Definition of Application:

  1. Alternative term for motion.

  2. The action of putting something on a surface.

  3. A program or piece of software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose of the user.

  4. Sustained effort; hard work.

  5. A formal request to an authority for something.

  6. Alternative term for an application program.

  7. The action of putting something into operation.

Synonyms of Application

Program, Software, Routine, Use, Putting on, Rubbing in, Spreading, Smearing, Ace bandage, Band-Aid, Absorbed attention, Absorption, Accounting for, Active use, Address, Adhesive tape, Administration, Answerability, Appeal, Appliance, Applicability, Applying, Appositeness, Ardor, Arrogation, Ascription, Asking, Assiduity, Assiduousness, Assignation, Assignment, Attachment, Attention, Attribution, Band, Bandage, Bandaging, Bearing, Bestowal, Binder, Blame, Boning, Brace, Brainwork, Bulldog tenacity, Busyness, Cast, Cataplasm, Charge, Claim, Commitment, Compress, Concentration, Concern, Concernment, Connection, Connection with, Conning, Consideration, Constancy, Consumption, Contemplation, Cotton, Court plaster, Cram, Cramming, Cravat, Credit, Debate, Dedication, Deep study, Deep thought, Deliberation, Demand, Derivation from, Desire, Devotion, Diligence, Dogged perseverance, Doggedness, Dosage, Dosing, Dressing, Drill, Effort, Elastic bandage, Employ, Employment, Endurance, Energeticalness, Energy, Enforcing, Engagement, Engrossment, Entreaty, Epithem, Etiology, Exercise, Exercising, Exertion, Expressed desire, Extensive study, Fervor, Fidelity, Forcing, Forcing on, Four-tailed bandage, Gauze, Germaneness, Giving, Good use, Grind, Grinding, Hard usage, Hard use, Headwork, Heed, Honor, Ill use, Immersion, Impetration, Imploration, Imprecation, Imputation, Indefatigability, Indent, Industriousness, Industry, Insistence, Insistency, Inspection, Intentness, Interest, Involvement, Laboriousness, Lint, Loyalty, Lucubration, Materiality, Meditation, Mental labor, Meting out, Misuse, Monomania, Obsession, Obstinacy, Operation, Orison, Palaetiology, Patience, Patience of Job, Permanence, Perseverance, Persistence, Persistency, Pertinaciousness, Pertinacity, Pertinence, Perusal, Petition, Placement, Plaster, Plaster cast, Plea, Pledget, Plodding, Plugging, Poultice, Practice, Preoccupation, Prescribing, Profound thought, Rapt attention, Reading, Reference, Reference to, Regard, Relatedness, Relentlessness, Relevance, Request, Requisition, Resolution, Respect, Responsibility, Restudy, Restudying, Review, Roller, Roller bandage, Rough usage, Rubber bandage, Saddling, Sedulity, Sedulousness, Single-mindedness, Singleness of purpose, Sling, Slogging, Solicitation, Splint, Sponge, Stability, Stamina, Staying power, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Stick-to-itiveness, Strenuousness, Stubbornness, Studiousness, Study, Studying, Stupe, Subject, Submersion, Suit, Supplication, Swotting, Tampon, Tape, Tenaciousness, Tenacity, Tent, Tirelessness, Tourniquet, Triangular bandage, Unremittingness, Unsparingness, Unswerving attention, Usage, Use, Using up, Utilization, Vehemence, Wide reading, Wish, Wrong use, Zeal, Zealousness, Diligence, Industriousness, Industry, Assiduity, Commitment, Dedication, Devotion, Conscientiousness, Perseverance, Persistence, Tenacity, Doggedness, Sedulousness, Request, Appeal, Petition, Entreaty, Plea, Solicitation, Supplication, Requisition, Suit, Approach, Inquiry, Claim, Demand, Implementation, Use, Exercise, Employment, Administration, Utilization, Practice, Applying, Discharge, Exertion, Execution, Prosecution, Enactment, Carrying out, Accomplishment, Putting into operation, Putting into practice

How to use Application in a sentence?

  1. A database application.
  2. The job takes a great deal of patience and application.
  3. An application for leave.
  4. Paints suitable for application on fabric.
  5. The application of general rules to particular cases.

Meaning of Application & Application Definition

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Pages file


Application means,

  1. Application means: A form that provides insurers with the information necessary to cover certain risks that the claimant completes to take advantage of insurance.

  2. Definition of Application: Policy request from the company. This app is a conditional purchase offer. If the health check is correct, the company will generally accept the offer. The policy stated in the application or, if the applicant has a low quality, high premium or any other type of policy.

  3. Application means: A form in which you fill in information about yourself. The insurance company will use it to decide whether to issue a policy or at what cost.

  4. Declaration signed by the potential insured requested by the insurer. Can be signed electronically.

  5. A written statement based on potential policyholder information that may require the company to provide details of the risks that the company may assume and who the company will rely on in pricing and underwriting. With some types of insurance, the proposal becomes part of the policy.

  6. The form or document used by someone who is taking out insurance to provide information about their business and the type and coverage required.

Meanings of Application

  1. A formal request for something from an authority.

  2. Putting something into service.

  3. The process of placing something on a surface.

  4. Hard work, hard work.

  5. A program or software that is designed and written to serve a specific user's purpose.

Sentences of Application

  1. License application

  2. General principles apply in specific cases

  3. Suitable color to apply on fabric

  4. The job requires a lot of patience and application.


How To Define Application?

  • A simple definition of Application is: A form that provides some information that the insurer needs for certain risks. The applicant fills it out to get the insurance benefits.

  • Application means, Policy request from the company. This app is a conditional purchase offer. If the health check is correct, the company will usually accept the offer. This may be the policy stated in the application. If it's low quality, it could be a higher premium or different policy.

  • A simple definition of Application is: The form you fill out with the information will be helpful to you. The insurance company will use it to decide the policy to be issued and at what cost.

Meanings of Application

  1. A formal application that is considered or authorized by an authority, institution, or organization to do or do something for a position.

  2. The process of putting something into service.

  3. The process of putting something on a surface.

  4. Constant hard work.

Sentences of Application

  1. General rules apply in certain cases

  2. Suitable color for clothes.

  3. The work requires a lot of patience and application.

Synonyms of Application

praxis, striving, hard work, attentiveness, endeavour, labour


What is Application?

  1. A form that provides the insurer with the information necessary to handle specific risks. The applicant fills it out to get insurance benefits.

  2. Policy request from the company. This app is a conditional purchase offer. If the health check is correct, the company usually accepts the offer. This may be the policy stated in the application. If it's low quality, it could be a higher premium or a different policy.

  3. The form you fill out with the information will be useful to you. The insurer will use it to decide whether to issue a policy and at what cost.

  4. Declaration signed by the insured person applying for insurance. Can be signed electronically.

  5. A simple definition of Application is: A written statement based on the information provided by the insured, which contains all the risk information required by the company and which includes the company's prices and signatures. With some types of insurance, the proposal becomes part of the policy.

Meanings of Application

  1. A formal application should be considered or an authority, institution or organization should be given the authority to do something for a position.

  2. The process of leveling something.

Sentences of Application

  1. General rules apply in special cases


What Does Application Mean?


Application means, A form or document used by individuals who apply for insurance to provide information about their business and indicate the type and amount of coverage required.

A statement of fact signed by the insurance applicant, which is then used by the insurer to decide whether to issue a policy or not. This offer becomes part of the insurance agreement when the policy is issued.

Definition of Application: Statement of information from the person applying for life insurance. The information collected will help the life insurer determine whether the risk proposed by the claimant is acceptable to the insurer.

Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), a written request or application for credit extension follows the procedure established by the lender for the type of loan requested. See issues related to rejection of loan applications.

Definition of Application: A form that contains information that requires an insurer to purchase and review a specific policy.

Application means, Form filled out by the applicant to take out insurance with the insurer after submitting some information required to provide insurance coverage.

Statement of information from the person applying for life insurance. Life insurers use claims information to determine the risk of each potential insurer. The company then assigns subscription ratings and premium rates to the applicants.

A simple definition of Application is: A form to fill out personal data that the insurer uses to decide whether to issue a policy and how much it will charge.