Definition of Right:

  1. That which is morally correct, just, or honorable.

  2. A moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.

  3. On, toward, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing that is to the east when the person or thing is facing north.

  4. True or correct as a fact.

  5. Securities: Short-term special security or option issued commonly to existing stockholders (shareholders) that allows them to buy a new issue at a discounted price. See also franchise, prerogative, and privilege.

  6. On or to the right side.

  7. To the furthest or most complete extent or degree (used for emphasis).

  8. Restore to a normal or upright position.

  9. A group or party favoring conservative or reactionary views.

  10. General: (1) Justified, recognized, and protected (violation of which is unlawful) claim on, or interest in, specific tangible or intangible property. (2) Freedom, immunity, power, or privilege, due to one by agreement, birth, claim, guaranty, or by the application of legal, moral, or natural principles. Rights are divided into two main categories: (A) Liberty: right to something a right-holder cannot be prevented from, such as to speak freely or follow a particular belief, and (B) License: right to do something which is otherwise illegal, such as to sell liquor or drive a powered vehicle. Other categories of rights include: (1) Alienable: rights that can be taken away or transferred, such a property rights. (2) Civil: rights that accrue to all citizens of a country, such as rights to equality, good governance, and justice. (3) Entitlement: rights that specify what their holders would receive, such as an office holders rights, or beneficiarys rights under a trust. (4) Human: rights that belong to every member of humanity, such as rights to education, equity, fair-play, free association. (5) Inalienable: rights that cannot be taken away or transferred, such as right to justice or privacy. (6) Natural: rights that can neither be bestowed by a government nor abrogated by it, such as rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. (7) Prima facie: rights absolute in normal circumstances but which may be taken away in extraordinary situations, such as right to life annulled by a death penalty.

  11. Favoring conservative or reactionary views.

  12. In a satisfactory, sound, or normal state or condition.

  13. Correctly.

  14. Complete; absolute (used for emphasis, typically in derogatory contexts).

  15. Used to indicate ones agreement or to acknowledge a statement or order.

  16. Morally good, justified, or acceptable.

  17. The right-hand part, side, or direction.

Synonyms of Right

Completely, Fully, Entirely, Totally, Wholly, Absolutely, Altogether, Utterly, Thoroughly, Quite, Goodness, Rightness, Righteousness, Virtue, Virtuousness, Integrity, Rectitude, Uprightness, Principle, Propriety, Morality, Truth, Truthfulness, Honesty, Honour, Honourableness, Justice, Justness, Fairness, Equity, Equitableness, Impartiality, Right-hand, Dextral, At three oclock, Turn the right way up again, Turn back over, Set upright again, Stand upright again, Just, Fair, Equitable, Good, Upright, Righteous, Virtuous, Proper, Moral, Morally justified, Ethical, Honourable, Honest, Principled, Correctly, Accurately, Properly, Exactly, Precisely, Aright, Rightly, Perfectly, Unerringly, Faultlessly, Truly, Correct, Accurate, Without error, Unerring, Exact, Precise, Healthy, In good health, Fine, Hale, In good shape, In trim, In good trim, Well, Fit, Fighting fit, Normal, Sound, Up to par, Absolute, Complete, Total, Real, Out-and-out, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Downright, Perfect, Utter, Sheer, Consummate, Unmitigated, Unqualified, Veritable, In every respect, Unalloyed, Agreed, Settled, All right, Very well, Thats a bargain, Accepted, Right, Bill of Rights, Bircher, Bourbon, Christian, Declaration of Right, Epistle side, Magna Carta, Magna Charta, OK, Petition of Right, Roger, Tory, A propos, Absolute, Absolute interest, Absolute power, Absolutely, Absoluteness, Absolutism, Acceptable, Accepted, Accommodate, Accord, According to Hoyle, Accuracy, Accurate, Accurately, Acknowledged, Acknowledgment, Ad rem, Adapt, Adapted, Adequate, Adjust, Adjust to, Admitted, Advantageous, Advantageously, Advisable, All right, All there, Almighty, Alright, Alrighty, Amen, Amend, Appanage, Applicable, Apposite, Appropriate, Appropriately, Approved, Appurtenance, Apropos, Apt, Aptly, Aright, Arrange, Arrowlike, As is proper, As is right, As you say, Assimilate, Assuredly, Astarboard, At once, Attention to fact, Attune, Auspicious, Authentic, Authoritative, Authority, Avenge, Awfully, Aye, Balanced, Bang, Basis, Becoming, Befitting, Being done, Beneficial, Benefit, Birthright, Bitter-ender, Blameless, Bona fide, Bunkum, By all means, By right, By rights, Call, Canonical, Capitally, Care for truth, Cause, Certainly, Civil, Civil liberties, Civil rights, Claim, Clean, Clearheaded, Clearminded, Clockwise, Cognizance, Comely, Comeuppance, Comme il faut, Common, Compensate, Competence, Competency, Complete, Compos mentis, Condign, Condignly, Conditioned, Conformable, Congruous, Conjugal right, Conscientious, Conservatist, Conservative, Constituted authority, Constitutional rights, Contingent interest, Convenient, Conventional, Coordinate, Correct, Correctitude, Correctly, Correctness, Credit, Creditable, Crediting, Customary, Cut to, Da, De rigueur, Dead, Dead ahead, Dead right, Dead straight, Decanal side, Decent, Decorous, Defensibility, Defensible, Definitely, Delegated authority, Delicacy, Demand, Deserts, Deserved, Deserving, Desirable, Dexter, Dextrad, Dextral, Dextrally, Dextrocardial, Dextrocerebral, Dextrocular, Dextrogyrate, Dextrogyratory, Dextropedal, Dextrorotary, Dextrorse, Die, Die-hard, Diehard, Direct, Directly, Divine right, Done, Dovetailing, Droit, Drumhead justice, Due, Due north, Dueness, Duly, Easement, Emend, Equalize, Equitable, Equitable interest, Equitableness, Equity, Erect, Estate, Estimable, Ethical, Evangelical, Even, Evenhanded, Evenhandedness, Exact, Exactitude, Exactly, Exactness, Exceedingly, Excellently, Expedient, Expressly, Extreme right-winger, Face, Fact, Factual, Faculty, Fair, Fair and square, Fairly, Fairness, Faithful, Faithfully, Faithfulness, Famously, Faultless, Faultlessness, Favorable, Favorably, Feasible, Felicitous, Fidelity, Fine, Finely, Fineness, Firm, Fit, Fitted, Fitten, Fitting, Fittingly, Fix, Flat, Flawless, Flawlessness, Flush, Fogyish, Formal, Forthright, Forthwith, Foundation, Freedom, Front, Fructuous, Full, Full of integrity, Fundamentalist, Gear to, Geared, Genteel, Genuine, Give satisfaction, Give-and-take, Good, Good enough, Good reason, Goodness, Ground, Grounds, Hale, Happy, Hard hat, Harmonize, Healthy, Healthy-minded, Hear, High-minded, High-mindedness, High-principled, Highly respectable, Holding, Homologate, Homologize, Honest, Honestly, Honesty, Honorable, Honorableness, Horizontal, Human rights, Immaculate, Immediately, Imperialist, In a beeline, In a line, In all conscience, In all respects, In every respect, In line with, In reason, Inalienable right, Indeed, Indeedy, Indirect authority, Indubitable, Inequity, Inherent authority, Injustice, Instantly, Integrity, Interest, Inviolate, Ipsissimis verbis, Irreproachable, Irretrievably, Irrevocably, It is that, Ja, Jus divinum, Just, Just right, Just so, Justice, Justifiability, Justifiable, Justifiableness, Justification, Justified, Justly, Justness, Kerplunk, Key to, Kosher, Law-abiding, Law-loving, Law-revering, Lawful, Lawful authority, Lawfulness, Legal, Legal authority, Legal rights, Legality, Legitimacy, Letter-perfect, Level, Liberty, License, Licit, Likely, Limitation, Lineal, Linear, Literal, Literalism, Literality, Literally, Literalness, Literatim, Lucid, Mais oui, Make all square, Make good, Make plumb, Make right, Make uniform, Make up for, Manly, Material basis, Mathematical precision, Measure, Measure for measure, Meet, Meet and right, Meetness, Mend, Mentally sound, Merit, Merited, Meshing, Meticulous, Meticulousness, Mightily, Mighty, Monarchist, Moral, Morality, Most assuredly, Natural right, Natural rights, Naturally, Naturellement, Nemesis, Nice, Nicely, Niceness, Nicety, Nobility, Noble, Normal, Normative, Of course, Of sound mind, Of the faith, Off, Okay, Old liner, On the button, On the right, Only, Only too, Open, Opportune, Opportunely, Option, Order, Orthodox, Orthodoxical, Oui, Out-and-out, Overhaul, Part, Pat, Patch, Pay reparations, Percentage, Perfect, Perfection, Perfectly, Perquisite, Plain, Plop, Plumb, Plump, Plunk, Poetic justice, Point-blank, Politic, Positively, Power, Powerful, Powerfully, Precise, Precisely, Preciseness, Precision, Preferable, Preferred, Prerogative, Prescription, Presumptive right, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Pretty, Principal, Principled, Privilege, Profitable, Profitably, Promising, Promptly, Pronto, Proper, Proper claim, Properly, Properness, Property right, Propitious, Proportion, Propriety, Pure, Put, Put and call, Put in order, Put in shape, Put in tune, Put right, Put straight, Put to rights, Qualified, Quickly, Quite, Radical right, Rather, Rational, Reactionarist, Reactionary, Reactionist, Real, Really, Reason, Reasonable, Received, Recognition, Recognized, Recommendable, Recompense, Reconcile, Recondition, Reconstruct, Rectify, Rectilineal, Rectilinear, Rectitude, Recto, Redress, Reduce to order, Refinement, Regality, Regulate, Relevant, Remedy, Remunerate, Repair, Repay, Reputable, Requisite, Requite, Respectable, Retributive justice, Revamp, Revenge, Right and proper, Right as rain, Right away, Right field, Right hand, Right of entry, Right off, Right side, Right wing, Right you are, Right-hand, Right-minded, Right-wing, Right-winger, Right-wingish, Righteous, Rightful, Rightful authority, Rightfully, Rightfulness, Rightist, Rightly, Rightness, Righto, Rights, Rightward, Rightwardly, Rightwards, Rigidity, Rigidly, Rigor, Rigorous, Rigorously, Rigorousness, Royal prerogative, Royalist, Royally, Rude justice, Ruler-straight, Sane, Sane-minded, Satisfactorily, Satisfactory, Scales of justice, Scriptural, Scrupulous, Seasonable, Seemly, Sensible, Sensibly, Set, Set in order, Set right, Set straight, Set to rights, Set up, Settle, Settlement, Severity, Sharp, Sheer, Similarize, Simon-pure, Smack, Smack-dab, Smooth, So, Social Darwinist, Sort out, Sortable, Sound, Sound-minded, Spang, Speedily, Splendidly, Spotless, Spread, Square, Squarely, Stainless, Stake, Standard, Standpat, Standpatter, Starboard, Starboard tack, Stark, Sterling, Stock option, Straddle, Straight, Straight across, Straight ahead, Straight-cut, Straight-front, Straight-side, Straight-up-and-down, Straightaway, Straighten out, Straighten up, Straightforward, Straightforwards, Straightly, Strap, Strategic, Streamlined, Strict, Strict settlement, Strictly, Strictness, Strip, Substance, Subtlety, Sufficient, Suitable, Suitably, Suited, Suiting, Summary justice, Sure, Sure thing, Sure-enough, Surely, Swiftly, Sync, Synchronize, Tailor, Tailored, Terribly, Terrifically, Textual, Textualism, That is so, The letter, The say, The say-so, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Timely, Title, To be desired, To be fair, To be sure, To the letter, To the point, To the purpose, To the right, Together, Tolerable, Tory, Traditional, Traditionalistic, Trim to, True, True up, True-blue, True-dealing, True-devoted, True-disposing, True-souled, True-spirited, Truehearted, Truly, Trust, Truth, Truthful, Tune, Ultraconservative, Unalienable rights, Unalloyed, Unbending, Unbent, Unblemished, Unbowed, Unbroken, Uncorrupt, Uncorrupted, Uncurved, Undefiled, Undeflected, Undeviating, Undeviatingly, Undistorted, Undoubted, Unerringly, Unexceptional, Unimpeachable, Uninterrupted, Unmitigated, Unrelievedly, Unsnarl, Unspotted, Unstained, Unsullied, Unswerving, Unswervingly, Untarnished, Unturned, Unveeringly, Upper, Upright, Uprighteous, Uprightness, Upstanding, Urbane, Use, Useful, Utter, Valid, Vamp, Veracious, Verbally, Verbatim, Verbatim et litteratim, Veridical, Veritable, Vertical, Very, Very well, Vested authority, Vested interest, Vested right, Vicarious authority, Vindicate, Virtue, Virtuous, Virtuousness, Warrant, Warrantability, Warrantable, Warranted, Warrantedness, Well, Well and good, Well-timed, What is owing, What is right, Whip into shape, Whole, Wholesome, Why yes, Wise, Without delay, Without hesitation, Word by word, Word for word, Worthwhile, Worthy, Yea, Yeah, Yeomanly, Yep, Yes, Yes indeed, Yes indeedy, Yes sir, Yes sirree, You are right, You said it, You speak truly, Entitlement, Prerogative, Privilege, Advantage, Due, Birthright, Liberty, Authority, Authorization, Power, Licence, Permission, Dispensation, Leave, Consent, Warrant, Charter, Franchise, Sanction, Exemption, Immunity, Indemnity

How to use Right in a sentence?

  1. I agree with you that the situation is most unfortunate and that you lost a lot of money, but I am not sure you have the right to make demands.
  2. We righted the capsized dinghy.
  3. Turn right at Main Street.
  4. He had guessed right.
  5. She had every right to be angry.
  6. My right elbow.
  7. Being an American Citizen comes with certain inalienable right s, or privileges that cannot be taken away, such as the right of free speech, the right to practice religion, and the right to bear arms.
  8. She doesnt understand the difference between right and wrong.
  9. Take the first turning on the right.
  10. I hope were doing the right thing.
  11. That sausage doesnt smell right.
  12. The Right got in at the election.
  13. Im not sure I know the right answer.
  14. We all have the right to moan and complain about things if we dont like them and cant change them ourselves.
  15. The car spun right off the track.
  16. Are you politically right, left, or center?.

Meaning of Right & Right Definition


How Do You Define Right?

  • Guarantee for the shareholders of the company to apply for new joint shares before they are made public. It can usually be transferred and traded on the open market.

Meanings of Right

  1. Above, towards the human body or object or towards the east when the person or object is facing north.

  2. Prefer conservative or reactionary ideas.

  3. In wider or wider degree or degrees (used to emphasize)

  4. Okay fine

  5. A group or party that supports conservative or reactionary views.

  6. Used to indicate an agreement or to confirm a statement or order.

Sentences of Right

  1. Is it politically correct, left or center?

  2. Take the first right

  3. The law enters the election

  4. We turned the boat upside down

Synonyms of Right

at three o'clock, that's a bargain