Definition of Close:

  1. In a position so as to be very near to someone or something; with very little space between.

  2. Denoting a family member who is part of a persons immediate family, typically a parent or sibling.

  3. Alternative term for closing price (Definition 2).

  4. To conclude a deal, discussion, negotiation, or sales presentation.

  5. Uncomfortably humid or airless.

  6. Another term for high (sense 7 of the adjective).

  7. A short distance away or apart in space or time.

  8. (of observation, examination, etc.) done in a careful and thorough way.

Synonyms of Close

Careful, Detailed, Thorough, Minute, Painstaking, Meticulous, Assiduous, Diligent, Rigorous, Scrupulous, Conscientious, Attentive, Focused, Intent, Concentrated, Searching, Methodical, Autobahn, Spartan, US highway, Abandonment, Abbreviated, Abort, About, About to be, Abridged, Abstruse, Accented, Accommodate, Accost, Accurate, Adjacent, Adjust, Advance, Agree, Airless, Airtight, Alert, All but, Alley, Alleyway, Almost, Along toward, Alongside, Already in sight, Alveolar, Angustifoliate, Angustirostrate, Angustisellate, Angustiseptal, Apical, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Aposiopestic, Approach, Approaching, Appropinquate, Approximate, Approximately, Approximating, Approximative, Arcane, Arena, Arm-in-arm, Around, Arrange, Arterial, Arterial highway, Arterial street, Artery, Articulated, As good as, Assiduous, Assimilated, At close quarters, At hand, Attached, Attentive, Autistic, Autoroute, Autostrada, Avaricious, Avenue, Back, Bang, Bar, Barricade, Barytone, Bashful, Batten, Batten down, Battle, Bear down on, Bear down upon, Bear up, Beclouded, Belt highway, Bilabial, Blind, Blind alley, Block, Block up, Blockade, Bolt, Bonded, Boulevard, Box, Brawl, Breakoff, Breathless, Breezeless, Brewing, Brief, Bristling, Broad, Broil, Brusque, Buddy-buddy, Buried, Burning, Button, Button up, Bypass, Byway, Cabalistic, Cacuminal, Camino real, Careful, Carriageway, Causeway, Causey, Cease, Ceasing, Cemented, Censored, Center, Central, Centralize, Cerebral, Cessation, Chaussee, Cheap, Checked, Cheek-by-jowl, Chock, Choke, Choke off, Cincture, Circumferential, Circumscribed, Clap, Clash, Classified, Climax, Clinch, Clipped, Clos, Close, Close about, Close at hand, Close by, Close down, Close in, Close off, Close tight, Close up, Close with, Close-fitting, Close-knit, Close-lipped, Close-textured, Close-tongued, Close-woven, Closed, Closefisted, Closely, Closemouthed, Closing, Clouded, Collide, Combat, Come, Come closer, Come forward, Come near, Come on, Come to blows, Come together, Come up, Coming, Compact, Compacted, Compactly, Comparable, Compass, Compass about, Compendious, Complete, Completing, Completion, Compose, Compressed, Concealed, Concenter, Concentralize, Concentrate, Concentrated, Concise, Conclude, Conclusion, Concrete, Condensed, Confidential, Confine, Confined, Confining, Confront, Congested, Connect, Conscientious, Consolidated, Consonant, Consonantal, Constant, Constrict, Constricted, Contain, Container, Contend, Contest, Continuant, Contract, Contracted, Converge, Coop, Corduroy road, Correct, County road, Court, Courtyard, Cover, Covered, Covert, Crammed, Crammed full, Cramp, Cramped, Crawling, Crescent, Crisp, Critical, Croft, Crowd, Crowded, Cryptic, Cul-de-sac, Culmination, Curt, Curtilage, Cut, Cut and thrust, Dark, Dead-end street, Debar, Decline, Delicate, Delimited field, Demanding, Dense, Densely, Dental, Desinence, Desistance, Detailed, Determine, Devoted, Dike, Direct, Dirt road, Discontinuance, Discontinuation, Discontinue, Discreet, Disregard, Dissimilated, Dissociable, Docked, Dog, Dorsal, Draw near, Draw nigh, Drive, Driveway, Duel, Dumb, Dustproof, Dusttight, Eclipsed, Economical of words, Elliptic, Embay, Embosom, Embrace, Enclasp, Enclave, Enclose, Enclosure, Encompass, Encounter, End, Ending, Enfold, Enigmatic, Envelop, Environ, Enwrap, Epigrammatic, Esoteric, Establish, Evasive, Even, Exact, Exacting, Exchange blows, Exigent, Express, Expressway, Exquisite, Faithful, Fall in with, Familiar, Fast, Fast by, Fasten, Fastened, Fence, Feud, Field, Fight, Fight a duel, Fine, Finical, Finicking, Finicky, Finish, Finish up, Finishing, Firm, Firmly, Fix, Fixed, Flat, Fold, Fold up, Forthcoming, Forty, Freeway, Front, Full, Full development, Funnel, Fussy, Fusty, Future, Gain upon, Gasproof, Gastight, Gathering, Give and take, Give satisfaction, Glide, Glossal, Glottal, Glued, Gluey, Gnomic, Go around, Go round, Going to happen, Grapple, Grapple with, Gravel road, Ground, Guarded, Guttural, Hand and glove, Hand-in-hand, Hard, Hard by, Hardfisted, Heavily, Heavy, Hereabout, Hereabouts, Hermetic, Hermetically sealed, Hid, Hidden, High, Highroad, Highway, Highways and byways, Homestretch, Homologous, Hot, Humid, Hush-hush, Ignore, Ill-ventilated, Illiberal, Immediate, Imminent, Impendent, Impending, Impenetrable, Impermeable, In a cloud, In a fog, In danger imminent, In eclipse, In prospect, In purdah, In reserve, In spitting distance, In store, In the cards, In the neighborhood, In the offing, In the vicinity, In the wind, In the wings, In view, Incapacious, Incommodious, Incommunicado, Incompatible, Indisposed to talk, Inerrable, Inerrant, Infallible, Inseparable, Insociable, Instant, Intense, Intent, Intersect, Interstate highway, Intimate, Intonated, Invest, Involve, Isthmian, Isthmic, Jam, Jam-packed, Jammed, Join, Jostle, Joust, Just about, Key, Kill, Kraal, Labial, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Laconic, Lane, Lap, Lapse, Last lap, Last round, Last stage, Latch, Latent, Lateral, Lax, Light, Lightproof, Lighttight, Like, Limited, Lingual, Liquid, List, Local road, Lock, Lock out, Lock up, Looming, Lot, Low, Lowering, Lurking, Main drag, Main road, Make, Make up, Massive, Mathematical, Maturation, Maturity, Meager, Mean, Meet, Menacing, Meticulous, Mews, Micrometrically precise, Microscopic, Mid, Mingy, Minuscule, Minute, Miserly, Mix it up, Monophthongal, Mopey, Mopish, Morose, Motorway, Much at one, Much the same, Muggy, Mum, Musty, Mute, Muted, Mysterious, Narrow, Narrow the gap, Nasal, Nasalized, Near, Near at hand, Near the mark, Nearabout, Nearabouts, Nearby, Nearing, Nearish, Nearly, Nearly the same, Nice, Niggardly, Nigh, Nigh about, Nighhand, Nighish, Nip, Nongregarious, Nonporous, Not far, Not far from, Not quite, Obfuscated, Obscure, Obscured, Obstruct, Obturate, Occlude, Occlusive, Occult, Oilproof, Oiltight, On the horizon, Only a step, Open, Oppressive, Overhanging, Overlook, Oxytone, Pack, Packed, Padlock, Painstaking, Palatal, Palatalized, Pale, Paling, Pally, Palsy-walsy, Parcel of land, Park, Parkway, Parsimonious, Particular, Patch, Pave, Paved road, Pen, Penny-pinching, Penurious, Perfection, Perorate, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealized, Phonemic, Phonetic, Phonic, Pike, Pinch, Pinchfisted, Pinching, Pinpoint, Pitch, Pitched, Pithy, Place, Plank road, Plat, Plot, Plot of ground, Plumb, Pointed, Populous, Posttonic, Practically, Precise, Precisianistic, Precisionistic, Preparing, Pretty near, Primary highway, Private, Private road, Privy, Propinque, Proximal, Proximate, Pruned, Punctilious, Punctual, Quad, Quadrangle, Quarrel, Quasi, Quiet, Rainproof, Raintight, Rassle, Real estate, Recondite, Refined, Relatable, Religious, Religiously exact, Relinquishment, Renunciation, Reserved, Resolve, Restricted, Reticent, Retroflex, Right-of-way, Rigid, Rigorous, Ring road, Riot, Ripeness, Road, Roadbed, Roadway, Round, Round about, Rounded, Rounding off, Rounding out, Route nationale, Row, Royal road, Run a tilt, Run together, Same but different, Save-all, Scant, Scanty, Scientific, Scientifically exact, Scramble, Scrap, Scratch, Scrupulous, Scrutinizing, Scuffle, Seal, Seal off, Seal up, Sealed, Searching, Secluded, Secluse, Secondary road, Secret, Secretive, Section, Secure, Self-contained, Self-sufficient, Semivowel, Sententious, Sequestered, Serried, Set, Settle, Settle with, Severe, Shifty, Short, Short and sweet, Shortened, Shut, Shut down, Shut fast, Shut off, Shut out, Shut the door, Shut tight, Shut up, Shut up shop, Shutdown, Side-by-side, Sidle up to, Sign, Silent, Similar, Skirmish, Slam, Slender, Smokeproof, Smoketight, Smothered, Snap, Snug, Socially incompatible, Soft, Solid, Solidly, Sonant, Spar, Sparing of words, Speechless, Speedway, Square, Squeeze, Squeeze shut, Stale, State highway, Staunch, Step up, Sticky, Stifle, Stifled, Stifling, Stingy, Stop, Stop up, Stopped, Stopping, Stormproof, Stormtight, Straighten out, Strait, Strangle, Strangulate, Street, Stressed, Strict, Strive, Strong, Struggle, Stuck, Stuffy, Substantial, Subtle, Succinct, Suffocate, Suffocating, Sullen, Sultry, Summary, Superhighway, Suppressed, Surcease, Surd, Surround, Suspend, Swarming, Switch off, Syllabic, Synopsized, Taciturn, Taped, Taper, Teeming, Tense, Terminate, Termination, Terminus, Terrace, Terse, That will be, Theater, Thereabout, Thereabouts, Thick, Thick as thieves, Thick-growing, Thickly, Thickset, Thorough, Thoroughfare, Threatening, Throaty, Through street, Thrust and parry, Thruway, Tight, Tight-fisted, Tight-lipped, Tightfisted, Tilt, Tiny, To come, To the point, Toft, Toll road, Tonal, Tongue-tied, Tonic, Top secret, Topping off, Tourney, Township road, Tract, Truncated, Turn off, Turnpike, Tussle, Twangy, Ulterior, Unaccented, Unbreatheable, Unclubbable, Uncommunicative, Uncompanionable, Uncongenial, Under an eclipse, Under cover, Under house arrest, Under security, Under wraps, Underground, Undeviating, Undisclosable, Undisclosed, Undivulgable, Undivulged, Unerring, Unfriendly, Ungenerous, Ungenial, Unite, Unknown, Unloquacious, Unrevealable, Unrevealed, Unrounded, Unsociable, Unsocial, Unspoken, Unstressed, Untalkative, Untellable, Untold, Unutterable, Unvented, Unventilated, Unwhisperable, Upcoming, Velar, Vicinal, Viscid, Viscose, Viscous, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voiced, Voiceless, Vowel, Vowellike, Wage war, Waiting, War, Warm, Water-repellant, Waterproof, Watertight, Weak, Wedged, Well-nigh, Wide, Wind up, Windless, Windproof, Windtight, Windup, Within call, Within earshot, Within hearing, Within reach, Word-bound, Wordless, Work out, Wrap, Wrapped in clouds, Wrestle, Wynd, Yard, Zip up, Zipper, Immediate, Direct, Near, Near, Adjacent, In close proximity, Close at hand, Near at hand, Humid, Muggy, Stuffy, Airless, Fuggy, Heavy, Sticky, Steamy, Clammy, Sultry, Oppressive, Stifling, Suffocating, Like a Turkish bath, Like a sauna

How to use Close in a sentence?

  1. Its vowel height is near-close, which means the tongue is positioned similarly to a close vowel, but slightly less constricted.
  2. The family history of cancer in close relatives.
  3. They stood close to the door.
  4. A close, hazy day.
  5. The hotel is close to the sea.
  6. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you about yourself.

Meaning of Close & Close Definition