Definition of Resource:

  1. Provide the necessary equipment, money, personnel and other assets to run (a person or organization) effectively.

  2. Stock or reserves of money, materials, personnel and other assets that an individual or organization can use effectively.

  3. An action or strategy that can be taken in adverse circumstances.

  4. Leisure work

  5. Economic or productive factors necessary to carry out an activity or start a business and achieve the desired results. The three most basic resources are land, labor and capital. Other resources are energy, entrepreneurship, information, experience, management and time.

Synonyms of Resource

Gimmick, Something in reserve, Divertissement, Dextrousness, Hobby, Deftness, Substitute, Craft, Unexpended balance, Plan, Working proposition, Aptitude, Artistry, Grist, Mastership, Capital, Measure, Worth, Jury-rig, Wizardry, Scheme, Subterfuge, Agency, Last resort, Stroke of policy, Trick, Measure, Recreation, Capital, Holdings, Improvisation, Dodge, Stockpile, Activity, Expertise, Contrivance, Coordination, Ability, Savoir-faire, Practical ability, Skill, Course of action, Quickness, Ingeniousness, Creation, Stroke, Invention, Money, Facility, Airmanship, Fortune, Stopgap, Manoeuvre, Working hypothesis, Wit, Mean, Method, Dernier ressort, Adeptness, Stratagem, Machination, Adroitness, Source of supply, Technical brilliance, Staple, Competence, Strength, Money, Finesse, Readiness, Cleverness, Assets, Stratagem, Grace, Know-how, Answer, Device, Diplomacy, Deep pockets, Backlog, Virtuosity, Bonanza, Proficiency, Cash, Recourse, Mine, Quick-wittedness, Fountain, Reserve fund, Savvy, Tool, Countermove, Action, Funds, Lode, Craftsmanship, Trump, Resort, Coup, Fashion, Artfulness, Plot, Reservoir, Capital goods, Pursuit, Tact, Mastery, Seamanship, Source, Resourcefulness, Temporary expedient, Interest, Cornucopia, Opportunity, Artifice, Capacity, Pastime, Wealth, Spring, Last expedient, Leisure activity, Mode, Resort, Dexterousness, Forte, Technique, Initiative, Style, Control, Maneuver, Reserve supply, Resources, Artisanship, Liquid assets, Method, Tactfulness, Ruse, Technical skill, Inventiveness, Possessions, Means, Cunning, Makeshift, Riches, Move, Manner, Savings, Way, Wellspring, Contraption, Solution, Cache, Timing, System, Gumption, Vein, Imagination, Efficiency, Course, Reserve, Assets, Capitalization, Sinking fund, Shake-up, Horsemanship, Dexterity, Skillfulness, Grip, String, Handiness, Quarry, Amusement, Quality, Expedient, Well, Supply, Refuge, Substance, Fund, Entertainment, Expediency, Workmanship, Funds, Property, Relief, Jury-rigged expedient, Last shift, Command, Tactic, Way, Ad hoc measure, Diversion, Capability, Effort, Technical mastery, Gold mine, Artifice, Fount, Bravura, Balance, Demarche, Trick, Means, Pis aller, Step, Wealth, Ingenuity, Shift, Reserves, Nest egg, Address, Talent, Possibility, Device, Imaginativeness, Riches, Font, Brilliance, Guts, Prowess, Available means, Expedient, Marksmanship, Surrogate, Hope

How to use Resource in a sentence?

  1. When a company provides marketing resources to its employees, it controls the messages and images that are delivered to the public.
  2. Make sure primary health workers have the resources.
  3. Men gather all available resources, from human strength to climate information, to decide when and where to plant their next corn crop.
  4. The local government complained of a lack of resources.
  5. Sometimes, anger is the only solution in such situations.
  6. I will use the library's history section as a resource for my report on the War of 1812, which will be released next week.

Meaning of Resource & Resource Definition


How Do You Define Resource?

  1. A simple definition of Resource is: Any physical item manufactured for commercial purposes. Australian resources include coal, gold, aluminum and oil.

Meanings of Resource

  1. Provides equipment, funds, personnel and other assets (to an individual or organization) necessary for efficient operation.

  2. Possession or booking of money, equipment, staff and other assets that an individual or organization can use to run a business effectively.

  3. An action or strategy that can be taken in effective situations.

  4. Recreational activity

Sentences of Resource

  1. Make sure basic health workers are properly resourced.

  2. Sometimes anger is the only option in such situations.

Synonyms of Resource

fortune , step , nest egg , expedient , talent , stock , ability , relief , way , support , stockpile , substance , resourcefulness , means , wealth , inventiveness , surrogate , riches , mode , creation , shift , method , device , stratagem , contrivance