Definition of Process:

  1. A subpoena or court order that requires a person to appear in court.

  2. A series of interconnected and interconnected processes that converts outputs (data, materials, parts, etc.) into output using one or more resources (time, energy, machines, amount of employees) at each stage. Is. These products are then used as input in the next steps until a known goal or result is achieved.

  3. A set of steps or steps taken to achieve a specific goal.

  4. Perform a series of mechanical or chemical processes on (something) to change or maintain it.

  5. For example, supplementation or natural growth in an organism. B. A lump in the bone.

Synonyms of Process

Form, Convert, Provide, Manage, Mittimus, Development, Self-excitation, Transform, Mode of operation, Subpoena, Print, Capias, Line of action, Function, Approach, Machine, Mandamus, Utilize, Coiffure, Motion, Habere facias possessionem, Business, The how, Fare, Afro, Pass, Journey, Make preparations, Overshoot, Methodology, Rear, Enlarge, Oscillatory behavior, Procedure, Operation, Action, Means, Cure, Mobilize, Writ, Try out, Develop, Prep, Store, Mandatory injunction, Dress, Writ, Order, Algorithm, Step, Act, Job, The way of, Blow up, Precept, Wise, Manner, Answer, Shingle, Grow, Raise, Fix, Mill, Way, Hairdo, Modus, MO, Wave, Cold wave, Put in shape, Digital process, System, Offset, Change, Headdress, Tan, Behavior pattern, Fashion, Search warrant, Practice, Push on, Natural, Ready up, Haircut, Take care of, Undertaking, Mode of procedure, Fix up, Exercise, Get ready, Course of action, Mode, Prohibitory injunction, Cultivate, Mine, Interdict, Pompadour, Task, Nisi prius, Proceeding, Technique, Notification, Activity, Handle, Style, Proceed, Notice, Make arrangements, Attack, Prepare, Carve, Home permanent, Extract, Marshal, Go, Make ready, Modus operandi, Hie, Procedure, Death warrant, Harvest, Prearrange, Warrant of attorney, Coif, Chisel, Deal with, Modify, Input oscillation, Lines, Feeling, Ready, Affair, Hunting, Measure, Bob, Dispose of, Caveat, Treat, The drill, Stock up, Warrant, Deploy, Permanent wave, Summons, Repair, Manipulate, Hairstyle, Overcorrection of error, Excrescence, Arrange, Clear for action, Fieri facias, Blueprint, Trim, Permanent, Warrant of arrest, Settle preliminaries, Alter, Operation, Barber, Travel, Activity, Mandate, Clear the decks, Course, Routine, Pump, Tack, Method, Injunction, Smelt, Manner of working, Procure materials, Refine, Line, Organize, Conk, Tone, Plan, Analog process, Bench warrant, Proceeding, Pretreat, Guise, Cruise, Stock, Excrescency

How to use Process in a sentence?

  1. Out of 334 pairs of pairs, the triangular process took place 58 times in both the bones of the pair.
  2. Different stages of wool processing.
  3. Think about the process and move on. However, take the time to figure out what you really do.
  4. It has been found that adoption is a very difficult process for Jane because she does not have a permanent income and cannot guarantee her abilities as a caregiver.
  5. The process of making plastic pipes takes place throughout the factory, as we will show in the next visit.
  6. The plaintiff has to present his complaint and the defendant has to present it.
  7. Military operations could jeopardize the peace process.

Meaning of Process & Process Definition