Definition of Verification:

  1. Alternative term for acknowledgement.

  2. The process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of something.

  3. Comparison of two or more items, or the use of supplementary tests, to ensure the accuracy, correctness, or truth of the information.

Synonyms of Verification

Confirmation, Substantiation, Corroboration, Attestation, Affirmation, Validation, Authentication, Endorsement, Accreditation, Ratification, Establishment, Certification, Acid test, Affirmation, Ascertainment, Assay, Assurance, Attestation, Authentication, Backing, Backing up, Bearing out, Blank determination, Bolstering, Brouillon, Buttressing, Certification, Check, Checking, Circumstantiation, Collation, Comparative scrutiny, Confirmation, Corroboration, Corroboratory evidence, Criterion, Cross-check, Crucial test, Crucible, Determination, Docimasy, Documentation, Ensuring, Essay, Establishment, Feeling out, First draft, Fortification, Kiteflying, Ordeal, Probation, Proof, Proving, Proving out, Ratification, Reassurance, Reassurement, Reinforcement, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Sounding out, Standard, Strengthening, Substantiation, Support, Supporting evidence, Test, Test case, Touchstone, Trial, Try, Undergirding, Validation

How to use Verification in a sentence?

  1. You will need to go through a verification process to accomplish certain things and at times it can be quite lenghty.
  2. We trust, but need verification , is what was said to the leader of the team who contacted the representative of the company.
  3. The verification of official documents.
  4. Before I could become a member of the site, I had to check my email for an email verification link that would grant me membership on the site.

Meaning of Verification & Verification Definition