Definition of Bank:

  1. The cushion of a pool table.

  2. A set or series of similar things, especially electrical or electronic devices, grouped together in rows.

  3. Heap (a substance) into a mass or mound.

  4. An establishment authorized by a government to accept deposits, pay interest, clear checks, make loans, act as an intermediary in financial transactions, and provide other financial services to its customers.

  5. (of a locomotive) provide additional power for (a train) in ascending an incline.

  6. (in pool and other games) play (a ball) so that it rebounds off a surface such as a backboard or cushion.

  7. (of an aircraft or vehicle) tilt or cause to tilt sideways in making a turn.

  8. A slope, mass, or mound of a particular substance.

  9. The land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake.

Synonyms of Bank

Tilt, Lean, Tip, Slant, Incline, Angle, Slope, List, Camber, Pitch, Dip, Cant, Be at an angle, Put at an angle, Slope, Rise, Incline, Gradient, Ramp, Acclivity, Tump, Pile, Pile up, Heap, Heap up, Stack, Stack up, Make a pile of, Make a heap of, Make a stack of, Edge, Side, Embankment, Levee, Border, Verge, Boundary, Margin, Rim, Fringe, Fringes, Flank, Brink, Perimeter, Circumference, Extremity, Periphery, Limit, Outer limit, Limits, Bound, Bounds, Array, Row, Line, Tier, Group, Series, Bank of England, Bank of France, Federal Reserve bank, Fort Knox, Indian file, Indian reservation, International Monetary Fund, Lombard Street bank, Swiss bank, World Bank, Abatis, Abutment, Advanced work, Align, Anthill, Arc-boutant, Arch dam, Archives, Arm, Armor, Armor-plate, Armory, Array, Arsenal, Articulation, Ascend, Attic, Backstop, Balistraria, Bamboo curtain, Bank up, Banquette, Bar, Barbed-wire entanglement, Barbican, Barrage, Barricade, Barrier, Bartizan, Basement, Bastion, Battle, Battlement, Bay, Beach, Beam, Bear-trap dam, Beaver dam, Berm, Bet on, Bevel, Bezel, Bin, Bird sanctuary, Blockade, Board, Bonded warehouse, Bookcase, Boom, Border, Bordure, Box, Branch bank, Breakwater, Breastwork, Brick wall, Brim, Brink, Broadside, Brow, Buffer, Build on, Bulkhead, Bulwark, Bundle away, Bunker, Burn, Bursary, Buttery, Buttress, Buttress pier, Buttressing, Buzz, Cache, Calculate, Cant, Careen, Cargo dock, Casemate, Cash register, Cashbox, Castellate, Catena, Catenation, Cellar, Central bank, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Cheek, Chest, Cheval-de-frise, Chop, Chute, Circumvallation, Clearing house, Climb, Closet, Coal mine, Coast, Coastland, Coastline, Cock, Coffer, Cofferdam, Coin box, Colliery, Commercial bank, Compact, Concatenation, Concentrate, Conflagrate, Connection, Consecution, Conservatory, Continuum, Contravallation, Coral reef, Count on, Counterscarp, Course, Crab, Crate, Credit union, Crenellate, Crib, Cupboard, Curtain, Cycle, Dam, Decline, Defense, Demibastion, Depend, Deposit, Depository, Depot, Descend, Descent, Dig in, Diggings, Dike, Dip, Ditch, Dock, Drawbridge, Drawer, Drift, Drone, Drop, Dump, Dune, Earthwork, Easy slope, Edge, Embankment, Embattle, Enclosure, Endless belt, Endless round, Enkindle, Entanglement, Entrench, Escarp, Escarpment, Exchequer, Fall, Fall away, Fall off, Fan the flame, Farm loan bank, Feather, Featheredge, Federal land bank, Feed, Feed the fire, Fence, Fieldwork, File, Filiation, Finance company, Finance corporation, Fire, Fisc, Fishtail, Flange, Flank, Flat, Fleam, Flying buttress, Ford, Foreshore, Forest preserve, Fortalice, Fortification, Fortify, Frame, Fringe, Gamble on, Game reserve, Gamut, Garrison, Gate, Gentle slope, Glacis, Glory hole, Go downhill, Go uphill, Godown, Gold depository, Gold mine, Gradation, Grade, Gradient, Gravity dam, Groin, Hand, Handedness, Hanging buttress, Hanging gardens, Haunch, Haycock, Haymow, Hayrick, Haystack, Heap, Heap up, Helicline, Hem, Hill, Hillside, Hip, Hoard, Hock shop, Hold, Hum, Hutch, Hydraulic-fill dam, Ignite, Inclination, Incline, Inclined plane, Inflame, Intend, Invest, Investment bank, Iron curtain, Ironbound coast, Jackpot, Jam, Jetty, Jowl, Jutty, Keel, Kindle, Kitty, Labellum, Labium, Labrum, Laterality, Launching ramp, Lay aside, Lay away, Lay down, Lay in, Lay in store, Lean, Leaping weir, Ledge, Lending institution, Levee, Library, Lido, Light, Light up, Limb, Limbus, Line, Line up, Lineage, Lip, List, Littoral, Locker, Lodge, Logjam, Loop, Loophole, Lot, Lumber room, Lumberyard, Lunette, Machicolation, Magasin, Magazine, Man, Man the garrison, Mantelet, Many-sidedness, Marge, Margin, Mass, Member bank, Merlon, Milldam, Mine, Moat, Mole, Molehill, Money chest, Moneyed corporation, Monotone, Mortgage company, Mound, Mountain, Mow, Multilaterality, Museum, Mutual savings bank, National bank, National forest, National park, Nexus, Nonmember bank, Open cut, Opencast, Outwork, Pack away, Palisade, Paradise, Parados, Parapet, Park, Pawnbroker, Pawnbrokery, Pawnshop, Pendulum, Penny bank, Periodicity, Pier, Pier buttress, Piggy bank, Pile, Pile up, Pit, Pitch, Plage, Plan, Planking, Playa, Plenum, Plow, Pool, Pork barrel, Porpoise, Portcullis, Postern gate, Pot, Powder train, Preserve, Profile, Progression, Public crib, Public till, Public treasury, Public trough, Pull out, Pull up, Push down, Put away, Pyramid, Quarry, Quarter, Queue, Rack, Ragged edge, Rake, Ramp, Rampart, Range, Rank, Ravelin, Reckon on, Recurrence, Redan, Redoubt, Reef, Rekindle, Relight, Relume, Repertory, Reposit, Repository, Reservation, Reserve, Reserve bank, Reservoir, Retaining wall, Reticulation, Retreat, Rick, Rim, Rise, Riverside, Riviera, Roadblock, Rock-fill dam, Rockbound coast, Roll, Rotation, Round, Routine, Row, Run, Safe, Safe-deposit box, Sally port, Salt away, Salt down, Sanctuary, Sandbank, Sandbar, Sands, Save, Savings bank, Scale, Scarp, Sconce, Sea line, Sea margin, Seabank, Seabeach, Seaboard, Seacliff, Seacoast, Seashore, Seaside, Seawall, Selvage, Sequence, Series, Set aside, Set fire to, Set on fire, Shaft, Shallow, Shallows, Shelf, Shelve, Shelving beach, Shingle, Shoal, Shoal water, Shore, Shoreline, Shoulder, Shutter dam, Side, Sideline, Sideslip, Siding, Sidle, Single file, Skid, Skirt, Slant, Slope, Snowbank, Snowdrift, Spectrum, Spin, Spiral, Squirrel away, Stack, Stack room, Stack up, Stake, Stakes, Stash, State bank, State forest, Steep slope, Stiff climb, Stir the fire, Stock room, Stockade, Stoke, Stoke the fire, Stone wall, Storage, Store, Store away, Storehouse, Storeroom, Stow, Stow away, Stow down, Strand, Strike a light, String, String out, Strong room, Strongbox, Stunt, Submerged coast, Subtreasury, Succession, Supply base, Supply depot, Swag, Swath, Sway, Talus, Tank, Temple, Tenaille, Thread, Tidal flats, Tidewater, Tier, Tiger, Till, Tilt, Tip, Torch, Touch off, Train, Treasure house, Treasure room, Treasure-house, Treasury, Trust company, Trust in, Undulate, Unilaterality, Uprise, Vallation, Vallum, Vat, Vault, Venture, Verge, Wager, Wall, Warehouse, Waterfront, Waterside, Weir, Wetlands, Wicket dam, Wilderness preserve, Wildlife preserve, Windrow, Wine cellar, Work, Workings, Yaw

How to use Bank in a sentence?

  1. Willows lined the bank.
  2. I banked the eight ball off two cushions.
  3. I didnt have any money to hang out with my friends, so I went to the bank to take some money out of my account.
  4. The DJ had big banks of lights and speakers on either side of his console.
  5. When starting a small business it is important to establish good communication with a bank in order to obtain the necessary business loans.
  6. The plane banked as if to return to the airport.
  7. I went to the bank yesterday and I had to wait an hour in line to deposit my weekly paycheck into my checking account.
  8. A bank of snow.
  9. A bank shot.
  10. The rain banked the soil up behind the gate.

Meaning of Bank & Bank Definition

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What is The Meaning of Bank?

  1. Bank means, An unofficial, non-contractual, multi-year summary of the total premiums offered to insurance companies, which pays the insurance companies, the insurance program, any losses in the life of the disaster program in general. For example, allocating ڈالر 10,000 in prizes every five years without loss would represent a bank of 50,000.

  2. Banks are financial institutions that have the power to raise reserves and provide loans. Banks can offer financial services, such as asset management, currency exchange and SAFEs. There are many types of banks, including private, commercial or corporate banks and investment banks. In most countries, banks are controlled by the national government or the central bank.

    • Banks are financial institutions authorized to accept deposits and lend.
    • There are several types of banks, including private, commercial and investment banks.
    • In most countries, banks are controlled by the national government or the central bank.

Meanings of Bank

  1. Disembark or by a river or lake.

  2. The shield of a particular material, massive or mountainous.

  3. Seats or rows of similar items, especially electric or electronic tools, are grouped in rows.

  4. Pool table cushions

  5. Accumulation (substance) in a mass or pile.

  6. Tilt or tilt when turning (from an airplane or car).

  7. (From locomotive) provides extra energy when going up the hill (train).

  8. (In billiards and other sports) you play (the ball) so that it bounces on the surface like a table or pillow.

  9. Financial institutions that spend the money saved by consumers pay as needed, lend at interest and exchange currency.

  10. Bank deposit (cash or valuables)

Sentences of Bank

  1. Line up at Willow Banks

  2. Snow shore

  3. On each side of the console is a large collection of DJ lights and speakers

  4. Bankruptcy

  5. The rain has collected dust behind the door

  6. The plane overturned as if it were returning to the airport

Synonyms of Bank

financial institution, pay in


Bank: What is the Meaning of Bank?

  • Definition of Bank: The total amount of non-insurance, non-contract and multi-year premiums that are paid to the reinsurer is low losses paid over the life of the reinsurance program, usually a disaster program. For example, allocating a premium of 10,000 every 5 years would represent a bank with a loss of $ 50,000.

  • Banks are financial institutions authorized to take deposits and loans. Banks can also offer financial services such as asset management, currency exchange and secure deposit boxes. There are many types of banks, including retail banks, commercial or corporate banks, and investment banks. In most countries, banks are controlled by the national government or the central bank.

    • Banks are financial institutions authorized to take deposits and loans.
    • There are many types of banks, including retail, commercial and investment banks.
    • In most countries, banks are controlled by the national government or the central bank.

Meanings of Bank

  1. Landing by a river or lake or at an angle.

  2. A large mass or pile of a particular substance.

  3. Collection of similar items, including electrical or electronic devices, grouped in rows

  4. Heaps (substances) in people or dunes.

  5. Bending or bending during a turn (in the case of aircraft or vehicles).

  6. (A locomotive) (train) gives extra power to climb hills.

  7. Land management (of fishermen) (fishing)

  8. Play (snooker) (ball) so that it bounces off the surface like a pillow.

  9. Financial institutions that use consumer funds for investment purposes, transfer them if necessary, issue interest-bearing loans and exchange currencies.

  10. I keep (money or valuables) in the bank.

Sentences of Bank

  1. Wolves river line.

  2. Grass bank

  3. The DJ has lots of lights and speakers on both sides of the console.

  4. The rain froze on the ground behind the door.

  5. The plane bends over as if returning to the airport.

  6. Build a four-cylinder engine from Bank Train to Lake Hill.

  7. This is the largest rainbow trout ever saved.

  8. He may have sent the check to the wrong account.

Synonyms of Bank

save up, building society, put by, bourn, clearing bank, keep, deposit one's money with, panel, be a customer of, hillock, knoll, mortgagee, put by for a rainy day, savings and loan (association), accumulation, pile (up), eminence, put aside, heap (up), have an account at, prominence, console, accumulate, keep in reserve


Definition of Bank:

  • The total amount of informal, non-contractual and multi-year premiums paid to the reinsurer is less than the losses paid by the reinsurer over the life of the reinsurance program, usually the disaster program. For example, allocating a premium of $ 10,000 every 5 years without any loss would represent a bank of $ 50,000.

  • Bank means: Banks are financial institutions authorized to accept deposits and lend. Banks can also offer financial services such as asset management, currency exchange and secure deposit boxes. There are many types of banks, including retail banks, commercial or corporate banks, and investment banks. In most countries, banks are regulated by the national government or the central bank.

    • Banks are financial institutions authorized to accept deposits and lend.
    • There are several types of banks, including retail, commercial and investment banks.
    • In most countries, banks are regulated by the national government or the central bank.

Meanings of Bank

  1. Collection of identical items, including electrical or electronic devices, grouped in rows.

  2. Mass or mound (substance).

  3. Tilt or tilt during a turn (in the case of aircraft or vehicles).

  4. (A train) gives extra strength to climb hills.

  5. Manage (the fisherman's) land (fish).

Sentences of Bank

  1. The DJ has lots of lights and speakers on either side of the console.

  2. The plane is tilting as if returning to the airport.

  3. Build four-cylinder train locomotives on Lucky Slope

Synonyms of Bank

high-street bank, assemble, stash (away), put together, deal with, barrow, merchant bank, tumulus, elevation, garner, lay by, lender, amass, hummock, do business with, put/be at an angle, stack (up), thrift, hump, finance house