Definition of Government:

  1. Organs that govern a nation, state, or community.

  2. The relationship between the word regulated and the word regulated.

  3. A group of people that governs a community or entity. Use executive power, politics and autonomy through the definition and management of public policies and the customs, institutions and laws of a country. Government can be divided into several types: democracy, republic, monarchy, elite and dictatorship are just a few of them.

Synonyms of Government

John Bull, Guardianship, Ministry, Hamlet, Talons, Territory, Empire, Directorate, Political behavior, The Crown, Husbandry, Executive, Management, Rule, Powers that be, Council, Ordering, Claws, Commune, Patronage, Regime, Guidance, The conn, Hand, Arrondissement, County, Hundred, Geopolitik, Borough, Sheriffalty, Stewardship, Political economy, Riding, The wheel, Administration, Township, Sovereignty, Superintendence, Direction, The Establishment, Command, Public administration, Wardship, Oblast, Soke, Power, Manipulation, Oversight, The government, Electoral district, Whitehall, Bailiwick, Pastorship, Governance, City, Conduct, Metropolitan area, District, Steerage, Wardenship, Iron hand, Political geography, Civics, Shire, Cure, Wapentake, Hands, Sway, Regulation, Uncle Sam, Authority, Town, Handling, Politics, Geopolitics, Care, Electorate, State, Archbishopric, Ward, Diocese, Empery, International relations, Political theory, Bishopric, Custody, Stake, Washington, The authorities, Political philosophy, Sheriffwick, Wing, Constablewick, Running, Auspices, Congressional district, Keeping, Metropolis, Poli-sci, Clutches, Managery, Leadership, Leading, Authority, Okrug, Shrievalty, Pastorate, Disposition, Region, Charge, Steering, Province, Departement, Safe hands, Tutelage, Political science, Archdiocese, Canton, Lead, Jurisdiction, Precinct, Parish, Grip, Dominion, Duchy, Pilotage, Village, Administration, Control, Protectorship, Regime, Pastorage, Principality, Raj, Reign, Regnancy, Magistracy, The helm, Managing, Custodianship, Domination, Management, Kreis, Watch and ward, Supervision

How to use Government in a sentence?

  1. When I asked the hotel receptionist if there were official rates at the hotel, he said I should put my KTP or KTP in the check-in.
  2. Many people think that the role of government in a capitalist country should be put aside and people are allowed to do something.
  3. With all kinds of business subject to government supervision and regulation, it is important that business people maintain good relationships with local government leaders.
  4. Federal government agency.
  5. It seems that English does not consider nouns and slashes with nouns in relation to nouns in relation to the position of the royal government.

Meaning of Government & Government Definition

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