Definition of Standards:

  1. GATT definition: Technical specifications contained in a document that lays characteristics of a product such as levels of quality, performance, safety, or dimensions. Standards may include or deal exclusively with terminology, symbols, testing and methods, packaging, or labeling requirements as they apply to a product. See also standard.

  2. Something used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

  3. Used or accepted as normal or average.

  4. A military or ceremonial flag carried on a pole or hoisted on a rope.

  5. (of a tree or shrub) growing on an erect stem of full height.

  6. A level of quality or attainment.

  7. General: Written definition, limit, or rule, approved and monitored for compliance by an authoritative agency or professional or recognized body as a minimum acceptable benchmark. Standards may be classified as (1) government or statutory agency standards and specifications enforced by law, (2) proprietary standards developed by a firm or organization and placed in public domain to encourage their widespread use, and (3) voluntary standards established by consultation and consensus and available for use by any person, organization, or industry. Once established, standards (like bureaucracies) are very difficult to change or dislodge. For example, the world standard for broad gauge railway line is 4 feet and 8½ inches between the parallel tracks. This odd figure has its origin in the axle-width of Roman army chariots designed to accommodate the rear ends of two horses yoked side-by-side.

  8. An upright water or gas pipe.

  9. (especially with reference to jazz or blues) a tune or song of established popularity.

  10. A tree or shrub that grows on an erect stem of full height.

Synonyms of Standards

Flag, Banner, Pennant, Pennon, Streamer, Ensign, Colour, Colours, Banderole, Guideline, Norm, Yardstick, Benchmark, Gauge, Measure, Criterion, Guide, Touchstone, Model, Pattern, Example, Exemplar, Paradigm, Ideal, Archetype, Specification, Requirement, Rule, Principle, Law, Canon, Normal, Usual, Typical, Stock, Common, Ordinary, Customary, Conventional, Habitual, Accustomed, Expected, Wonted, Everyday, Regular, Routine, Day-to-day, Daily, Established, Settled, Set, Fixed, Traditional, Quotidian, Prevailing, Quality, Level, Grade, Degree, Worth, Calibre, Merit, Excellence

How to use Standards in a sentence?

  1. The wages are low by todays standards.
  2. A lot of songs go country-western; others take on the form of jazz standards and bossa nova pop.
  3. Standard trees are useful for situations where immediate height is needed.
  4. Ben had very high standards for himself since he had never lost a football game and felt everyone expected so much from him.
  5. Sir Marcus Worsley gave a tribute to the Queen Mother and members of the Malton and Norton branch of the Royal British Legion carried a standard.
  6. In order to fit into the group, I had to follow all of their standards that they had set, which made for a boring time.
  7. The standard rate of income tax.
  8. Their restaurant offers a high standard of service.
  9. Keeping high standards for those in your office will make sure that everyone is always on their toes and ready to go.

Meaning of Standards & Standards Definition

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