Definition of Application:

  1. Alternative term for motion.

  2. The action of putting something on a surface.

  3. A program or piece of software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose of the user.

  4. Sustained effort; hard work.

  5. A formal request to an authority for something.

  6. Alternative term for an application program.

  7. The action of putting something into operation.

Synonyms of Application

Program, Software, Routine, Use, Putting on, Rubbing in, Spreading, Smearing, Ace bandage, Band-Aid, Absorbed attention, Absorption, Accounting for, Active use, Address, Adhesive tape, Administration, Answerability, Appeal, Appliance, Applicability, Applying, Appositeness, Ardor, Arrogation, Ascription, Asking, Assiduity, Assiduousness, Assignation, Assignment, Attachment, Attention, Attribution, Band, Bandage, Bandaging, Bearing, Bestowal, Binder, Blame, Boning, Brace, Brainwork, Bulldog tenacity, Busyness, Cast, Cataplasm, Charge, Claim, Commitment, Compress, Concentration, Concern, Concernment, Connection, Connection with, Conning, Consideration, Constancy, Consumption, Contemplation, Cotton, Court plaster, Cram, Cramming, Cravat, Credit, Debate, Dedication, Deep study, Deep thought, Deliberation, Demand, Derivation from, Desire, Devotion, Diligence, Dogged perseverance, Doggedness, Dosage, Dosing, Dressing, Drill, Effort, Elastic bandage, Employ, Employment, Endurance, Energeticalness, Energy, Enforcing, Engagement, Engrossment, Entreaty, Epithem, Etiology, Exercise, Exercising, Exertion, Expressed desire, Extensive study, Fervor, Fidelity, Forcing, Forcing on, Four-tailed bandage, Gauze, Germaneness, Giving, Good use, Grind, Grinding, Hard usage, Hard use, Headwork, Heed, Honor, Ill use, Immersion, Impetration, Imploration, Imprecation, Imputation, Indefatigability, Indent, Industriousness, Industry, Insistence, Insistency, Inspection, Intentness, Interest, Involvement, Laboriousness, Lint, Loyalty, Lucubration, Materiality, Meditation, Mental labor, Meting out, Misuse, Monomania, Obsession, Obstinacy, Operation, Orison, Palaetiology, Patience, Patience of Job, Permanence, Perseverance, Persistence, Persistency, Pertinaciousness, Pertinacity, Pertinence, Perusal, Petition, Placement, Plaster, Plaster cast, Plea, Pledget, Plodding, Plugging, Poultice, Practice, Preoccupation, Prescribing, Profound thought, Rapt attention, Reading, Reference, Reference to, Regard, Relatedness, Relentlessness, Relevance, Request, Requisition, Resolution, Respect, Responsibility, Restudy, Restudying, Review, Roller, Roller bandage, Rough usage, Rubber bandage, Saddling, Sedulity, Sedulousness, Single-mindedness, Singleness of purpose, Sling, Slogging, Solicitation, Splint, Sponge, Stability, Stamina, Staying power, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Stick-to-itiveness, Strenuousness, Stubbornness, Studiousness, Study, Studying, Stupe, Subject, Submersion, Suit, Supplication, Swotting, Tampon, Tape, Tenaciousness, Tenacity, Tent, Tirelessness, Tourniquet, Triangular bandage, Unremittingness, Unsparingness, Unswerving attention, Usage, Use, Using up, Utilization, Vehemence, Wide reading, Wish, Wrong use, Zeal, Zealousness, Diligence, Industriousness, Industry, Assiduity, Commitment, Dedication, Devotion, Conscientiousness, Perseverance, Persistence, Tenacity, Doggedness, Sedulousness, Request, Appeal, Petition, Entreaty, Plea, Solicitation, Supplication, Requisition, Suit, Approach, Inquiry, Claim, Demand, Implementation, Use, Exercise, Employment, Administration, Utilization, Practice, Applying, Discharge, Exertion, Execution, Prosecution, Enactment, Carrying out, Accomplishment, Putting into operation, Putting into practice

How to use Application in a sentence?

  1. A database application.
  2. The job takes a great deal of patience and application.
  3. An application for leave.
  4. Paints suitable for application on fabric.
  5. The application of general rules to particular cases.

Meaning of Application & Application Definition