Definition of Evidence:

  1. Evidence of the presence or absence of documents, records, objects and other elements or the presence or absence of alleged or disputed facts which the court is investigating.

  2. The methods and rules for guiding and organizing facts in court are collectively called evidence of rights.

  3. Available facts or information that indicate whether a belief or statement is true or false.

  4. Be proof or show.

Synonyms of Evidence

Verification, Show, Basis, General information, Expose to view, Cue, Hard information, Whiff, Familiarization, Certification, Enact, Illustrate, Sign, Definiteness, Datum, Obviousness, Embody, Plainness, Facts, Light, Tangibility, Incarnation, Signify, Statement, Indicate, Intimation, Spotlight, Wave, Documentation, Perspicuity, Display, Hint, Dispatch, Blue book, Exhibit, Message, Handout, Evidentness, Substantiation, Transmission, Confirmation, Affirmation, Factual information, Confirmation, Cue word, Bring forward, Manifestness, Evince, Summation, Crystal-clearness, Visibility, Epiphany, Openness to sight, Parade, Furnish evidence, Denote, Bring out, Connote, Breathe, Be evidence of, Vestige, Witness, Word, Percipi, Mention, Make plain, High visibility, Averment, White paper, Token, Manifest, Dangle, Testimony, Scent, Data, Indicate, Revelation, Give indication of, Confirm, Unfold, Signalize, Intelligence, Reveal, Imply, Attestation, Support, Demonstrate, Grounds, Theophany, Mark, Affirmation, Disclose, Gen, Signify, Release, Assertion, Give sign, Present, Unmistakableness, Avatar, Express, Announcement, Brandish, Highlight, Denote, Notice, Summing up, Report, Testimonial, Attest, Key word, Information, Evince, The goods, Seeing, Expression, Visibility zero, Pneumatophany, Corroboration, Knowledge, Bring forth, Key, Bear witness, Speak volumes, Develop, Publicity, Bring to notice, Documentation, Illuminate, Enlightenment, Instruction, Proof, Flaunt, Trace, Bulletin, Disclosure, Involve, Directory, Display, Clarity, Overtness, Tell, Expose, Materialize, Proof, Prominence, Corroboration, Authentication, Incidental information, Betoken, Definition, Angelophany, The dope, Give token, Manifest, The know, Conspicuity, Indication, Openness, Telltale, Spoor, Argument, Exhibit, Proclaim, Verification, Argue, Patentness, Clue, Unquestionability, Promotional material, Produce, Bring into view, Ceiling, Index, Dissemination, Suggestion, Presentation, Significant, Tend to show, Suggest, Attestation, Embodiment, Substantiation, Christophany, Satanophany, Bespeak, Materialization, Palpability, Sidelight, Account, Approve, Ceiling unlimited, Guidebook, Manifestation, Symptomatize, Mean, Show forth, Flourish, Validation, Go to show, Testament, Distinctness, Testify, Speak for itself, Show, Represent, Set forth, Reveal, Atmospheric visibility, Briefing, Lead, Tip-off, Communication, Trot out, Prove, Perform, Acquaintance, Notification, Communique, Low visibility, Catchword, Appearance, Clearness, The scoop, Make clear, Roll out, Dramatize, Deposition, Demonstration, Conspicuousness, Apparentness, Symptom, Affect, Visibility unlimited, Point to, Incarnate, Hot lead, Evincement, Divulge, Affidavit, Show signs of, Publication, Info, White book

How to use Evidence in a sentence?

  1. This study found very little clear evidence of discrimination.
  2. Defendant needs additional evidence before sentencing and, if there is no clear evidence, the accused can leave.
  3. Remains of the Neolithic building testify to the fact that it has been inhabited since ancient times.
  4. Evidence includes a gun and security footage of the defendant's fingerprints when he entered the building shortly before committing the crime.
  5. Detectives spy on the apartment, hoping to find important evidence that he committed a crime.

Meaning of Evidence & Evidence Definition

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What is Evidence?

  • Anything that can be used to prove or disprove alleged facts.

  • Evidence definition is: Evidence or attachments received by the court at each stage of the court process.

Meanings of Evidence

  1. A collection of available facts or information that indicates whether a belief or statement is true or false.

Sentences of Evidence

  1. It has been inhabited since ancient times and evidence of colonial buildings has been found

  2. The study found almost no evidence of indirect discrimination.

Synonyms of Evidence

clincher , grounds , declaration , witness , documentation , dope , testament , grabber , corroboration , significant , averment , confirmation , symptom , indicia , testimony , sign , smoking gun , clue , info , affirmation , index , data , gospel , token


Evidence Definition:

  1. Evidence definition is: Evidence or documents received by the court at each stage of the judicial process.

Meanings of Evidence

  1. A set of available facts or information that indicates whether a belief or statement is true or false.

  2. Approves

Sentences of Evidence

  1. The study found almost no evidence of discrimination.

  2. The quality of the bracelet, as proven by the manufacturer, is excellent.

Synonyms of Evidence

attest to, endorse, testify to, bear out, grounds for, verify, support for, give credence to, back up, substantiate, backing for, reinforcement for