Employment Verification Letter

Employment Verification Letter: An employment verification letter is a report that defines your current or past work with a company. In case you are an employer, you might be asked to compose the verification letter for an employee, bank account, rental, job application or insurance.

Employment verification letter

What is an employment verification letter?

:small_blue_diamond: An employment verification letter is usually requested by a company, like a bank or property manager, to check your current (or past) work status and different details regarding your employment. The letter can also provide supporting proof for the purpose of immigration, such as when you’re applying for a green card or the other visa. An employment verification letter is usually printed on the company’s official letterhead to demonstrate you are a current or previous employee. This record is given by your boss for a variety of reasons; for example:

  • When you apply for a home loan or auto loan, the loaning organization might need to affirm you are currently employed and have acquired sufficient money to cover your monthly payments.

  • When you apply to lease a home, the property management organization or landlord might need to affirm you have a consistent pay and can manage the cost of rent installments, as well as your deposit and any support costs.

  • When you are requesting to concede or lessen advance installments, the bank might expect you to share proof of your present pay and utilize this data to decide whether or not they can satisfy your request.

  • Whenever you are seeking a job opportunity with another employer, the organization might need to confirm the data you gave in your application and resume as a component of their background check process.

In an employment verification letter what should be included?

:small_blue_diamond: The data you include in employment verification letter relies upon what the requesting party needs, as well as state requirements in regards to the kinds of information managers are allowed to disclose — especially what might be imparted to outsiders. Furthermore, the employee might need to sign a delivery form before you can impart data to an outsider. An employment verification letter should be stamped on your organization’s official letterhead that comprises the organization logo. It might include the following data:

  • Employer address

  • Address and name of the company requesting the verification

  • Employee name

  • Employment dates

  • Employee job title

  • Employee job description

  • Employee current salary

  • Reason for termination

:small_blue_diamond: Confirm with the requestor whether they need an email or an actual letter. When composing actual employment verification letters, utilize standard business letter design with your organization’s contact data, the date, and the recipient’s contact data in the upper left-hand corner. Employment verification letters ought to likewise be brief, just including what the outsider is requesting. These letters are generally between 50 and 100 words.

Particulars Details
Name Muhammad Abaidullah
Address line 1 33.M.G.Road
Address line 2 Nr Post Office
City Lahore
Pincode 400325
Mobile Number 1234567890
Company’s Name ABC PQR Ltd.
Sender’s Name Mr. Abdul Razzaq


Employment verification letter is a report that is requested by the company. The report explains the current or past work with a company. It includes the employee’s name, address, or job description etc.

Why employees may require an employment verification letter?

:small_blue_diamond: If an employee demands an employment confirmation letter, it’s generally for one of four reasons:

  • They are applying for a home loan or a car loan, and the bank needs to affirm the worker has stable employment and enough pay to cover monthly installments prior to approving the advance.

  • They are applying to lease a home, and the property management organization needs to affirm they can manage the cost of their deposit, rent installment, support and other related expenses.

  • They are demanding a loan payment reduction or deferral, and the bank needs to see evidence of current pay prior to deciding whether to accept their request.

  • They are seeking a chance with another employer, and the organization needs to confirm their data as a feature of a background check process.

:small_blue_diamond: While the employee might not need to disclose why they are actually presenting a request for an employment verification letter, it’s necessary that they illuminate which pieces of data the other party requires and their contact data (e.g., address, favored strategy for delivery).

How to actually ask for an employment verification letter?

:small_blue_diamond: You may be stressed over a past or current employer for an employment verification letter, yet you can guarantee you maintain your professionalism by following these steps:

:one: Decide who to ask for an employment verification letter

Your current circumstances might figure out who you ask for an employment confirmation letter. If the potential employer requires an employment verification letter, you ought to choose your past employer to contact for one. Interestingly, in case you’re hoping to apply for a home loan, you should get a letter from your present employer.

:two: Contact them by email

You should compose a professional email, whether you’re sending a request to your current employer or a past employer to initiate the conversation with them. Be sure to give an explanation as to why you require the letter, provide them with a potential due date, and in advance thank them, for their efforts. After they receive the email, you can meet with them face to face or via phone for a more informal discussion.

:three: Provide a letter template for them to utilize

An employer may already have a layout they use for employment verification letters kept on document by HR; yet if not, giving a format can be an extraordinary assistance to them and permits them to save time. It is essential to note to them that no other documents are important to include with the verification letter. Instances of documents that shouldn’t be included are termination letters, implementation assessments or whatever else is subjective.

:four: Give them total details for submitting the verification letter

Make sure to tell your employer how to actually send the confirmation letter. They might have to mail it to the outsider, fax it, or give it in an email format. You should make it as simple as workable for them to explore this part of the process by giving them a location or extra contact details.

:five: Send them a big thank you note for their efforts

Whenever they’ve sent your employment confirmation letter to the required recipient, make sure to say thanks to them again for taking the time to compose it on your behalf. A simple thank you card shows your appreciation, yet in specific cases, you may likewise choose to send them a gift voucher, roses, or a little gift. For instance, in case your employer’s confirmation letter assisted you with acquiring a home loan to purchase another home, this might be a circumstance for a more customized thank you gift.

Email template to ask for the confirmation of employment letter

:small_blue_diamond: You may consider how to compose an email to an employer to request an employment confirmation letter. Here is an overall layout to assist you with organizing your confirmation of employment request to an employer:


I’m writing to inquire whether you could make a confirmation of employment letter on my behalf.

I’m currently in the process of [Insert the reasoning for requiring an employment confirmation letter here], and they need a confirmation of employment letter to evaluate my capabilities for consideration.

I can send you the further contact details and a template if you need it.

Much thanks to you in advance,

[Insert your first and last name here]

[Insert contact details if writing to a past employer]

Employment verification letter template

:small_blue_diamond: Here is a format for an employment confirmation letter that you can give to an employer who requests a template to use:


[Insert your organization name in the heading]

[Month DD, YYYY]

[First and last name of the individual requesting a letter from your current/previous employee]

[Name of the organization or institution they work for]

[Recipient organization’s address]

Subject: Employment confirmation letter for [Insert thesx w cwsdfe234 here]

Dear [Insert the first and the last name of recipient here],

[Insert complete name of current/past employee here] is/was our [Insert work title here] and has worked at [Insert your organization name here] for [Insert a timeframe they have worked at your company]

As of [Insert date of last pay increase], [Insert current/previous employee’s full name]'s yearly pay is $[Insert pay sum here] and they are [Insert employment type full/part time] inside our organization.

Feel free to contact me during business hours at [Insert your telephone number here] or email me at [Insert your email here]


[Insert your full name]

[Your work title]

[Your organization name]

[Date signed]

In Short

While applying for a home loan or a car loan you need the employment verification letter because it is required by the bank. Your current situation may decide who you ask for an employment verification letter.

Employment Verification Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding amazon employment verification letter:

Q1. Does Amazon do employment verification?

The Amazon group of organizations participates in E-Verify. E-Verify is a web-based framework that permits an employer to determine a worker’s eligibility to work in the US utilizing data reported on an employee’s Form I-9.

Q2. How do I get an employment verification letter from HR?

There are distinctive ways to demand an employment confirmation letter from a current or previous employer:

  • Ask your administrator or manager.

  • Contact Human Resources.

  • Get a template from the organization or the association requesting the letter.

  • Use an employment verification service.

Q3. How do I find my Amazon employee ID number?

  1. On the Dashboard, tap at the upper left of the screen.

  2. Choose Profile and Settings from the User Tools list. Your worker ID shows up close to the highest point of the page under your name.

Q4. What happens during employment verification?

Employment history confirmation includes contacting every workplace recorded in a candidate resume to affirm that the candidate was in fact employed there, to really take a look at what the candidate’s work title(s) were during their work residency, and the dates of the candidate’s employment there.

Q5. Can an employer deny employment verification?

There are no authority laws that expect employees to verify employment on previous employees. Notwithstanding, the U.S. Equivalent Employment Opportunity Commission specifies that it’s unlawful to decline to give data dependent on race, sex, color, and other non- related elements.

Q6. What if my employer won’t verify my employment?

Employers who actually fail to react to administrative employment verification can endure fines and refusal of government contracts for as long as one year. An Inability to finish an employment-verification demand from another outsider can weaken trust with current and previous employees alike.

Q7. How much does Truework charge for employment verification?

These organizations expect to pay between $40 - $50 per request, and actually account for this in their processing expenses when giving a loan or running a background investigation on the employee. This is an industry-standard practice across all suppliers and Truework charges some of the cheapest rates in the business.

Q8. How do I verify employment with work number?

Advise your lender to go to www. theworknumber. com and enter this data to get confirmation. Verifiers should be enrolled with The Work Number to get access to your employment data. You can likewise appeal for an Employment Data Report by tapping on the “Employment Data Report” tab and following the directions provided.**

Q9. What is Amazon EAN number?

European Article Number (EAN): EANs are a standardized tag with a 12 or 13-digit item identification proof code. Each EAN distinguishes the item, the maker, and the item’s attributes and is generally printed on the name or packaging.

Q10. What is my employer ID number?

The best spot to look for your employer’ EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Tax ID is in Box b of your W-2 form. Search for a 9-digit number with a scramble isolating the second and third digits (NN-NNNNNNN). It’s generally right above your employer’s name or underneath their address.


:small_blue_diamond: Employment Verification Letter: An employment verification letter is actually a report that defines your current or past work with a company. It is usually requested by a company. It’s generally printed on the company’s official letterhead. Employer name, address and job title should be included in employment verification letter. Your current circumstances might figure out who you ask for an employment confirmation letter. Whether you’re sending a request to your current employer or a previous employer, you should compose a professional email.

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An employment verification letter, also known as a letter of employment or proof of income letter, is a document used to confirm a prior or current employee’s income and employment history.

For your convenience, an employment verification letter is also known as:

Letter of Employment Proof

Letter of Income Verification

Letter of Employment Confirmation

Letter of Salary Verification

Letter of Verification of Employment

Who Needs a Letter of Employment?

A previous or existing employee may request employment verification from a new employer in order to validate their income and work history. An employment verification form is also a frequent need utilized by a third-party to verify that a person has enough income to fulfil required monthly payments on a big purchase – whether it’s for a rental application, mortgage, or loan. For example, if the rent reaches a specific level, a landlord may need a letter of employment before renting an apartment.

How to Write an Employment Verification Form?

A third-party will examine an employment verification form, therefore it should be recognized as official corporate documentation.

Include vital contact and corporate information underneath your company letterhead, such as:

Name of the verifier

Name of the business


ZIP code, city, and state

Include the name and address of the third-party reviewer in the greeting below the date if you have it. The body of the salary verification letter will be determined by the requesting party’s requirements. A landlord, for example, may merely need to verify a potential tenant’s current income, whereas a new employer may want to know about their work history as well as pay information.

How to Verify a Proof of Employment Letter?

A bank’s final step before authorizing a loan, a landlord’s final step before turning over the keys to a tenant, or a company’s final step before sending out an offer letter to a candidate is commonly a proof of income letter. Third parties frequently request employees to corroborate their job verification letter with at least two proof of income documents in order to defend against false claims.

As proof of income, the following documents are accepted:


Returns on taxation (1040)

Statements of earnings and taxes (W-2)

Social safety net Benefit Verification Letter / Proof of Income

A letter of workers’ compensation

Statements of account

You can have your revenue as well as supporting paperwork.

Proof of Income for Self Employed Individuals

If you’re self-employed, you’re the only person who can give an employment income verification. So, can you draught a self-employment proof of income letter on your own behalf? Yes, the answer is yes. To confirm your income, write an income verification letter and include the following accepted documents. Freelancers use IRS Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income to report every job that pays $600 or more.

Returns on taxation

Statements of account

So, whether you’re self-employed, an HR director, a manager, or the CEO, you now know how to write an employment letter. You can also save time by using our job verification letter builder to make one in a matter of minutes.

Employment Verification Letter Example (with Salary)

Jessica Holland’s employment at ABC Inc is confirmed by the employment verification sample below. The Director of Operations, William Savage, notes that Jessica’s pay stubs and tax return information are included to the letter in order to support the salary information provided. Mr. Savage also includes his contact information in case Resume Center (the asking party) needs more proof of employment.

Employment Letter Sample

The proof of employment letter sample below verifies Matthew Simpson’s employment and income while he was working as General Counsel for Company Inc. The letter is directed to the third party who requested Mr. Simpson’s job verification — Welcome Inc. Company Inc. has included an acknowledgement of a notary public to validate Mr. Simpson’s verification of employment in addition to the wage and tax statement (W-2) and pay stubs.

Proof of Income Letter from Employer Template

Wilfred Lawrence’s proof of income (both annual and extra bonuses) is shown in the letter of employment example below. Mr. Lawrence’s W-2 and a letter from Workers’ Compensation would be included as proof of income examples, according to the verifying party, Charles Lang of Forest Inc. Mr. Lang does not include Mr. Lawrence’s contact information; however, Mr. Lang does state that Mr. Lawrence’s W-2 and a letter from Workers’ Compensation would be included as proof of income examples, according to Mr. Lang.


What are the Tips for Managers Writing Employment Verification Letters?

Normally, a manager will write employment verification letters on behalf of employees. The employee will usually approach you or send you an email requesting that you draught this letter for them. Don’t be lazy and let the employee draught a letter for you to sign; your reputation in the community is on the line. You’ll want to be precise and exact. To maintain control over the message, you should always compose the letter on behalf of the employee.

What is the verification of employment?

If you’re one of the fortunate employees who has a slacker supervisor, you can be assigned the responsibility of creating your own employment verification letter. This is a huge responsibility, so choose your words carefully. If you try to inflate your earnings or your responsibilities, your boss might not sign off on it. The letter must be written in the first person, in the voice of your manager. This means it should be professionally phrased and accurate at the very least. Write your own letter, without any boasting.

What are employment verification forms?

An employment verification form can be used to contact a potential job applicant’s previous employers. This form can be used to eliminate any prejudice or exaggerations on the employer’s behalf. You’ll find that the information an employer has on hand is significantly more accurate than what you might acquire from your applicants. It is critical to confirm previous employment. Don’t dismiss it. This is an important aspect of the job interview process. You might take advantage of this occasion to discover more about their previous performance or any capabilities they may have inflated.


This email is being sent to confirm Jane Stafford’s employment with our company as a full-time video game programmer. Her annual salary as a junior level programmer is $158,000. Since December of 2010, she has been a part of our team. When we recruited her, we ran a background and credit check on her and discovered she had a spotless reputation.

Ms. Stafford’s employment responsibilities at our organization include developing video game mazes and 3-D imaging, as well as plot development and concept work. She is an expert at building believable 3-D worlds, and all of the projects on which she has worked have been hugely successful. We believe she will be a valuable addition to our firm.