Definition of Component:

  1. Entry, Part, Part, Set or Substitute that can be individually identified, a system or subset that is (1) required to complete or complete an activity, item or task, (2) specific And requires a function in the process to be included as part of a filled system or (3) manufactured, packaged and labeled products. Ingredients are usually separated into one component and are indispensable for a particular use or application. Costs are generally considered to be very small or non-existent.

  2. Make it part of a larger whole.

  3. Parts or parts of large assemblies, especially engines or car parts.

Synonyms of Component

Elementary, Sampling, Anode, Clock, Actuator, Capacitator, Remainder, Hyle, Material world, Grid, Fraction, Generator, Modulator, Substratum, Nature, Brute matter, Integrant, Division, Regenerator, Photocathode, Reluctance amplifier, Part, Physical world, Detail, Integral, Earth, Subdivision, Cross section, Item, Piece, Electrode, Cathode, Element, Atom, Circumstance, Stuff, Particular, Constituent, Adjunct, Ingredient, Material, Unit of being, Filament, Meter relay, Part, Percentage, Thermal timing relay, Converter, Substance, Constituent, Makings, Chemical element, Detachment, Transmitter, Feature, Random sample, Quarter, Transducer, Dole, Fire, Parcel, Resistor, Integral, Segment, Plenum, Appurtenance, Subgroup, Fixings, Fundamental particle, Sector, Specialty, Magnetic relay, Share, Plate, Trigatron, Atomic particles, Water, Constituent, Installment, Monad, Part and parcel, Ingredient, Building block, Elementary particle, Sample, Base, Oscillator, Pressure transducer, Bit, Element, Aspect, Relay, Contents, Effector, Formative, Control resistor, Portion, Matter, Control relay, Amplifier, Subspecies, Materiality, The four elements, Molecule, Feedback amplifier, Reactor, Quota, Inductor, Natural world, Contingent, Quadrant, Section, Hypostasis, Factor, Elementary unit, Air, Servo amplifier

How to use Component in a sentence?

  1. A computer consists of many components that make it. However, the most important part is the central processing unit, or CPU, where the brains of the machines are located.
  2. Stereo component
  3. The light from the paradigm is divided into partial colors.
  4. There is an individual factor with which my friend left the equation in his analysis that I am quick to point out.
  5. When buying small sets of building blocks, Petsy distributes all the components and makes sure they are in place before making the toys.

Meaning of Component & Component Definition

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