Definition of Frame:

  1. Data transmission term for variable-size packet of data bits in a particular format and with codes (called flags) that mark the beginning and end of the packet. A frame generally contains its own control instructions, and information for addressing and error detection. Depending on the protocol of the network, it may be also be called a block or cell.

Synonyms of Frame

Platonic form, Platonic idea, Adjoin, Aesthetic form, Anatomy, Angle, Appendicular skeleton, Archetype, Architectonics, Architecture, Arrange, Arrangement, Art form, Assemble, Attitude, Axial skeleton, Backing, Bank, Base, Baseboard, Basement, Bear false witness, Bearing, Befringe, Beget, Bent, Bibliofilm, Bind, Bipack, Black-and-white film, Block out, Blueprint, Board, Body, Body-build, Bones, Border, Bordure, Bound, Box in, Brand, Breed, Brew, Brim, Bring forth, Bring into being, Brink, Brow, Build, Building, Bushing, Cabal, Cadre, Calculate, Call into being, Carcass, Cartridge, Carve, Case, Casement, Casing, Cast, Character, Characteristic, Characteristics, Chassis, Chisel, Clay, Clod, Coast, Coin, Collude, Color film, Color negative film, Complexion, Complot, Compose, Composition, Compound, Conceive, Concert, Concoct, Condition, Configuration, Conformation, Connive, Conspire, Constituents, Constitution, Construct, Construction, Context, Contrive, Cook up, Corpus, Couch, Couch in terms, Countermine, Counterplot, Crasis, Create, Creation, Cue, Cut, Cut out, Dado, Design, Develop, Devise, Dharma, Diathesis, Discover, Disposition, Doorframe, Dope, Draft, Draw up, Dream up, Dry plate, Edge, Edging, Efform, Elaborate, Elevate, Embody in words, Emulsion, Enclose, Enframe, Engender, Engineer, Entrap, Erect, Ethos, Evolve, Exoskeleton, Express, Extrude, Fabric, Fabricate, Fabrication, False witness, Fashion, Fashioning, Featheredge, Fiber, Figuration, Figure, Film, Finagle, Finesse, Fix, Flange, Flesh, Foot, Footing, Forecast, Forge, Forging, Form, Formalize, Format, Formation, Formularize, Formulate, Found, Foundation, Frame of mind, Frame up, Frame-up, Framework, Framing, Fringe, Fudge together, Generate, Genius, Genre, Get up, Getup, Give being to, Give expression to, Give rise to, Give words to, Grain, Habit, Hatch, Hatch a plot, Hatch up, Heart, Hem, Hew, Hue, Hulk, Humor, Humors, Ilk, Impression, Improvise, Indite, Infrastructure, Inner form, Intend, Intrigue, Invent, Keel, Kind, Knead, Knock out, Labellum, Labium, Labrum, Lap, Lattice, Latticework, Lay a plot, Lay out, Lay plans, Layout, Ledge, Lick into shape, Limb, Limbus, Line, Lip, List, Machinate, Make, Make a projection, Make arrangements, Make do with, Make up, Makeup, Making, Maneuver, Manufacture, March, Marge, Margin, Marginate, Material body, Matrix, Mature, Methodize, Microfilm, Mind, Mint, Modality, Mode, Model, Mold, Molding, Monochromatic film, Mood, Mopboard, Morale, Motion-picture film, Mould, Mount, Mounting, Nadir, Nature, Negative, Note, Operate, Order, Organic structure, Organism, Organization, Organize, Originate, Orthochromatic film, Pack, Pack the deal, Panchromatic film, Paragraph, Patch together, Pattern, Patterning, Person, Photographic paper, Phrase, Physical body, Physique, Picture frame, Piece together, Plan, Plan ahead, Plate, Plot, Prearrange, Preconcert, Precontrive, Predesign, Prefabricate, Premeditate, Preorder, Prepare, Present, Printing paper, Procreate, Produce, Production, Program, Project, Property, Prototype, Purfle, Purl, Put, Put in words, Put together, Put up, Put-up job, Quality, Ragged edge, Raise, Rationalize, Rear, Rhetorize, Rig, Rim, Roll, Rough out, Roughcast, Roughhew, Run up, Sash, Scaffolding, Schedule, Schema, Schematize, Scheme, Sculpt, Sculpture, Selvage, Set, Set off, Set out, Set up, Setting, Setup, Sew up, Shape, Shaping, Shell, Shoemold, Shore, Side, Sideline, Significant form, Skeleton, Skirt, Sole, Soma, Somatotype, Sort, Sound film, Sound track, Sound-on-film, Soundstripe, Spawn, Spirit, Spirits, Stack the cards, Stamp, State, State of mind, Streak, Strike out, Stripe, Structure, Structuring, Style, Suchness, Support, System, Systematize, Tailor, Tectonics, Temper, Temperament, Tendency, Tenor, Texture, Thermoform, Think out, Think up, Tissue, Toe, Tone, Torso, Trap, Trim, Tripack, Trunk, Turn, Type, Underframe, Vamp up, Vehicle, Vein, Verge, Wainscot, Wangle, Warp and woof, Way, Weave, Web, Whomp up, Window case, Window frame, Word, Work, Work out, Work up, Write

Meaning of Frame & Frame Definition

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