon was Douglas Hofstadter’s “Fluid concepts and creative analogies”, the company sold in almost 50 states and across 45 countries in the first 2 weeks. Its weekly revenue was $20,000 which would be a good startup.

In October 1995, amazon published as public, it issued its stock first time in the market under the NASDAQ stock exchangeStock exchange on $18 per share.

Amazon sued:

  • The company was progressing, books were selling out daily. One day Amazon got a legal notice of claiming its self world’s largest online book store, Barnes and Nobel sued the company on May 12, 1997, this allegation was truly unfounded because Amazon is a book broker, not an online book store. Later this allegation was settled down out of court.
  • Amazon sued for the second time on October 16, 1998, when Walmart alleging Amazon for stolen its trade secret by hiring a former Walmart executive. This suet was settled down out of the court. However, Amazon faced internal restrictions and reassigned Walmart’s former executive.

Amazon in 1998:

  • A part of books, amazon start selling music and videos.
  • Gradually amazon expands its business and during the years they sell video games, electronic items, software, toys, and home products.

Amazon in 1999:

  • In 1999, amazon steps forward into publication, it published few books “selected with no apparent thought”, according to the new york times.
  • In 1999, time magazine listed Bezos as “Person Of The Year” because of his success in online business.

Amazon in 2000:

  • In 2000, Amazon features its logo, small and under an arrow. The arrow identifies that Amazon contains a to z products under one platform.

Amazon in 2002:

  • In 2002, Amazon progress further, it launched the Amazon web service (AWS). AWS provides data on website popularity, internet traffic patterns, and other statistics for developers and marketers.

Amazon in 2006:

  • In 2006, Amazon grows as an AWS portfolio and launches Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), its purpose is to rent computer processing power as well as Simple Storage Service (S3), its purpose is to rent data storage through the internet.
  • In the same year, Amazon started “Fulfillment by Amazon”. Its purpose is to manage the inventory of individuals and small companies who wants to sell something online through the company’s internet site.

Amazon in 2012:

This is the bingo year for amazon, it came as an online grocery store in the market, it was a big challenge for Walmarts to sustain its existence. In 2017, Amazon purchased 5 supermarket chains.

Amazon in 2021:

Amazon opens two new centers in Italy and invests over $278 million, creates 1100 new jobs.


To precise the above article name “Amazon background”, Amazon founded in the garage of Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington, he left his job and took this business plan to Seattle, Washington, where began his business as an online bookstore. He faces lots of hurdles during the settlement but never gives up. He grows his business from book stores to online music and videos as a live streamer, amazon web services, online grocery store, and what not now amazon is a hub of online shopping where millions of people shop all around the world. Its logo defines its self “Amazon where you can buy a to z products”.

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