Definition of Property:

  1. Hotel industry: Specific hotel or hotel complex owned by an entity such as a hotel chain.

  2. General: Quality or thing owned or possessed.

  3. Law: Article, item, or thing owned with the rights of possession, use, and enjoyment, and which the owner can bestow, collateralize, encumber, mortgage, sell, or transfer, and can exclude everyone else from it. Two basic kinds of property are (1) Real (land), involving a degree of geographical fixity, and (2) Personal (anything other than real property) which does not involve geographical fixity. Personal property is subdivided into tangible property (any physical animate or inanimate object) and intangible property (intellectual property).

Synonyms of Property

Acreage, Acres, Adverse possession, Affection, Affluence, Alodium, Aroma, Assets, Attribute, Available means, Badge, Balance, Banner, Belongings, Blackface, Body-build, Bottomless purse, Brand, Bulging purse, Burgage, Cachet, Capital, Capital goods, Capitalization, Cast, Character, Characteristic, Characteristics, Chattels, Chattels real, Claim, Clown white, Colony, Complexion, Composition, Configuration, Constituents, Constitution, Costume, Crasis, Cut, De facto, De jure, Demesne, Dependency, Derivative title, Device, Dharma, Diathesis, Differentia, Differential, Disposition, Distinctive feature, Domain, Dominion, Earmark, Easy circumstances, Effects, Embarras de richesses, Estate, Ethos, Feature, Fee fief, Fee position, Fee simple, Fee simple absolute, Fee simple conditional, Fee simple defeasible, Fee simple determinable, Fee tail, Feodum, Feud, Fiber, Fiefdom, Figure, Flavor, Fortune, Frame, Frankalmoign, Free socage, Freehold, Fund, Gavelkind, Gear, Genius, Gold, Grain, Greasepaint, Grist, Grounds, Gust, Habit, Hallmark, Handsome fortune, Having title to, High income, High tax bracket, Hold, Holding, Holdings, Honor, Hue, Humor, Humors, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Ilk, Image, Impress, Impression, Independence, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Individualism, Insignia, Keynote, Kind, Knight service, Land, Landed property, Lands, Lay fee, Lease, Leasehold, Legal claim, Legal possession, Lineaments, Liquid assets, Lot, Lots, Lucre, Luxuriousness, Makeup, Mammon, Mandate, Mannerism, Manor, Mark, Marking, Material wealth, Means, Measure, Messuage, Mold, Money, Money to burn, Moneybags, Nature, Note, Occupancy, Occupation, Oddity, Odor, Opulence, Opulency, Original title, Owning, Paraphernalia, Parcel, Particularity, Peculiarity, Pelf, Physique, Picture, Plat, Plot, Possessing, Possession, Possessions, Possessorship, Practical piece, Praedium, Preoccupancy, Preoccupation, Prepossession, Prescription, Prop, Property rights, Proprietary, Proprietary rights, Proprietorship, Prosperity, Prosperousness, Quadrat, Quality, Quiddity, Quirk, Real estate, Real property, Realty, Representation, Representative, Resource, Resources, Riches, Richness, Savor, Seal, Seisin, Shape, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signature, Singularity, Six-figure income, Smack, Socage, Somatotype, Sort, Specialty, Spirit, Squatting, Stamp, Streak, Stripe, Sublease, Substance, Suchness, Supply, Sure sign, Symptom, System, Taint, Tang, Taste, Telltale sign, Temper, Temperament, Tenancy, Tenantry, Tendency, Tenements, Tenor, Tenure, Tenure in chivalry, Theatrical makeup, Title, Toft, Token, Tone, Trait, Treasure, Trick, Type, Underlease, Undertenancy, Upper bracket, Usucapion, Vein, Villein socage, Villeinhold, Villenage, Virtue, Way, Wealth, Wealthiness, Worth

How to use Property in a sentence?

  1. When shopping for a new home, it is important to check that the property you are interested in is graded properly so that water will flow away from the house.
  2. There was a lot of stolen property from the museum at my friends house and I wondered if he was the museum thief they were talking about on the television.
  3. The Mitchells recently bought some desolated property in southern Florida, and are planning to build a beach house on the land.

Meaning of Property & Property Definition

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What is The Definition of Property?

  1. Ownership is a term used to describe anything that has the legal rights of a person or company that gives the owner certain applicable rights to those assets. Examples of immovable property, which may be tangible or impregnable, include automobiles, industrial plants, furniture and real estate, later called real estate. Most properties have current or potential financial value and are therefore considered an asset. However, in certain cases, the property may be inactive at the same time. For example, if a consumer is injured on a commercial property, the business owner may be legally responsible for paying the injured person's medical bills.

    • Property is something that a person or company has a legal right to.
    • Assets can be tangible items, such as a house, car or goods, or they can refer to invincible items that promise a future value, such as stocks and bond certificates.
    • Intellectual property refers to ideas such as logos and patent design.
    • Owners can also be held liable in cases where the business owner is liable for medical expenses incurred by consumers who encounter a breach of their commercial property.

  2. The definition of Property is: This refers to buildings (roofs, walls, windows and permanent fixtures such as ■■■■■■ kitchens, bathrooms and built-in rooms) and surrounding areas (including corridors, roofs, decks and buildings).

Meanings of Property

  1. Something or things that belong to someone.

  2. The attribute, quality or feature of something.

Sentences of Property

  1. Oliver wanted his belongings out of the house

  2. Thermal properties of metal at equal speeds

Synonyms of Property

things, worldly goods, personal effects, stuff, movables, power


What is Property?

Property refers to Something of value that belongs to a person or company.

Coverage that protects insured persons from a variety of hazards to protect personal or real property from damage or loss , Hail, damage including water, explosions, civil unrest, civil unrest, rain or damage caused by aircraft or vehicles.


Definition of Property:

Meaning of Property: Property In the context of immovable property, investments are usually made in commercial real estate, such as offices, commercial and industrial buildings.

It is an immovable property immovable investment covering a wide range of assets, including (property) offices, retail (purchasing), industrial, hotel and leisure properties and residential properties.


What Does Property Mean?

  • Ownership is a term used to refer to something that is legally owned by a person or company and gives certain rights to those things. Examples of real estate that may or may not work include cars, industrial plants, furniture, and real estate, often referred to as real estate. Most properties have current or full dollar value and are considered STS there. But property can also become law in some cases. For example, if a consumer is injured on a commercial property, the company may be legally responsible for paying the injured person's medical bills.

    • Ownership is something over which a person or company has legal control.
    • Assets can be trusted items, such as everyday items, cars or goods, or refer to valuables that promise real value, such as stock certificates and bonds.
    • Intellectual property refers to ideas such as logo design and patents.
    • The real estate offer may also include liability, which is the case when the commercial offer requires the customer to pay a medical bill for an injury to his or her commercial property.

  • Generally refers to a building (including ceilings, walls, windows, and permanent fixtures such as built-in cane units, built-in toilets and wardrobes) and surrounding areas (including hallways, courtyards, courtyards and outbuildings).

  • The definition of Property is: Because it has a price and a person or company works on it.

  • Property means, Insurance coverage that protects the patient from various risks from loss or damage to real property or personal property, including, electricity, business interruption, rent loss, broken glass, vines, storms, hail, water damage, riots, civil disturbances, Or rain damage caused by aircraft or vehicles.

  • In the context of TypeY, such as real estate, investments are usually made in commercial properties such as offices, SPs and industrial buildings.

  • Property means, This refers to direct investment in real estate, which includes a wide range of real estate, including office (commercial), retail (leisure center), industrial, telephone and leisure equipment, and residential real estate.

Meanings of Property

  1. An object or things belong to someone they collectively own.

Sentences of Property

  1. Heat properties to increase the metal evenly.

Synonyms of Property

goods and chattels, valuables, securities, personalty, patrimony, trek


Property Definition:

Ownership is a term used to refer to something that is legally owned by a person or company and provides certain rights to those items. Examples of real estate that may or may not be moving include cars, industrial plants, furniture and real estate, later called real estate. Most properties have current or full financial value and are considered sts. But these features can be linear in some situations at the same time. For example, if a consumer is injured on a commercial property, the company may be legally responsible for paying the injured person's medical bills.

  • Ownership is something over which a person or company has legal control.
  • Assets can be reliable goods, such as everyday items, cars or goods, or they can refer to delicate items that promise solid value, such as stock certificates and bonds.
  • Intellectual property refers to ideas such as logo design and patents.
  • The real estate offer may also include liability, which occurs if the commercial offer involves paying a customer a medical bill for an injury to their commercial property.

Generally refers to a building (including ceilings, walls, windows, and permanent fixtures such as built-in cane units, built-in toilets and closets) and surrounding areas (including hallways, courtyards, courtyards and outbuildings).

A song that has value and is directed by a person or company.

In the context of real estate as a type y, investments are usually made in commercial properties such as offices, SPs and industrial buildings.

A simple definition of Property is: This refers to direct investment in real estate, covering a wide range, including office (commercial), retail (leisure center), industrial, telephone and leisure equipment, and residential real estate.

Meanings of Property

  1. Anything or things that he collectively owns.

  2. An attribute, quality or attribute of something.

Sentences of Property

  1. Heat properties for dispersing metal at the same rate


A distinctive quality of material that can be tested and used to help people decide what is best for a particular purpose.

Mechanical properties are determined by applying force to a material to test, for example, its strength, hardness, wear resistance, machinability/machinability, elongation and elasticity.

Thermal properties are determined by applying different temperatures (such as or cold) to test whether a material expands, melts, conducts or absorbs heat (gets ), determines its boiling point, and changes color.

Chemical properties refer to the chemicals that make up a material (its composition) and how it can change, for example depending on the environment. B. Over time or exposure to weather, the odor deteriorates, becomes stained, corrosion resistant, heat resistant or flammable.

Electrical properties relate to how a material reacts when current flows through it or is placed in an electric field, for example. B. Whether the material conducts or resists electricity, or acts as an insulator.

Optical properties refer to how light reacts with a material, for example. B. opacity, transparency and reflectivity.

A property is a CSS term and roughly corresponds to an HTML tag. Properties determine how the style should be displayed on a particular web page.